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  • Chapter 5


- A Man in Despair -


When starting a new game for the first time and selecting a difficulty, the game will ask you if you want to set the violence level to mild. Select the LEFT OPTION to set it to mild and the RIGHT OPTION to leave it on normal.

If you have System Data of a previous Ryu ga Gotoku game on your PS4 (Ishin, Zero, Kiwami, 6, or Kiwami 2) you will receive a Super-High Class Canned Food item as a bonus, which restores a large amount of health and star gauge.

The game opens with Kenshiro declaring that he will defeat Shin. When you have control, proceed up the stairs and you will encounter a wave of enemies.




You can unleash a combo attack by repeatedly pressing the Square button.

The game also tells you about the "lock-on" system - Hold down R1 to focus on an enemy.

You must use a Square combo attack 12 times to complete the tutorial.


You can unleash a strong attack by pressing Triangle during a Square combo. This is a "finishing blow" which deals more damage than a regular Square attack. The finishing blow you unleash will vary depending on how many times you pressed Square.

You must use a finishing blow (Triangle during a Square combo) 4 times to complete the tutorial.


You can defend from enemy attacks by holding down L1. However, strong attacks will break your guard. In addition, you are unable to defend against bladed weapons, but the damage you receive from these attacks will be reduced while you are defending with L1.

You must defend against enemy attacks 3 times to complete the tutorial.


You are able to sway and avoid enemy attacks with the X button. Use the left analogue stick to decide upon the direction in which you wish to sway.

You must sway 4 times to complete the tutorial.


The game now tells you that the orange gauge at the top left of the screen is your health bar. If this goes down to 0, it is game over.

After this, the game tells you to defeat all the enemies using what you have learned in this tutorial.


After defeating the enemies, the game tells you about Destiny Orbs. When you level up by obtaining enough "Destiny Points", you also get Destiny Orbs. There are 5 kinds of Destiny Orb: Star, Heart, Technique, Body, Shining. Using Destiny Orbs can unlock new abilities. The game will force you to unlock a new ability using the Star Orb you obtained by leveling up. Keep pressing Circle to proceed, then exit out of the menu back into the game.

When you are ready, go up the next set of stairs to trigger the next battle tutorial.




The game tells you about "Pressure Points". When you repeatedly hit an enemy, it opens them up to the chance to unleash a Pressure Point attack. Simply press Circle when the indicator is above the enemies head (see above picture). The Pressure Point attack will vary depending on how many times you pressed Square.

You must use 3 Pressure Point attacks to complete the tutorial.

After you achieve this, the game will ask you if you want to enable the option to automatically use Pressure Point attacks. Select the LEFT OPTION to enable it and the RIGHT OPTION to leave it off (you must active the attacks manually).


The game now tells you about Secret Techniques. An enemy who has been hit with a Pressure Point attack is vulnerable to a Secret Technique attack. Use Circle on a shaking enemy to unleash an extremely powerful attack. For those of you familiar with the Ryu ga Gotoku series, it works like Heat Actions (you'll get a button indicator on the screen to let you know you can use the attack). The more you use a Secret Technique, the more powerful it becomes.

You must use a Secret Technique 3 times to complete to tutorial.


The game tells you about the Star Gauge at the top left of the screen. As you attack enemies and use Pressure Point attacks and Secret Techniques, the gauge fills. When full, you can activate Burst Mode (press R2).

Burst Mode temporarily enhances Kenshiro in battle, boosting attack damage and enabling you to perform a leap (Press X button twice).

When in Burst Mode, you are able to perform a powerful leaping kick with X-X-Circle.

Simply enter Burst Mode (R2) to complete the tutorial.

After this, the game tells you to defeat all the enemies using what you have learned in this tutorial.


After defeating the enemies, head up the next flight of stairs and defeat the next wave.

After this wave, head up the next flight of stairs to face Shin.

Shin asks Kenshiro why he came here, to which Kenshiro responds by demanding that he hand over Yuria. Shin asks him if he's forgotten about "that day", when Yuria became his, when Kenshiro was on his hands and knees in blood and tears. He was unable to defeat Shin and unable to protect the woman he loves. Shin refers to Kenshiro's chest wounds and asks if he forgot why he spared him from death. Apparently Yuria stopped Shin from killing him, shouting with tears in her eyes that she will stay with Shin for the rest of her life if he spares Kenshiro.

After Shin's speech, Kenshiro steps up and says he crawled his way out from the pits of hell to meet him here. After launching an attack, Shin notes that Kenshiro has improved, but warns that he hasn't witnessed the full force of his power. The first boss fight of the game then begins.


You receive the trophy A Revenge Fulfilled when you defeat Shin.

After the fight, Kenshiro demands to see Yuria. Shin talks about how he really wanted to see Yuria's smile, going all out and trying to give her the best life he could. But nothing he did could win her heart, because Kenshiro was always on her mind. However... Yuria is no longer alive. In his last moments, he mentions how it was never power that he wanted - it was Yuria.

After this, we get a narration about the post-apocolyptic nature of the world, but while much life has become extinct, humans are still around. We then see a scene where some guys are looking for gasoline. As they are about to assault one of the civilians, Kenshiro shows up and asks them a question - do they know a woman by the name of "Yuria"? They say they don't, then he walks off saying that means he has no business with them. They aren't happy with the idea of just letting him walk off, but Kenshiro just omae wa mou shindeiru's them.

After this, Kenshiro collapses in exhaustion. He awakens and is greeted by a girl called "Ruka" who is with her grandfather - they are the two who were about to be attacked by those bandits earlier. After a speech about how hard life is in a post-apocolyptic world, Kenshiro tells them he came through here because he is looking for someone - his fiance. He had heard she was dead, but then heard information about how she was saved by someone and is still alive, but he admits that he has no idea whether or not that is true. However, he won't give up hope until he sees proof that she really is dead. By an incredible coincidence, these two have heard of the name Yuria! Apparently a group passed by not long before Kenshiro did and as they were leaving the attendants called out "Yuria!" to their leader. Kenshiro asks where they were heading and the old man says they were heading towards the miracle city. Apparently there is plenty of food and water there.

