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The Code of the Yakuza

The game starts with Kiryu standing over a beaten man, who is begging Kiryu to leave him alone. Kiryu warns him to pick his fights more carefully, especially when you're walking around with lots of money. Kiryu takes the guy's money and leaves, walking over a newspaper as he does so which speaks of a new Kamurocho re-development project for the 21st century.

Kiryu walks along the streets of Kamurocho, bumping into some guy flirting with a woman as he does. The guy and his gang aren't happy, but as they confront him they realise Kiryu is not one to mess with - his face is covered in blood! They apologise and let him pass.

After that, we get our first look at a new style of cutscene introduced in this game. It reminds me a bit of the cutscenes from Kurohyou. Some loanshark shows up in a car and asks Kiryu about the work he requested of him. Kiryu says the job is done and hands over the money. The loanshark praises the efficiency of the Dojima family, then gives Kiryu the agreed pay for his work. Then he hands over even more money, saying this is his personal thanks to Kiryu - nothing to do with the agreed payment. Kiryu at first is uncomfortable taking the money, then we hear a big speech about how this is an era of money, then the loanshark ends up telling Kiryu to look at it as a gift to celebrate the completion of their first work together.

After Kiryu finally takes the money, the loanshark comments that it's only natural things would have ended up like this - what can you expect when you loan money to an idiot? Then he talks about how he's been a loanshark for a long time, so he knows how all this works and says there are not many people in this world who understand the true value of money, then says an uneducated guy like Kiryu understands it far better than any educated man. But Kiryu says he doesn't understand, then bids him farewell.

As he leaves, the loanshark calls out to him again, saying with Kiryu's great fighting abilities he can earn money far more easily than any other yakuza. He can eat the finest food, have whatever girl takes his fancy and says as long as you have money, you can bring happiness to those who are unhappy. Then he invites Kiryu to work with him. Kiryu tells him if he had asked him about 3 years ago, he may have accepted - but once you become a yakuza, there's no going back. Kiryu then tells the loanshark that a yakuza can never make anyone happy. The loanshark tells him to let him know if he changes his mind.

After he leaves, we get the opening credits, then we see Kiryu standing around. He is waiting for Nishiki to show up, but he hasn't arrived yet. He gets a pocketbell message from Nishiki asking "What are you doing?". Pocketbell messages are numbers which are read as sounds (mix of English or Japanese sounds) to create short messages. I guess you could say it's 1980s Japanese textspeak. Kiryu supposes he should take a look around to find Nishiki.

Finally, you have control.



When you get here, Kiryu will notice some thugs extorting money from a guy. Kiryu complains to himself about these guys doing this shit on their (Tojo Clan's) turf and says he should punish them.



Go near the thugs and Kiryu warns them that this is the Tojo Clan's turf and that they should not do anything stupid around here. The gang says they don't need a lecture from a yakuza, then fight Kiryu.


Fight Tutorial #1

This is the first fight tutorial. It will first ask you to use Square combo attacks, then it will ask you to use strong attacks/finishing blows (Triangle after a Square combo).

The game will tell you about the health bar and how you can restore it with things like recovery items (Stamina or Toughness medicines, sold at various places in the game).

It will ask you to grab opponents (Circle) and use either Square, Triangle or Circle to attack.

It will then tell you about Kiryu's "Willpower Counterattack" ability, specific to the Thug fighting style. Press either Square or Triangle immediately after being hit by an enemy to launch a counterattack. You do not have to do this as part of the tutorial; it just tells you about the ability.

Defeat the enemies to finish the tutorial.


After beating them, Nishiki shows up and moans about Kiryu leaving him standing around waiting for him. But Kiryu says he was the one standing around waiting and he only did this to kill some time. Nishiki invites him to go to a "health" club ("health" or "fashion health" clubs are "massage parlours" which offer a range of services which stop short of actual sex. They're pretty much legal brothels, but without any actual intercourse), but Kiryu says he isn't interested. Nishiki then says they should go out for a drink, at least - he says it's been a while since they've been out all night together.



