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Ryu ga Gotoku Ishin (released in Japan in February 2014) is a spin-off game set at the end of the Edo period of Japanese history (known as the Bakumatsu period), a period when the Tokugawa Shogunate came to an end and imperial rule was restored (Meiji Restoration).

Sakamoto Ryoma is living undercover, with a false identity, as "Saito Hajime" in Kyoto. One year earlier, on the eve of the coup d'├ętat of Tosa, Ryoma's foster father, the man who raised him, was murdered before his eyes. The only lead he had to discover who the killer was is that he used the Tennen Rishin style of fighting. This is a style used by the Shinsengumi, so Ryoma infiltrates their ranks, becoming captain of the 3rd Shinsengumi unit, in attempt to find the killer.

Big thanks to Kevin Debrabandere for creating a PDF for the entire Ishin guide. You can download the PDF version of the guide here.


The options in the same order as they appear in-game. The text in bold indicates the setting the game defaults on, and text to the left and right of it are settings you can switch to. For example, the "Tips" option defaults on "Normal" and to the left there is "Few" and to the right there is "Many", so pressing left will set it to "Few" and pressing right will set it to "Many".

Difficulty For the first time in the series, you can change the difficulty in-game - please note that this option only shows up on the in-game options screen, not the title menu options screen
Tips Few - Normal - Many
Camera Operation (Vertical) Normal - Inverted
Camera Operation (Horizontal) Normal - Inverted
1st Person Camera (Vertical) Normal - Inverted
1st Person Camera (Horizontal) Normal - Inverted
Mini-map Display Off - On
Mini-map Style Fixed Position - Camera Direction
Subtitles Off - On
Terminology Highlighting Off - On (this setting highlights terminology used in the game in the same way it does in Kenzan - which also had its own in-game dictionary for the various terms used)
Chapter Summary Off - On (with this setting on, the game will give you a summary of what happened in previous chapters before you begin the new chapter)
Cutscene Weapon Change Off - On (with this setting on, your equipped weapons are shown in cutscenes, rather than the default models)
Font Auto - Ming Typeface - Gothic Typeface
Screen Contrast Adjust the contrast of the screen
Screen Brightness Adjust the brightness of the screen