Kenshiro is about to head off, but the old man asks if he's a "Hokuto Shinken" user - after all, Kenshiro used that one hit kill technique on those bandits. Before Kenshiro leaves, he asks Ruka what she would want if she went to this miracle city - she says an apple.

After more travelling in the wilderness, Kenshiro spots an impressive looking city in the distance. It must be the miracle city!

After this, the chapter ends.

You receive the trophy At Last He Arrives when you complete the prologue.


- The Miracle City -


We see the gates of the miracle city, with loads of people trying to gain entry. It turns out loads of people have heard about this place and have come here in the hopes of joining them. We finally learn the name of this miracle city - Eden. The man with whom Kenshiro is speaking says he should just give it up - no one gains entry to Eden.

When you have control move forward, towards the gate. You can hold down the X button to sprint.

Speak to the two people near the gate (see above picture). The lady says she saw a man enter Eden just a few days ago. She doesn't know how, but mentions that the man showed something to one of the guards in the garrison. Then a garrison comes along and stands in front of the gate. Speak to the only guard with whom you can interact.

Apparently they will only let you in if you have a permit, which Kenshiro says he does not have. Kenshiro tries to reason with them, saying he is not interested in any of their food or water - he just wants to look for someone. But the guard says no matter the reason for coming, no one can gain entry without a permit. Then the guard warns Kenshiro not to get any funny ideas - if he causes any commotion out here he'll be thrown in jail and he will not want that.

After that, try to leave the area (turn around, and head towards the wasteland). Kenshiro will be stopped by a man. He's collecting essentials and asks if Kenshiro has anything with which he can trade. Kenshiro says he does not, then the man asks if he's going to another city, but Kenshiro says he must find a way inside Eden.

After that, continue heading out and go towards the bald man standing around by some vehicles (see above picture). He says he has a permit to get inside Eden and wants to trade with Kenshiro. He gives an unnecessarily long speech about why he doen't want to go inside, then tells Kenshiro he'll trade it for a Bowgun and a Jewel.

Talk to the man sat on the debris who stopped you earlier (asking to trade with Kenshiro). Kenshiro asks if he has a bowgun and the man says he will trade one with Kenshiro if he gives him tobacco or gasoline (though technically you don't have to give him this stuff - I'll explain later). He adds that there are some sick people in the area here and curing them may result in a reward. The game then tells you about healing people by using Pressure Points. When you see wounded or ill people you are able to cure them using Pressure Points. You are rewarded with an item when you do heal them.

After that, you can now heal people. People will appear in the area slouched over and in need of healing. You can keep healing the same guys over again to farm these items (leave them and come back to them later to see them slouched over again - it takes a little time before they slouch over again though). When you interact with injured/ill people, select the TOP OPTION to heal them.


Starting with the guy in the picture above and going clockwise:

When you heal this first guy, he will reward you with Flint.

After this, talk to the next man who is standing in the background (not slouched). He says he wants some food in exchange for an item. Select the TOP OPTION to give him food. He rewards Kenshiro with a Briefcase. Unlike with the injured/ill people, you can only do this once.

The next guy (with green hair) will reward you with a Low Class Dried Meat.

Continue clockwise around the area, sticking to the walls, going past the crowd gathered in front of the gate, and will you come across another green haired man who needs healing. He will give you a Rock-Hard Biscuit as a reward.

Move to the next guy (hooded man). He wants to trade and will ask to see what you have. Give him a Low Class Dried Meat (actually, giving him any item will work). In return, he will give you a Soap. Unlike with the injured/ill people, you can only do this once.

That's all the people in the area immediately in front of the gates. Next, interact with the injured/ill man by the vehicles to the right of the save point (he has a bald patch). He will reward you with Snack Beans.


Basically, the objective here is to trade with the man on the debris to receive the things you need. You need around 2,000-2,500 bartering points (or, more specifically, you are trading items for items of similar value, so you need to trade a value of 2,000-2.500) to get the bowgun. Tobacco gives you 2,000 bartering points and Gasoline gives you 2,500 points, so you can see how giving him one of these items will provide you with the bowgun you need. However, you don't actually have to give him these items. You just need the right amount of points. You can get the same amount of points by giving him 6x Low Class Dried Meat.

You may find it easier to just focus on the meat, so keep farming that second guy! But if you do want to do this bit "properly" (and get the tobacco and gasoline) then see the "OPTIONAL ITEMS" section below, but this is not essential.

When you have the 6 meat, speak to the trading man sat on the debris. Give him the 6 meat (to give yourself 2,400 bartering points - the number next to the scales icon) and press Circle (then the LEFT OPTION) to confirm. You then get to choose the item for which you wish to trade the meat. Select the MIDDLE OPTION to select the Bowgun.

After this speak to the old lady with the dog standing directly opposite the man with whom you just traded (she has blue hair). She has the Jewel that Kenshiro needs in order to get the permit. She will trade it with him if he brings her an item for her dog.

The next order of business is to barter with the man again to get some dog food. Give him 3x Low Class Dried Meat to give yourself 1,200 bartering points. Then select the TOP OPTION to trade for High-Class Canned Dog Food.


It's worth pointing out that technically you don't have to give him just meat. Again, what you're aiming for is a certain amount of bartering points so you can use other items to add up to that amount if you wish. Each piece of meat gives 400 points so it's just easy. But really, aim for close to the amount required. For example, I gave the dude 2x meat and 2x flint to get 1,150 bartering points and I was able to trade for the dog food.


Now give the dog food to the old lady. She will give Kenshiro a High-Value Jewel. After all we just went through, the game finally gives a map indicator - telling us to return to the bald man to get the permit.

Before doing so, there are other items we can get while we are here.

Skip the following section if you just want to continue the main story.



Near the vehicles you will see a woman in blue. Talk to her and she'll moan about being cold. She wants to start a fire and needs flint and something to use as fuel. When you have Flint and Briefcase, speak to her again and select the TOP OPTION to hand them over. She will reward Kenshiro with Tobacco.