After that, Nishiki comments that Kiryu is getting pretty far now - he's already a highly competent yakuza. Kiryu plays himself down, saying the only thing he's good at is fighting; he doesn't have the skills Nishiki does. He adds that Kazama leaves prison after the start of the new year and says he will improve himself in time for that. Nishiki says he can start with a decent suit rather than the shabby clothes he's wearing! Kiryu says the clothes he wears doesn't matter; Kazama wears a plain suit himself, after all. Nishiki points out that Kazama is no.2 in the Dojima family so he can wear whatever he wants - When Kiryu reaches that level, he can wear a plain suit as well. Until then, he needs to show himself off. Nishiki goes into some speech about how people will listen to anything you say once they see the car you own, the brand of clothes you wear, as well as the crest of Dojima you bear.

After more talking about how important money is and how Kiryu should present himself better, they finally discuss where they will drink. Nishiki suggests going to Pink Street, because there's a good bar there.

Now you follow Nishiki to the destination. Simply hold down R2 to follow him.

En route, Nishki will talk about what kind of place and era this is, just in case it wasn't drilled into us enough already.

When you finally get to location 3 on the map after the awkward silence which follows Nishiki's speech, you see a couple of drunk guys arguing. Nishiki tells them to leave, but they say they are having an important discussion and shouldn't interfere. They get back to their "discussion" and it turns out they are just having a childish fight. Nishiki tells Kiryu they should go a different way (he's scared to walk past these guys?), but Kiryu says he'll bring them back to their senses. This leads to a fight against the 2 guys and also another fight tutorial.


Fight Tutorial #2

We get our second tutorial. First, it tells you about the heat gauge and how there are 3 levels. You start in 1st gear and build up heat as you attack enemies (or use heat restoring items) and lose heat when you are attacked, or it drains when you don't attack an enemy after a certain period of time. As you proceed through the gears, your attack speed increases. Furthermore, there are techniques in the game which require you to be in specific gears in order to use them. When in 2nd and 3rd gear heat, Kiryu emits a blue aura and you can perform Heat Actions. To use a heat action, press Triangle when the heat action icon appears at the top right of the screen. For this tutorial, the game wants you to either grab a weapon (Circle) and use a weapon heat action against an enemy, or grab an enemy (Circle) and go near the wall to do a heat action.

After that, it tells you about strafing - Hold down R1 to stafe and focus on the enemy standing in front of you. It's not quite a "lock-on" system, but it's a bit similar. You don't have to do this in order to complete the tutorial; it just tells you about the system.

Defeat the enemies to complete the tutorial.


After the fight, the two guys seem to be back to their senses and ask where the hell they are and who the other guy is. After they walk off, Nishiki and Kiryu proceed to the bar.

The game now tells you about the "Achievement List" and "CP Exchange" - visit those pages for information.

After following Nishiki for a little bit, some old foreign guy calls out to Kiryu. He praises Kiryu's fighting skills, then asks if he's in the "Japanese Mafia" (Yakuza). Nishiki calls out to Kiryu, asking what's holding him up, then Kiryu tells the old guy to be careful - don't drink too much - then is about to walk away, but the old guy stops him, saying he has some advice for him. Kiryu moans at him, saying he's keeping his friend waiting, so he'd better make this quick. He then gives a little speech about having to use money and investing in himself to become strong, then we learn about the leveling up system in this game.

You access the "Sphere Grid" section via the start menu (press "Options" on a PS4 controller) - third item on the menu, then select a fighting style (for now, there is only the Thug style), then select an ability and press and hold Circle to purchase it. Purchase the cheap, 30,000 yen ability "Pride of the Vermilion Bird". After that, exit out of the menu. For information about Kiryu's abilities visit this page.

After that, you follow Nishiki again.



When you get here, we get yet another "well, this is what Kamurocho is like" discussion. A couple of women come running over to their location. They moan at Nishiki, saying he should get in touch with them after they send a pocketbell message to him, then ask when he's next coming over to their club. Nishiki tells them he'll drop by later tonight. They aren't convinced he really will, then he starts raining money on them to buy their trust and then they say they believe him.

