Chat Line Mini-Game

Oh boy... I wasn't planning to do any guides for mini-games but this one definitely needs one.

So... When you go inside the Chat Line building (near bottom right of the Kamurocho map), you get a few choices. The top option is for a short session, the middle for an average and the 3rd for a long session. The only differences is the price and the length of time you get. So, you should always go for the long session because considering how much money you make in this game it's not expensive at all.

You start off in a booth with a phone, then you get a quick time event to answer it when it rings.

When talking, either she asks a question or Kiryu wonders if he should ask a question, then you have to select the correct answer on the screen. Thankfully, if you wait a little while the correct answer will highlight itself - The lords of gaming smile down upon people importing this game with no knowledge of Japanese! This is another good reason why you should always choose the long session - there's no way you'll have enough time to wait around for the answer to light up and select the right answers if you play the short session.

To select an answer, you need to rotate the right analogue stick in a full circle and then HOLD IT (do not release). Then try to aim for the right answer and release the right analogue stick to fire some shit. This can be incredibly annoying because the movement is so random. Sometimes the right answer hides behind wrong answers - I've had a few occasions where the right answer glued itself behind a wrong answer and followed it all over the screen! How are you supposed to hit it when that happens? ...

After getting two answers correct, the heart at the bottom right fills up and it goes to a roulette thing. The correct answer is highlighted right from the start so just stop it when it gets to that answer.

In the next section, you need to get 3 answers right to fill the heart. Following this is another roulette, then you need to get 3 answers right to fill the heart again, then finally one last roulette.

After all that, you meet with the girl.


This is where things become bullshit... There are 9 different girls. But there are only 3 different models. So you cannot use the look of the girl to judge who it is. The thing that really makes this bullshit is that there are 7 substories related to the chat line girls, so you're gonna have to learn to tell the difference between them all to complete all this crap (unless you want to waste a huge amount of time doing it over and over again until you get lucky and meet up with the girl you're after). Hold down L1 while talking to a girl if you are sure you have already done her substory before to hang up (for example, if you know you've met all the white bikini girls, then there's no point talking to anyone in a white bikini, so hang up and wait for the phone to ring again).

The first thing to observe is the bikini colour. There are 3 colours: White, Green and Light Blue. There are 3 possible girls with each colour.

The next thing to observe is the voice. You have to listen to their voice to help you figure out which girl this is.

Needless to say, this will be difficult if you're not used to hearing Japanese voices (if you watch a lot of Japanese dub anime, or watch dramas, you may be okay with this!). Below are the tips I can give you to help tell the girls apart:

Girl Bikini Colour Voice
Riku Light Blue Young - she sounds younger than the other 2 light blue girls
Asakura Light Blue Old - she sounds older than Riku
Mirei Light Blue Old - she sounds older than Riku, but more 'bright' or 'cheerful' (if that makes sense?) than Asakura
Ayaka White Sexy/Seductive and Young - You'll probably know what I mean when you hear it
Sakurako White Old - Sounds a lot older than Ayaka
Maria White Old - Again, sounds older than Ayaka. What seperates her from Sakurako is that Maria has a deeper voice.
Haruki Green Young and Nasally - Sounds young, but also has a nasally quality in her voice. It's not super obvious, but it is there
Sakurai Green Young - Well, the only thing that seperates her from Haruki is the fact Haruki's voice sounds a little more nasal
Sayuri Green Childish - You'll probably know what I mean when you hear it... You know, like those little childish girl anime characters you hear. Nevertheless, it can still be tricky to tell the 3 greens apart


The greens are the most difficult to differentiate...

It's important to point out that though there are 9 girls, there are only 7 substories. This is because 3 of the possible girls result in the same substory. These are: Asakura, Sakurai, and Sakurako. So once you have completed the phone conversation with one of them, you do not have to complete the other 2 girls. This can save you a lot of time and effort. All the other girls have their own substory.

It's also important to mention that you can still chat with and meet up with girls you have already met before, so don't assume it'll be easier to find the girl you're after as you complete the substories of other girls.