There should be a new guy standing around near the gates (see above picture). He wants to trade something for food. Give him any food item you have. He will give Kenshiro a Sexy Book in return.

Now there should be yet another new guy behind the vehicles (see above picture). Interact and select the TOP OPTION to trade with him. Give him the Sexy Book. In return he will give Kenshiro Pure Gasoline.

Next, go back to the bartering man on the debris. Offer him the Tobacco (for 2,000 bartering points). Select the THIRD OPTION to receive 2x God Rations.

Interact with him again and offer the Pure Gasoline (for 2,500 bartering points). Select the TOP OPTION to receive 5x Chocolate Bar.

With the chocolate in hand, interact with the two children (one little girl and one little boy) in the area near the gate. No need for a picture because they are the only children in the area! Select the TOP OPTION and then select a Chocolate Bar. In return, they will give you Crayon.



Now with the items you need, head back towards the bald man with the permit. Interact with him and select the TOP OPTION to give him the items he wants. You receive an Eden Permit. However, the bartering guy shows up and tells Kenshiro that he has just been given a fake permit! He has seen a real one before so he knows what they look like. Kenshiro isn't happy with the bald man and this ends up with a fight.

After the fight, Kenshiro thanks the man for warning him about the fake permit, then says he's going to look for another way to get inside.

Head towards the gate to trigger a cutscene.

A bunch of bandits are assaulting people. They kill a man in front of his son after taking his stuff, but then Kenshiro steps in, starting a fight against the bandits.

After the fight, Kenshiro is confronted by the captain of the garrison, Jagure, who orders that Kenshiro is thrown into the dungeon. He saw his fighting and noticed he is a "Fist-Warrior" (hereafter, I'll just use the word "Kenshi") and says he's too dangerous to be kept around here. Kenshiro obliges, because it turns out the dungeon is within Eden, which is convenient for him - it gets him inside at last!

After bring locked up, Jagure says they'll decide what to do with him tomorrow.

Next we get a flashback. This is a flashbook to "that day" to which Shin referred in the prologue. Kenshiro is talking to Yuria while Shin shows up with a bunch of guys, then destroys Kenshiro. Shin demands that Yuria goes with him and if she doesn't he'll kill Kenshiro. She complies and says she'll stay with Shin for the rest of her life.

When you gain control, interact with the prison door. Head down the hallway and eventually you'll be stopped by a man. He wants to help with the escape and tells Kenshiro to hide round the corner. He calls over a guard, then Kenshiro uses a Pressure Point technique on him to incapacitate him. After this, head to the map marker to go to the next area.

Go forward, turn right and Kenshiro will spot some guards and say he needs to find another way. Turn around and try to head the other way and Kenshiro will notice more guards. Then a man will come along and collapse, opening up a way to go up the stairs.

When you go upstairs, a cutscene will play.

Kenshiro encounters a woman who is stargazing. She says she saw Kenshiro leave the dungeon and notes that he doesn't look like a guard, so did he break out of prison? She introduces herself as "Kisana". Kenshiro says he's looking for someone here in Eden - Yuria. Kisana has not heard of her before and mentions that it's difficult to find people in such a busy place, especially for someone who has broken out of prison! He needs to be released legitimately if he wants any hope of wandering around Eden without problems. She says the only way he can get himself out of prison legitimately is to win the Prisoner Tournament which occurs once per month. The winner of this tournament can have one wish granted by the leader. She wishes him luck with the tournament.

After this the chapter is complete and you receive the trophy A Chance Meeting.


- The Prisoner Tournament -


The chapter opens with Kenshiro in his cell being confronted by Jagure, who moans about his prison break attempt. He accuses Kenshiro of carrying explosives, which he must have used to blow open the prison bars, but the guard can find none on him. Kenshiro tells him he broke them open with his bare hands and will be happy to show him! Jagure orders the guards to take him all the way down to the 10th level of the dungeon. The guards are concerned, because that is where "that guy" is already being kept and say he should be limited to the 2nd level of the dungeon at most, due to the nature of his crime. But the bars in the 2nd level are the same as these ones, so he'd just break out of that again! The guard asks "Well, what about the 3rd level?" - the bars there are stronger and it's always under surveillance. Jagure begrudgingly agrees. He then asks Kenshiro what his game is - "Why did you get yourself arrested? Why did you escape? Why did you return to your cell!?". Kenshiro says he is simply looking for someone here in Eden. Kenshiro asks Jagure for a favour - he wants to take part in the Prisoner Tournament. Jagure asks how he knows about this and Kenshiro mentions he heard about it from a woman after he left last night. Jagure allows him to take part in he tournament, though he warns him it's serious business - you sometimes hear about participants who die from their wounds after returning to their cells when they lose!

As you leave you hear a guard talking with a new prisoner which triggers a memory for Kenshiro. He and a couple of guys (Lin and Bat) are being confronted by thugs, which results in a fight.



This is a review of what you already know.

You can "lock-on" with R1.

You can launch a strong attack by pressing Triangle during a Square combo.

You can defend against attacks with L1.

When the Skull icon above an enemy's head becomes a Circle, you can press Circle to use a Pressure Point attack, then press Circle again to use a Secret Technique.

When your Star Gauge is full, press R2 to enter Burst Mode.


After that, a guard shows up and gives Kenshiro Low Class Dried Meat because he is participating in the tournament. This triggers another memory for Kenshiro. A bunch of thugs have killed an old man, which leads to a fight.



The game tells you about "large enemies", who can sometimes wield heavy weapons. They have a lot of health and don't usually recoil from regular attacks, but charged attacks are effective against them.

A charged attack deals a lot more damage and is effective at opening up an enemy to a Pressure Point attack, as well as breaking their guard.

Hold down Triangle during a Square combo (or simply hold down Triangle) to launch a charged attack.

You must use a charged attack 7 times to complete the tutorial.

After that, the game will tell you to defeat the enemies using what you have learned.


