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  • Update

    Posted on August 19, 2017

    Wow, it's been a while since I last updated!

    After much deliberation, I have decided to stop doing the full Ishin walkthrough and stick with just the cutscene translations. I realise there is going to be mixed reaction to this - some will be glad that there is now a good chance the cutscenes at least will be out in English at some point in my lifetime, while others will want the full word-for-word translation of the story.

    Personally, I think the text walkthrough covers the story well enough to understand what is going on and the cutscenes will act as a supplement to that walkthrough.

    I expect to have all the cutscenes done by summer next year at latest, depending on how much time I can dedicate to this (hopefully it will be sooner than that)

    Ryu ga Gotoku Ishin - Story Walkthrough - Chapter 1 Part 3

    Posted on July 23, 2016

    Part 3 of Chapter 1 is now up! Watch it here.

    Ryu ga Gotoku Ishin - Story Walkthrough - Chapter 1 Part 2

    Posted on July 19, 2016

    Part 2 of Chapter 1 is now up! Watch it here.

    Ryu ga Gotoku Ishin Video Walkthrough Project begins!

    Posted on July 17, 2016

    The time has finally come! The first part of the first chapter of the Full Ishin walkthrough has been uploaded. A "Video Walkthrough" page has been added to the Ishin project home page.

    Watch the first part here!

    Yakuza Zero

    Posted on December 5, 2015

    As many of you probably already know, Ryu ga Gotoku Zero is getting an English release! So, what does this mean for this site? I won't be continuing the text walkthrough - It's a lot of work and takes a lot of time and since it's coming out in English there's not really any need for a detailed translation guide like what I'm doing.

    However, don't worry - I will NOT be taking any of the content down like I did when Yakuza 5 was announced. An online guide is a different situation to subtitled videos from the game, after all.

    So, my plans now are to concentrate on the Kurohyou PSP translation patch I'm working on. If you're not aware of it, find the project page here - Kurohyou Translation Patch - We have made good progress so far, but haven't actually done anything for a few months now (we've been busy with other things - for example, I've been busy with the Zero guide).

    I'd also like to get back to doing the Kenzan substories because I just sort of abandoned it a while back and I'd really love to get that finished, so alongside the Kurohyou PSP translation, I'll be looking at the Kenzan substories for my KHHsubs youtube channel (which needs a bit of dusting off - haven't uploaded anything for some time).

    When the Kurohyou translation is complete, I'll be looking into doing a full Ishin translation like I did with Kenzan.

    Other possible projects (depending on the time I have) include:

    - Ryu ga Gotoku Theatre show (which is awesome, by the way)
    - Kurohyou TV Drama (I did actually look at this a LOOOONG time ago, but I ended up putting it aside to focus on other projects)

    Kurohyou 2 Translation may be a possibility, but it depends on the rest of the team that is working on the Kurohyou 1 translation patch - if they're up for it after we're done with the first game, then I'll be up for doing that game too.

    Now for the things I won't be doing:

    - I will not be doing any coverage for Kiwami. I realise there's a load of new or extended scenes here, but it's basically just an improved version of the same old game, so I don't see much point in concentrating on this.

    - Ryu ga Gotoku 6. I'm not even going to bother looking at this game, to be honest, because it would seem SEGA (or at least Sony Third Party Production) has sorted their shit and there's a very good chance that 6 will end up finding its way to the west. That works for me though, because I can concentrate on this other stuff (my "backlog" of Ryu ga Gotoku stuff) like Ishin full translation, or I could finally get on with the Kurohyou TV Drama, etc.

    So, to summarise:

    - I will not be continuing my Zero guide.
    - I will concentrate on the Kurohyou PSP Translation Patch
    - I will be looking into doing more Kenzan substories for my youtube channel
    - I will probably get started on the Ishin translation after I am done with the Kurohyou patch
    - I won't be doing any Kiwami or RGG6

    Sorry for the long entry, but I just wanted to make everything clear!