After all that, Kiryu and Nishiki finally enter the bar and have a drink together. After more talk about how Nishiki is kind of a big shot and Kiryu talking about him showing himself off, Nishiki tells him if he wants to get ahead in this world as well, he should watch and learn. Then we learn about how Kiryu joined the yakuza just so he could follow Kazama. Nishiki tells him if he works hard he could be a real big shot like Kazama himself, then mentions the reason he brought them into the Dojima family rather than the Kazama family is because the Dojima family is more high profile.

Anyway, they decide to finish up the serious talk and do a bit of karaoke. You now have to play a karaoke song.

After the singing, Nishiki suggests going out and getting some ramen.



En route, they talk about more crap. Like Kiryu's awesome deep voice and female Japanese idols.

As Kiryu and Nishiki are inside eating, the news talks about the death of a young man after some horrific beating he received. The police are currently in the process of a murder investigation. The reporter mentions that he worked for some company and loaned money from various lenders and the police will be speaking with those who had connections in that regard. Nishiki talks about the news to Kiryu, who says it happens all the time here, but Nishiki asks him to have a proper look at the TV.

They show the location where the body was found and Kiryu recognises it as the place where he got the money from that guy, but he says he did not beat him to death. Then Kiryu sees a picture of the victim and recognises him as the same guy he took money from. Suddenly, Kiryu gets a message from the Dojima family ordering Kiryu to get in touch. Nishiki says it must be related to this news and says this is serious shit for Kiryu. Nishiki also comments that this could be bad news for Kazama - everyone knows he's the one who brought Nishiki and Kiryu into the Dojima family, so any failure/blunder on their part makes Kazama himself responsible also. He says the people who are looking to take over from Kazama, as his successor, will use this as a way to get rid of him - the men he is talking about are 3 top dogs in the Dojima family and Nishiki comments that there's a rumour going around that one of those 3 sold out Kazama and leaked him to the police half a year ago, which is what got him in jail. According to the rumour, it was Kuze who did it. Kiryu leaves, saying he has no choice but to contact the Dojima family.



Outside, Kiryu says he needs to use a public phone to contact them and there should be one nearby.

Go here and interact with the phone booth (save point). Kiryu phones the office and he is told that Kuze has summoned him - the 3 top guys are waiting for him.

Kiryu says he has no choice but to take a taxi to the Dojima office.



Make your way to the taxi here and interact. Select the TOP OPTION to go to the Dojima family headquarters.

On arrival, Kiryu is led to a room and inside he meets with the 3 "top dogs" of the Dojima family - Kuze Daisaku, Awano Hiroki, and Shibusawa Keiji. Kuze moans at Kiryu for keeping them waiting, then Shibusawa asks if he knows the reason he was summoned here. Kiryu says it's regarding the body that was found. After some moaning, like wondering if the loanshark asked Kiryu to kill the guy, Kuze says the reasons behind it are irrelevant - the fact is an innocent man (/non-yakuza) was killed, so shit is going to hit the fan. Kiryu tries to interject, but Awano cuts him off, telling him he'll be taken in by the police to settle things with them, then says the real problem here is keeping the area where the murder took place away from public attention. Awano asks Kiryu why he did it - was it Kazama's orders? Kiryu gets upset and asks why he brought up Kazama's name. Awano also asks if Kazama is the one who asked him to do it at that particular location, followed by Shibusawa asking where he got the gun. Kiryu protests, claiming he had no gun. They moan at him for "playing dumb", then Shibusawa points out that the man was finished off with a gunshot to the head. Kiryu says if that's true, then it definitely wasn't him who killed the guy - all he did was beat him up with his bare hands. Shibusawa says if Kiryu is indeed telling the truth, then he's been setup by someone. Kiryu adds that he would never use a gun. Awano isn't convinced, saying it's obvious Kiryu is lying - who would benefit from setting up some low-ranking no-name yakuza like Kiryu? Kuze asks Kiryu why he caused any fuss there in the first place and Kiryu says that was the loanshark's instructions. Apparently the loanshark said he'd call the guy out to that location and Kiryu had to meet him there, beat him up a bit, then take his money. Shibusawa says it seems they have a need to speak with this loanshark. Awano moans about a certain "work" that will be set back because of all this, then asks Kuze what they should do. Kuze says there is one answer...