After that, Kenshiro overhears a guard and prisoner talking. The prisoner demands to participate in the tournament and mentions about how "might makes right", triggering another memory for Kenshiro. Some thugs are confronting Kenshiro, talking about how this is an era in which one must use power or might to make things right and that they are the kinds of guys who will create a new and stronger country. After Kenshiro asks what is the value of a country formed on the tears of children and the blood of the weak, a fight begins.

After the fight, a guard shows up and says it's time for the tournament. Before going, you can interact with the glowing blue bench in the cell to go over the three flashback battles again, if you wish.

When you are ready, speak to the guard at the end of the hallway.

On the way down the hallway, speak to the prisoner to receive a Low Class Dried Meat - you can get 4 of these from him, so speak to him 4 times before moving on.

When you speak to the guard at the end of the hallway (by the doors), select the TOP OPTION to proceed.


In the colosseum, a lady announces the tournament and says the first round is a battle royal with no rules - the last one standing proceeds. Even though this is apparently a free-for-all, last-man-standing contest, everyone else just gangs up on you, so... yeah...

After the first round, the lady announces that the second round is a tag match. The winning pair will proceed.

After that, the third round is against your tag partner. He is a Kenshi, like Kenshiro. He says if he wins the tournament he'll ask for a permit which allows him to kill as much as he wants!

After that, the lady announces it is time for the appearance of "that guy" and an absolute beast of a man emerges. His name is "Devil Rebirth". He is the guy who is kept in the 10th level of the dungeon. The final round of the tournament then begins.

After defeating Devil Rebirth, the announcer lady says the leader will appear and grant his wish. Then a veiled woman appears and reveals herself to be Kisana from the other night. Kenshiro says his only wish is to see Yuria. She releases him from prison and says from now on he is a resident of Eden. Jagure is not happy and warns Kenshiro that he'll always be keeping an eye on him!

After this, the chapter is complete and you receive the The Man Unleashed trophy.


- The Evil Omen -


The chapter starts with Jagure moaning about Kenshiro being released and gives him another warning. He's going to show him around Eden and asks if he has any questions first. You have to select all the options, so let's just start with the TOP OPTION - ask about Eden.

He talks about how this place is side-by-side with a place called "Sphere City", pointing to the spherical-looking place in the background. This place seems to be the real deal - it has water circulation and it generates electricity! For some reason, here in Eden it is forbidden for people to try to learn information about Sphere City's structure. People are also not allowed to enter the area.

Select the TOP OPTION again to ask about Kisana. Jagure loses his mind over the way Kenshiro referred to her - "that woman" - and says she's in charge around here and he should refer to her as "Kisana-sama". Apparently Jagure and Kisana have known each other since the early formation days of the city and mentions the name "Nadai", who is Kisana's father. He apparently found the Sphere City right after the nuclear war and created Eden. Sadly, he died 3 years ago, so Kisana succeeded him as leader. Nadai is also responsible for the walls around the city and formed the garrison (captained by Jagure), all with the purpose of keeping Sphere City protected.

Select the TOP OPTION again to ask about Jagure. He says he is responsible for maintaining order around here, as Captain of the Garrison. Kenshiro asks why he came here and Jagure says it's because he wanted food and water, so he, along with his family, came to live here. Sadly, his parents are now dead, so he's the last of his family. He says he's been in the garrison for 3 years now and from that day he climbed his way up to the top, where he is now. Kenshiro asks if people could freely come in and out of Eden in the past, since he mentioned he moved here with his family. It turns out back when Jagure showed up, that was the case - there was no gate or garrison or anything and it was basically just a settlement. After that time was when Nadai put up the gate and formed the garrison, to protect the city. Now the only way to get in is with a permit issued by Kisana. They need to limit how many people they allow inside in order to maintain the peace.

Select the TOP OPTION again to ask about Yuria. Jagure says he's never heard the name. He doubts she's even here - after all, the garrison always keep a close eye on what goes on around here, so if she had entered Eden that information would have got back to him. He mentions that about a year ago, a doctor and carpenter entered Eden, but besides them only thugs and such "made it into Eden" - by being thrown into the dungeon.

After that, you have control. Simply follow Jagure to your destination (well, you don't have to follow him - you can rush ahead to the destination indicated by the map marker if you want). When you get there, you see a cathedral, which acts as Kisana's base of operations. There is a long queue of people lining up to gain an audience with her. Kenshiro asks about a nearby statue, which is a statue of Nadai.

After that, follow Jagure to the next destination - the marketplace. He talks about how this is a place where you can buy all kinds of things. He tells Kenshiro about the currency used here - a kind of coin they call "Ideal". After this, Jagure hands a bad of Ideal to Kenshiro saying it is from Kisana. It's enough to get him something to eat and drink. You receive 5,000 Ideal. That concludes the tour of Eden. Before leaving, Jagure yet again warns Kenshiro not to do anything funny.

When you have control, the game wants you to explore the marketplace.


- 1 -

When you're finished with the marketplace, head to this area and Jagure will say there's a lot of commotion coming from this direction.

Some thugs are robbing an old lady of her Ideal. They see Jagure and run away. Kenshiro assures the old lady that they will return the stolen money.

Continue forward down the street and you'll be stopped by an old man in blue. He mentions about seeing Kenshiro's "Zodiac". Kenshiro has no idea what he's talking about and tells him to get out of the way, saying he's looking for some guys in pursuit. Then the old man gives him info, telling him he should go to the casino. Kenshiro isn't convinced about the reliability of this strange man's information, but he has no other leads right now.


- 2 -

Go inside the casino. Kenshiro bumps into the manager and asks about some thugs in pursuit. The manager says they were here, but ran off. Before Kenshiro can leave, the manager gives him 50 Casino Chips. These are the chips used to play in the casino. The game then gives you an explanation, saying you can interact with the dealers to start playing. You are able to exchange the chips you earn for prizes.

Leave the casino, then head forwards. You will be stopped by a woman who tells Kenshiro that just down here, in the Neon District, some thugs are attacking guards with bowguns. Head towards the map marker and you'll see a group of thugs gathered together. Go near them and a fight starts.

