The "S" icons on the Wasteland map are either Gas Stations or Settlements. When you get to these areas you automatically get out of the buggy. When you talk to the guy with the S above his head (the save point), select the TOP OPTION to save, the SECOND OPTION to refuel (this costs money), the THIRD OPTION is to fast travel to previously visited Wasteland locations (only appears after you have already visited somewhere, so you won't see it the first time you interact with the guy), the FOURTH OPTION to use the Item Box, and the BOTTOM OPTION to cancel.

  • Treasure Maps

Sometimes, after fights or helping people out in the Wasteland, you will receive a treasure map. The location of the treasure is indicated on the main map screen. You must get to the location before the time runs out in order to collect the treasure. When you get there, get out of the buggy and interact with the treasure to receive the reward.