Kuze kicks the other two guys out to leave himself and Kiryu alone. Kuze tells Kiryu about that area where the body was found - it was a certain "plot of land" and Dojima himself has given out orders to the big 3 (Kuze, Awano, Shibusawa) to get hold of that plot of land, using any means necessary. It is a plot of land which has suddenly, and unexpectly, become vacant in the extremely dense downtown area of Kamurocho. The boss wants that land and it's their duty to give him what he wants. Now that the world is looking towards this plot of land, because of the body found there, it'll be a lot harder for them to buy it cheap and eventually make a big profit from it (land speculation). Kiryu asks what any of this has to do with Kazama. Kuze tells Kiryu that there's more behind the plot of land than just land speculation - there is a very special prize that awaits the man who is able to present that land to Dojima... The prize is being the man to take over from Kazama as second in command in the Dojima family. At first, Kuze thought Kazama was using Kiryu to interfere with their efforts, but looking at Kiryu's face, he can tell he really did know nothing about all this. Kiryu asks what will become of Kazama, but Kuze says he doesn't know, then mentions because he got himself in jail he can't work as second in command and in his absense, some kid he raised (Kiryu) ended up killing an innocent man, he must be punished. Kiryu isn't happy, saying he had nothing to do with this, not to mention the fact Kiryu didn't even kill anyone. Kuze isn't interested and says "tell that to the police...". As Kuze is about to leave, he tells Kiryu to give himself up to the police today and also orders him to cut off his little finger (typical yakuza punishment).



After that, Kiryu is back in Kamurocho and claims the loanshark set him up and that he needs to speak with him. As he walks around, he bumps into the old guy from earlier, who says he's been looking for Kiryu and introduces this other old guy called "Kamoji". Kiryu moans, saying he doesn't have time to hang around with him right now, then the old guy says he wants him to settle something for him. Suddenly, some punks show up and moan at Kiryu (whom the old guy introduced as his "student"), saying they loaned these guys a lot of money and they haven't paid them back yet. Kiryu asks what this has to do with him, then says they can't possibly be expecting Kiryu to pay the money owed. The old guy says a student should pay off his master's debt. Kiryu pretty much tells the old guy to fuck himself, saying he's not his student. The punks aren't interested in any of this and demand to see some money - then warns Kiryu that if he doesn't he'll set this "bull" (referring to the guy behind him) loose on him! The old guy asks Kiryu if he can beat this "bull" and Kiryu says he doesn't know, but it doesn't matter anyway since this has nothing to do with him. The old guy asks if Kiryu has no confidence in his ability, but Kiryu says that's not it and moans at him for trying to coerce him into fighting, then tells him to pay back his own debt. Eventually, the old guy says he'll pay back the debt, saying he'll pay him back double what he loaned as a way of apology. The punks don't believe he has that kind of money, but the old guy assures them he does, but he has some conditions - Bull will fight them here and if he can beat the 3 of them, he'll pay them, but if he cannot beat them, he won't pay them. After a load of negotiation, Kamoji steps up to be the first to take on the bull, in a 1-on-1 fight. Kiryu isn't sure if Kamoji can stand up to this bull, but the old guy tells Kiryu to just stand by and watch his movements.

Finally, they fight and Kamoji does a load of fast dodging and striking, leading Kiryu to have a revelation. He has now learned the Rush Fighting Style. Despite all that, Bull isn't finished yet and Kiryu steps up to fight.


Fight Tutorial #3

This is the tutorial for the Rush style. It tells you that you can switch to the rush style by pressing the left directional button. Do so to move to the next part of the tutorial.

It talks about how one of the special features of this style is fast dodging. You can press X up to 3 times to do some serious dodging. Dodge 9 times to proceed.

Next it talks about the striking in the rush style. By rapidly pressing Square, you can stun an opponent. It's a bit temperamental though - sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. You don't need to do it for the tutorial though; it just tells you about it.