After the fight, head to the destination indicated on the map. You will encounter another group of thugs. One of them is the guy from earlier, but they are with their boss - a huge guy with green hair. He invites Kenshiro to join up with him, saying he will be the law around here once he deals with the garrison. Kenshiro instead demands that they hand over the money they stole. Of course, this leads to a fight.

After the fight, the leader begs for mercy and says he will leave Eden. Then Kenshiro hacks life and does a really specific Pressure Point thing which kills the guy if he takes another step before the guards get hold of him. As Kenshiro leaves, the guy isn't convinced and takes a step forward, then dies.

The game wants you to return to the old man from earlier, who told you to head over to the casino. Head to the destination indicated by the map marker and go near the old man.

Apparently this guy can see into the near-future. Then he talks about how he saw Kenshiro's "Zodiac". Kenshiro has no idea what he's talking about and then the man says he'll just show him, since that's better than just hearing about it. They go into the old man's "Amulet Shop". Inside, he talks about the Zodiac which reveals the destiny of people and how everyone who lives in this word bears one. He says he is able to see the Zodiac that a person bears. He bangs on about the power one can wield with a Zodiac. Kenshiro says he's not interested in becoming a ruler, but the old man says that the shine of Kenshiro's Zodiac is not that of a ruler and that he'll have to keep looking hard to find the true nature of his shine. The old man has a look at Kenshiro's Zodiac and asks about this Yuria girl - apparently her Zodiac is close to Kenshiro. The old man offers to make a Yuria Amulet. He talks about how wearing a Zodiac Amulet will enable you to call upon the power of other peoples' Zodiacs. He says he'll offer the necessary materials to create the Amulet this one time.

When the Zodiac Amulet screen comes up, select the TOP OPTION to go the Amulet creation screen, then select the Loving Mother Amulet (Yuria Amulet) followed by the LEFT OPTION to create the Amulet (see above picture for reference). After that, exit out of the screen.

The game tells you that Zodiac Amulets become available to create as you meet specific people and get past specific points in the story. Creating and enhancing Amulets requires materials.

After that, you get an absolute ASSTON of stuff thrown at you. Most importantly, the "Guidance" grid is now accessible on the ability section. You get, for free, the ability to create 3 different Zodiac Amulets unlocked on the Guidance grid.

The game will force you to equip the Yuria Amulet, so just keep pressing Circle until it is equipped, then exit out of the screen back into the game.

After that, leave the shop and then head towards the destination on the map to return to the old lady whose money was stolen.

Kenshiro gives her the stolen money, then Jagure shows up and has a big moan at Kenshiro for taking the work of the garrison into his own hands. Then they hear a siren, which means they are under attack by Kyo-Oh's army.

Go to the destination and talk to the guard at the bottom of the stairs.

The garrison are preparing their defences. But Kyo-Oh is speeding towards the gate with the intention of battering them down, leading Jagure to order the guards stationed at the gate to retreat.

After the gates are down, Kyo-Oh's army makes their way into Eden. Jagure tells Kenshiro that the garrison will defend the area and asks Kenshiro to inform Kisana of the situation - she should be in the Cathedral. Make your way to the Cathedral (indicated by the map marker).

At the doors to the Cathedral, the woman there lets him in when Kenshiro says he has a message from Jagure. He tells Kisana that the garrison are engaged in combat by the gates after Kyo-Oh's army destroyed the gate and started making their way inside. Kisana is stunned to hear that the gate was taken down. She says she'll take refuge in a safe place and suggests that Kenshiro gets out of here while he can - no need for him to get mixed up in this, since he's not even from Eden. But Kenshiro tells Kisana to let him help them out.

Head to the destination indicated on the map. Talk to the man here and he'll recognise Kenshiro as the guy who won the Prisoner Tournament and they could really use his skills against Kyo-Oh. When you are ready to fight, select the TOP OPTION.

At the start of the battle, the game will tell you about "Giant Enemies". Regular attacks don't phase these guys and there are some Secret Techniques that cannot be used on them. Charged attacks, charged Pressure Point attacks, and attacks from behind are effective. It's also useful to use the X-X-Circle in Burst Mode.

After that we see a man threatening to break an old man's neck if Jagure doesn't drop his gun. His name is Taruga. He says that from today this place belongs to Kyo-Oh. After he breaks both the man's arms, Jagure finally throws his gun to the floor, but after letting the man go he shoots him down. Kenshiro finally shows up to save Jagure. Taruga asks who he is, but Kenshiro simply introduces himself as "a man who is looking for someone in this city". Kenshiro demands that they stop this assault, but Taruga just sends all his guys at him, wondering if Kenshiro can take them all on.

After the fight, Taruga asks what his fist is called. Kenshiro tells him - Hokuto Shinken. Taruga says he's never heard of it, then Kenshiro lays down the smack talk and says he can get a taste of it now and then die, but Taruga says Kenshiro is the one who is going to die here. Then a fight against Taruga begins.

After the fight, Kisana shows up (so much for finding safety) and is shocked to see Kenshiro took care of it all by himself. As Jagure is about to finish off Taruga, Kyo-Oh shows up and does a Pressure Point technique of some kind on him before leaving with Taruga. Kisana says they need to get him treated right away.

After this, the chapter is complete and you receive the The Repelled Man trophy.


