Hokuto ga Gotoku is a "Fist of the North Star" PS4 game developed by the creators of the Ryu ga Gotoku games.

The protagonist, Kenshiro, visits Eden in the hopes that he will track down his fiance, Yuria, whom is said to be dead - information given to him by Shin after their fight. After getting into a fight at the gates, he is arrested by the captain of the garrison, Jagure, and is thrown into the dungeon. He breaks out of jail but is seen by a woman from Eden. When she hears that he broke out because he is looking for someone, she tells him to win in the prisoner tournament. With his victory, he may make one wish of the leader. A woman in a white dress approaches him and asks what it is he desires. Kenshiro tells her that he all he wants is to find Yuria...


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