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Ryu ga Gotoku Ishin (released in Japan in February 2014) is a spin-off game set at the end of the Edo period of Japanese history (known as the Bakumatsu period), a period when the Tokugawa Shogunate came to an end and imperial rule was restored (Meiji Restoration).

Sakamoto Ryoma is living undercover, with a false identity, as "Saito Hajime" in Kyoto. One year earlier, on the eve of the coup d'├ętat of Tosa, Ryoma's foster father, the man who raised him, was murdered before his eyes. The only lead he had to discover who the killer was is that he used the Tennen Rishin style of fighting. This is a style used by the Shinsengumi, so Ryoma infiltrates their ranks, becoming captain of the 3rd Shinsengumi unit, in attempt to find the killer.

Big thanks to Kevin Debrabandere for creating a PDF for the entire Ishin guide. You can download the PDF version of the guide here.


Go here any time after chapter 2. Ryoma is confronted by guys in tengu masks, from the "Kiyoso Tengu Group". After beating them in a fight, a woman talks to Ryoma (choose the top option) about a vigilante group known as the "Tachibana Family". She invites Ryoma into the group's base and tells him that the group tracks down criminals to help bring peace to the streets. She shows him the bulletin boards, where Ryoma can find information on wanted men. Ryoma agrees to help out.

You can now look at the wanted posters and hunt down wanted men. The wanted posters tell you where you can find the man.







After defeating an enemy, go back to the Tachibana Family Base in Mukurogai and talk to the woman to get your reward.

After talking with the woman and getting your reward, you have to leave and then come back before you can fight the next one. What I do is just travel back to Fushimi, then back to Mukurogai again (via the boatman). Check the wanted bulletin board when you get back - if there's no new posters there, then you can't fight the next guy yet.

Number Wanted Man Reward Requirements Details
1 Kiyoso Tengu Group - Tarobo 1 Ryo None Fight 8 guys wearing tengu masks (speak to them and select the top option)
2 Kiyoso Tengu Group - Kiyoso 3 Ryo Beat #1 Talk to the 2 guys at 2A on the map above - they tell Ryoma where guys in Tengu masks were headed. Then go to 2B and fight 8 guys wearing tengu masks
3 Chivalrous Thieves, Shinobuto - White Ninja 1 Ryo Beat #2 Chase battle - catch the White Ninja
4 Token Clan - Ichimonji 1 Ryo Beat #2 When you get to this area, you get a quick-time-event. After that, the battle against Ichimonji starts
5 Chivalrous Thieves, Shinobuto - Blue Ninja 1 Ryo Beat #3 Chase battle - catch all 10 Blue Ninja
6 Token Clan - Aramasa 1 Ryo Beat #4 Go to 6A and you get a quick-time-event. After that, you battle Aramasa. Then go to 6B and you get another quick-time-even and fight Aramasa. After that fight, you get another quick-time-event followed by another battle
7 Escort Request 1 Ryo Beat #5 and 6 Talk to the woman in the base to begin this. Talk to the man at 7A and select the top option to escort him. Take him to 7B, then battle with the 5 guys.
8 Token Clan - Yukimitsu 5 Ryo + Revelation Document Beat #7 After looking at the poster, choose the bottom option when the woman in the base speaks to you to be taken to the location of Yukimitsu. Fight the 5 leading members of the Token Clan
9 Chivalrous Thieves, Shinobuto - Mysterious Ninja 2 Ryo Beat #8 Chase battle - catch all 3 Green Ninja
10 Kiyoso Tengu Group Members 2 Ryo Beat #8 Fight against 8 guys wearing tengu masks
11 Chivalrous Thieves, Shinobuto - Tojiro 5 Ryo + Dragon Tear Beat #9 and 10 Speak to the Green Ninja at location 11 (on map above) to go to Tojiro's location. Fight with Tojiro and 3 other guys
12 Kiyoso Tengu Group - Men in Tengu Masks None Beat #11 Speak to the woman in the base. She gives you 3 Ryo. Then check the posters. Go to 12 (on map above) and fight the men in tengu masks
13 Chivalrous Thieves, Shinobuto - Mysterious Ninja None Beat #11 Chase battle - catch the Red Ninja
14 Remnants of the Token Clan None Beat #11 When you get to this area, you get a quick-time-event. Then fight the 6 guys
15 Kiyoso Tengu Group - Kiyoso None Beat #12, 13 and 14 Fight Kiyoso and 5 other guys
16 Inahara Akumi 15 Ryo + Dharma Hood Beat #15 Fight Akumi and 6 other guys - be warned that Akumi is VERY difficult so you might want to bring a load of healing items

After completing all the Wanted Men missions, when you go to the entrance of Terada Inn you will receive a letter. Read this letter and then speak to the guy on the first floor of Terada Inn (marked on the map page with a green dot) to receive the "White Dragon" spear.

Also, when you have been introduced to the Battle Dungeon, the 3 leaders of the groups you encountered during the wanted men missions will be standing outside the Shinsengumi HQ - talk to them to enlist them into Ryoma's 3rd Shinsengumi unit - they are all "Super Rare" cards.