- The Prison Legend -


Jagure is being treated by a dude called "Rihaku", who says he's never seen anything like what Jagure has. Kenshiro says the cause of this is likely the technique that Kyo-Oh used - a technique that he says seems similar to Hokuto Shinken, but is not the same because Kyo-Oh's technique did not make use of Pressure Points. Rihaku says that Jagure's mind is being broken down and he could end up disabled or completely insane. Kenshiro asks if there's any way he can be cured and Rihaku says that there's this rumour of a Kenshi who is able to heal injuries - apparently he can heal anything. This man is at a village called "Miracle Village" and his name is "Toki". Kenshiro is stunned to hear that Toki is still alive! Toki, Kenshiro's older brother (or at least adoptive brother - according to the Hokuto wiki, there are 4 "brothers of Hokuto"), was supposed to be the successor of the Hokuto Shinken style, not Kenshiro. Unfortunately, in the war he was covered with radioactive fallout, which messed with his body as he protected Kenshiro and Yuria. He ended up with an incurable disease and had to abandon his successor role. The whole reason Kenshiro got out of that fine and is now the successor is all because of Toki. Apparently the last he saw him, Toki said he was going to put the Hokuto Shinken style to use by healing people. According to Rihaku, Toki is confined in prison. He was assaulted and captured by some guys, but he doesn't know the details. Rihaku says he's at some place called "Cassandra" right now - apparently a prison that means serious business, called "Death Prison" and once you get in you never get out alive. The prison leader is some dude called "Uighur". Kenshiro says he'll take Jagure to Toki to get him healed, then Kisana says that if he does this, he will have earned her trust and she says she'll tell Kenshiro the truth about Yuria - it turns out she does know something after all! She will tell Kenshiro everything she knows regarding Yuria if he does this for Jagure. She also mentions that he'll need a car to travel to Cassandra, but Kyo-Oh's attack left them all damaged, so they'll need to get one repaired before they can leave.

When Kenshiro leaves, he bumps into a guy called Bat, who gives a rather unnecessary oration about stuff we already know, but mentions that after the attack by Kyo-Oh he heard the name of Kenshiro pop up when he was gathering information in the city. He asks Kenshiro why he is here in Eden, but Kenshiro remains silent. Bat says he'll help Kenshiro out with whatever he needs to do here. Bat basically proposes that the two can help each other out - Kenshiro's strength will prove useful while Bat is far more skilled than Kenshiro when it comes to negotiations. Kenshiro reveals via black-screen-exposition what's going on, then Bat says he will be able to help by creating a new car. Apparently it is far quicker to simply create a new car than to repair those other cars that were damaged (don't ask me how... maybe they are just messed up beyond belief?) This initiates the first substory of the game - Substory 1: Desiring Wasteland Transportation. He talks about some place that sell parts and wants to take you there.

The game wants you to follow Bat to the destination on the map. It could take you all day to follow his short ass across the map, so you may as well just sprint ahead to the destination. You end up at a Junk Shop, where you can buy parts. Go inside and we talk with the guy, who unfortunately doesn't actually have what we need for making a car, so now we need to head over to the bar to speak to someone else because apparently the bartender has a car - go inside Bar Rusty Nail which is very close to the Junk Shop. The bartender does indeed have a car and Bat asks to see it. Go outside, go to the destination (which is very close to the bar) and we learn that it needs some repairs then... Um... Bat decides to go completely against his original idea and say he can repair the car if he has the right parts. I guess it's not faster to just make a new car after all (but to be fair, this car wasn't messed up by the Kyo-Oh invasion, like those other cars). The bartender says if Bat can repair the car, he can have it, but Bat doesn't like the idea of just taking it for free, so the bartender asks for a favour to act as "payment" - there are some jokers who have come along since the gate was broken down and he wants us to chase them away. Right on cue, the jokers show up! Kenshiro fights them.

After Kenshiro completely obliterates them, rather than just chasing them away, the bartender gives them the car and then Bat tells Kenshiro he needs to get some parts. Go back into the Junk Shop. Buy the required "car repair parts set" when the buy menu comes up (it's the only item on the list, 11,000 Ideal cost). After that, the shopkeeper brings Bat some gasoline, then Bat says they should go back to the car. After that, the car is repaired and the substory is complete.

Speak to Bat and he'll ask Kenshiro if he's ready to take it out for a test drive. Select the TOP OPTION to say yes.

Now we get to control the buggy on the Wasteland. The game tells us that:

R2 = Accelerate

L2 = Break / Reverse

Left analogue stick = Controls the direction

After travelling forward to the destination, the game will tell you about Boost. Press Square to boost your speed (you can hold it down for as long as you like - will continue until you let go or your buggy runs out of endurance).

After you boost forward a bit, the game will tell you to press X to exit the buggy. Then Bat will show you some item glowing green nearby, then the game tells you to press Circle to enter the buggy. When you board the buggy, drive forward over the green light to collect the item.

The game then tells you that you can find all kinds of materials out on the Wasteland. You can use these materials to customise the buggy as well as create and enhance Zodiac Amulets. After that, you get absolutely BOMBARDED with information.


- 1 -

The first page gives you the full controls for when you are in the buggy:

L1/R1 = Change Mini-Map Zoom

R2 = Accelerate

L2 = Break / Reverse

Directional Buttons = Zodiac Amulets

Left Analogue Stick = Controls the direction

Right Analogue Stick = Camera control

L3/R3 = Change music track

L3+R3 = Stop music

Circle = Enter Buggy

X = Exit Buggy

Square = Boost

Touch Pad = Map (or Pause Race, when in a race)

Options Button = Pause Menu


- 2 -

The second page tells you about Gasoline and Endurance.

Driving around uses up gasoline. When your gasoline reaches 0 it is GAME OVER. To refuel, either speak to Bat or go to a Wasteland Facility (indicated with an S on the map)

Your buggy's endurance goes down when you bump into walls or use boost. When this reaches 0 you will be unable to use boost. It will fill itself back up over time.


- 3 -

The third page tells you about customisation and parts repairing.

You can customise your buggy when you talk to Bat. You can affect things like speed and turning ability through customisation.

You can get new buggy parts through the repairing of "Junk Parts" when you have the necessary items. But for some high-grade parts you will need a "textbook" obtained from specific substories.


- 4 -

The fourth page tells you about the Wasteland.

When you speak to Bat, you can choose to exit out to the Wasteland, but you cannot go out into the Wasteland at night.

There are facilities, like settlements where people are gathered and mobile gasoline stands. You can save your game at these facilities. You are also able to fast travel between facilities you have already visited once before.


- 5 -

The fifth page tells you more about the Wasteland.

You can find materials and treasure in the Wasteland. Drive over glowing items (the colour of the glow varies depending on the rarity of the item) to collect materials. Defeating villains and saving people can get you treasure maps. You must get to the treasure location within the time limit in order to claim the treasure.

There are also areas you cannot access without specific parts on your buggy:

You need specific Tyres equipped to access the above areas.

You need a specific Bumper equipped to access the above areas.

You need a specific Engine equipped to access the above areas.


- 6 -

The sixth page tells you about races.

In specific circumstances, you can talk to Bat to participate in a race. You must pay a participation fee to compete. You are rewarded with "Buggy Points" (BP) for a placed finish (1st, 2nd, or 3rd). You can exchange BP for rewards.

There are different levels of difficulties for races. Winning on a lower difficulty will enable you to race at a high difficulty level. You can acquire new race courses at certain locations in the Wasteland.


- 7 -

The seventh and final page tells you more about races.

There are these things in races the game calls "Race Gimmicks". Each gimmick has a different effect (see below). Also, your endurance does not automatically restore while in a race and when it reaches 0 you retire.

The above gives you a Speed Boost.

The above Restores Endurance.

The above gives you Buggy Points.

The above explodes when you touch it.

The above three items are obstacles.

See the Buggy Racing page for more.


Now all that crap is over with, Bat heads back on his own and then the game wants you to return to Eden. I would say "why not explore the Wasteland for a bit first?" but the game doesn't really let you right now. Every time you get a certain distance away from Eden, Kenshiro cries and says it's too dangerous. So, just head back to Eden for now.

On your way back, some guys will assault you on bikes, which leads to a fight with them.

After the fight the game tells you about outlaws in the Wasteland who will fight you if they get to you. Kenshiro also comments that it might be too dangerous to bring Bat along with him out here.

Continue to the gates of Eden and you will meet up with Bat again, who says this will surely do the job. Kenshiro tells Bat to stay behind in Eden.

After that, the Bat Amulet is unlocked on the "Guidance" ability grid.


You must now head back to Rihaku and Jagure at the clinic (destination indicated on the map). Inside the clinic, talk to Rihaku, who says he'll sort things out and meet him at the garage. Kenshiro will go outside and bump into the old woman from earlier (she had her money stolen). She wants to thank him for his help and she heard he's new around here, so she leads him to an apartment which she says Kenshiro can freely use.

You now have a hideout. You can save here, recover health, and use other features.

If you interact with the bed you get several options:


SECOND OPTION = Item Box (an Item storage system)


FOURTH OPTION = Appearance Change
(if you have the premium edition, you should be able to switch to the Kiryu Kazuma appearance here. Otherwise, you can switch to whatever alternative appearances you have obtained via DLC packs)


When you are done dicking around in your apartment, leave. You need to head to the garage now, where Rihaku and Jagure are waiting.

Before going anywhere though, someone of interest is standing around just outside your apartment.

This little kid is "Chagure" and he will give you the DLC items. So, when a new DLC pack is released, speak to this kid to receive the contents.

Anyway, head to the garage. You will see Rihaku standing around. Talk to him and select the TOP OPTION to head out.


You will now be back out in the Wasteland. You can now actually explore the Wasteland and collect materials if you wish.

When you are ready, head to the destination indicated on the map. When you get close, you'll be attacked by a bunch of thugs. After the fight, continue to your destination. When you get to Cassandra, Kenshiro says he'll go in alone to find Toki. Kenshiro tells the guards he's here to see Toki, but the guards won't let him in. A fight against the guards begins.

After the fight, Uighur appears. Kenshiro says he's here to see someone inside, but Uighur will not allow him to go inside. Kenshiro realises he's going to have to do this the hard way, then Uighur sends out a load of guys to attack him.

After beating them all, Uighur is impressed and invites Kenshiro to come through. We see a load of gravestones, then Uighur says that he'll give Kenshiro his first ever taste of fear, then asks for his name so they know what to put on his gravestone! Kenshiro gives him his name, then Uighur loses his mind as he realises this is the Hokuto Shinken Kenshiro and realises who he is here to see. This leads to a fight with Uighur.

After Kenshiro completely destroys him, the Uighur Amulet is unlocked on the "Guidance" ability grid.

Kenshiro enters the prison and finds Toki. Kenshiro tells him he needs him to heal someone and Toki tells him to lead the way. Toki uses a technique on him and says he'll be fine. Kenshiro asks if Toki knows what kind of fist Kyo-Oh used and Toki says it is called "Meito Kieiken". He says it is similar to Hokuto Shinken in that they both work from within the opponent, however instead of destroying the flesh (like Hokuto Shinken's "omae wa mou shindeiru" thing) it destroys the mind. Rihaku says they should head back to Eden and Kenshiro asks Toki if he'll come along with them. Toki says he intends to stay here in Cassandra, because the "Ken-Oh" (King of Fists) is here. It seems that this Ken-Oh is afraid to meet with Kenshiro or Toki. This is because this Ken-Oh is the eldest of the "Four Hokuto Brothers" - Raoh. We then hear the names of the four brothers, from eldest to youngest: 1st is Raoh, 2nd is Toki, 3rd is Jagi, and 4th is Kenshiro. Ryuken (previous successor of Hokuto Shinken) adopted the four of them and trained them in Hokuto Shinken and in the end chose Kenshiro to be the next successor.

We then get a flashback in which Jagi is not happy at all about Kenshiro being named the successor, but Toki and Raoh are just sat in silence. After Jagi leaves, Raoh decides he wants to further his own desire to become the most powerful there is.

It seems that Raoh gave himself the title of Ken-Oh and aimed to take over the world with his power. But the thorn in Raoh's side is the existence of his brothers. He was worried that the other Hokuto Shinken users would surpass his own power, so he had Toki locked up in Cassandra. If Raoh heard that Toki was in Eden, he would invade with the full force of his army, leaving the entire city destroyed, not to mention leaving both Toki and Kenshiro dead. However, while Toki is not going to Eden with them, he says he will teach Kenshiro a Secret Technique. Before he teaches him the Secret Technique, he goes on about despite the fact they both use Hokuto Shinken, their styles are very different. But Toki realises it would be quicker to demonstrate this difference by fighting rather than talking about it. You then fight Toki.

Watch out though - this guy is a damn beast! But I think it doesn't matter if you lose the fight (i.e. you don't get "game over")

- NOTE -

You can actually get a trophy when fighting Toki (doesn't have to be in this one fight, but in any future fight with Toki). If he starts coughing, DO NOT HIT HIM. When he finishes coughing you should get the Are You Okay, Toki? trophy.


After the fight with Toki, he'll bang on about fists again and mention how if Raoh and Kenshiro were to fight, Kenshiro has a high chance of defeat. Kenshiro and Raoh use the same style while Toki uses a different one which opposes Raoh's style, so the reason Raoh fears meeting the two of them is because Raoh doesn't like the idea of Kenshiro, as successor, learning Toki's fist style. Toki doesn't like the idea of the Hokuto Shinken successor dying, so he wants to help him. Then the Toki Amulet is unlocked on the "Guidance" ability grid. After this, Toki will ask if Kenshiro is ready to learn the mysteries of his fist. Select the TOP OPTION to say yes. This begins the first training with Toki.

The game gives you a message about inheriting this technique, called "Disposal" (parry an enemy attack. You must let Toki use this ability on you 5 times (so, just keep attacking him). After learning the ability, you must defeat Toki.

After defeating him (if you managed it - the guy doesn't mess around!), talk to him again and select the THIRD OPTION to go back to Eden.

Rihaku says Jagure has regained consciousness. Rihaku tells Jagure about what Kenshiro has done to help him. Jagure seems to be grateful to Kenshiro, but was very quiet when thanking him. After this little scene, the Jagure Amulet is unlocked on the "Guidance" ability grid.

Kenshiro says farewell to Toki, who tells Kenshiro he should come back here again.

After this, the chapter is complete and you receive the The Fallen Man trophy.


- Yin and Yang -


Back on the Wasteland, before we can even start going back to Eden we see a bunch of bandits on the road. With them is the bartering guy from Chapter 1, who recognises Kenshiro and asks him to save him. This all leads into a fight.



At the start of the fight, the game tells you about "Small Enemies". Due to their small size, there are some Secret Techniques that cannot be used on them. They don't have much health so they are simple to beat by getting up close to them, but watch out for their leap attacks which they use when they are a certain distance away from you.

The game also tells you about Perfect Pressure Point attacks. This allows you to deal a large amount of damage against an enemy right after hitting them with a Pressure Point attack - Press Circle immediately after hitting an enemy with a Pressure Point attack. It takes a bit of practice to get the timing right, but it's not too much of a pain.

You must use 3 Perfect Pressure Point attacks to complete the tutorial.

After that, the game will tell you to defeat the enemies using what you know.


After the fighting, the trader guy says he's on his way to Cassandra because he heard it is now accessible and it likely has a lot of valuable resources you won't find out in the Wasteland. We finally learn his name - Mori. Then the Mori Amulet is unlocked on the "Guidance" ability grid. After all of this, we are back on the Wasteland.

Head to the destination on the map (in the northern area of the Wasteland). We then get an introduction to Death Batting. Then a substory begins - Substory 13: Death Batting Commences!!.

Death Batting is basically this game's version of baseball. Move the cursor with the left analogue stick and press the Circle button to swing. If you swing just as the cursor turns YELLOW, you'll land a perfect hit. Your rank will improve if you keep getting a good distance on your hits.

Maybe it's just me, but getting the timing right on this is an absolute pain in the ass. You need to get a cumulative distance of 750m to get the S rank, but it doesn't actually matter what you get for this substory. After this, you receive a Guard Pyroxene and 5,000 Zodiac Points for completing the substory.


When you're ready, head back to Eden to proceed in the story. At the gates of Eden, they talk about needing to meet with Kisana and then send Kenshiro off to report everything to her. You barely get 5 steps into Eden before Jagure starts complaining about something, saying that something feels weird.

Proceed forward more and you'll encounter some bandits trying to extort money from some old dude, which leads to a fight.

After the fight, we hear about how since the gates were destroyed the place has been raided by bandits regularly. Apparently it got to the point that the shopkeepers closed up their stores, which is why the streets are deserted at the moment, which is amazing when you think about it - Jagure is absent from Eden for like 5 minutes and the place completely falls apart (something Jagure himself notes during the conversation). The bandits strike hardest at night, under the cover of darkness, so Jagure goes on about needing to work on strengthening their defences for the night assault and tells Kenshiro to go ahead to the Cathedral to report to Kisana.

When you get to the Cathedral, Kenshori tells Kisana that Jagure has been healed, but Kisana says she cannot tell Kenshiro about Yuria right now. Apparently, she's suspicious of him. She says while Kenshiro was away at Cassandra a Nanto Seiken Kenshi called "Rei" visited her and talked about him. Rei is searching for some girl called "Airi" and after getting some info ended up at Eden. Rei said that the guy who kidnapped Airi is a Hokuto Shinken user who has 7 wounds on his chest. She then takes Kenshiro outside to talk some more.

Kenshiro sees Rei down below. Kisana goes on about stuff Kenshiro has already heard, like how it is forbidden to kill for any selfish reasons. But she says there is one exception - in a case such as this where only the two in question could possibly know about this, the one who is true is decided by a fight... (So, apparently objective truth does not exist in this world - "truth" is determined by the victors, I guess). After that, some alarm goes off and Kisana says the time has come for the "other face" of Eden to be revealed. Then she gives preaches a sermon about... a load of crap which isn't even relevant... but basically, a load of new stuff has emerged now and she tells Kenshiro to go to the Night Club and speak to Laila about this "battle for truth" thing they're doing - by speaking to her Kenshiro can head to the arena. Kisana promises that if Kenshiro wins, she will truth him and tell him about Yuria.

to be continued...