After all that, the punk is amazed someone took down the bull and asks Kiryu who he is and he tells them he's in the Dojima family. Now they know he's with Dojima, they start panicking and apologising, then when Kiryu asks who they are with they mention they work for the company of that loanshark Kiryu wants to see ("Tokyo Credit"... Though it's not Tokyo as in the city, it just happens to be read the same way)! How convenient (as Kiryu himself points out). Kiryu asks where the boss is, because he has some business with him. The punk says he thinks he's in his office right now.

After the punks leave, Kiryu moans at the old guy and asks what he's up to around here. The guy finally introduces himself, as "Bacchus". Kiryu asks about this Kamoji guy and Bacchus says his work is really interesting and Kiryu should check it out sometime - it's some kind of "Knock Down" challenge he runs. Kamoji says if Kiryu wants to learn more, he should drop by at Shichifuku car park. Kiryu says he will if he has time.

After Kamoji leaves, we hear about how Bacchus thinks Kiryu should go on to be a pro martial artist, but Kiryu isn't interested and says if he's a scout he should find someone else. But Bacchus keeps going on at him and tells him to get stronger and he'll teach him more, then says he'll be waiting for him.

Finally, after all that shit, Kiryu can now focus on going to the Tokyo Credit office.



Go here and interact with the door, then select the TOP OPTION to go inside. There is a sequence of fights here, but it's only a small one. Buy some healing items before entering if you feel you'll need them.

Inside, Kiryu is confronted by 3 guys and he introduces himself, then says he's here to "thank" their boss for setting him up. But one of the guys says the boss doesn't want to see him, then Kiryu says perhaps if he beats them all half to death, he'll want to see him then! We then get a line which shows up a lot in this series - where one of the guys talks about how many of them there are and Kiryu can't possibly expect to fight them alone.

Now the fight sequence starts. It really is a short one and the areas are tiny so there's not even any point putting up maps here. Simply defeat the 3 guys in this room, then Kiryu says he should use an elevator - interact with an elevator to go up to the next floor, where you will be greeted by 4 more guys.

After beating these guys, the fight sequence ends (told you it was short!)

Kiryu barges into the office and finds the boss, who points a gun at him and expresses his disbelief that Kiryu got up here. Kiryu says he's gonna make him talk, but the boss says he doesn't know what Kiryu is talking about. Kiryu moans about him playing dumb even now, then asks why he set him up. The boss agrees to talk, saying he didn't want to set him up - he was just acting in accordance with a request someone made. This person told the boss to make Kiryu take money at that particular location. Kiryu asks who this person is, but just as he's about to answer, Kuze shows up! Kiryu asks Kuze if he's the one behind setting him up, but Kuze says he doesn't know what he's talking about, then asks Kiryu what he's doing here - he told him to hand himself over to the police. Then Kuze asks the Tokyo Credit boss to leave, saying he needs to give Kiryu a lecture.

Kuze sits down after offering Kiryu a cigarette, then says he thought this would be a good chance to speak frankly to him. He says he knows Kiryu and Nishiki are orphans, straight out of Kazama's own Himawari orphanage. Kuze then tells Kiryu that Kazama is up to his own dirty tricks - he's making these kids he picks up grateful for being raised by him, then points out that Kiryu and Nishiki would proudly take a bullet for him. He's saying they have been brainwashed by Kazama. Kiryu tells Kuze to cut straight to the chase - what is he getting at here? Kuze then tells Kiryu to spy on Kazama in prison. Then he reminds Kiryu that if he gets hold of this plot of land, he will be the next second in command in the Dojima family. To do that, he needs to get hold of "certain information" which he claims Kazama has - he doesn't believe that Kazama would ever think that Kiryu would betray him, so Kiryu should be able to get the information easily. If Kiryu does this, he'll hand over to him the "true killer". Kiryu now believes Kuze really is the one who set him up, but Kuze is still saying he's not sure what he means, just saying Kiryu will go to prison. Then he asks Kiryu to join up with him, saying Kazama has no future anymore. He says Kiryu can choose to follow whoever he wishes, but he must make his decision right here, right now. Kiryu has a moan at Kuze, saying he doesn't understand anything about either him or Kazama, then walks away. Kuze stops him, asking if he is seriously prepared to stand against him. Kiryu says he is, then leaves.

Outside, Kiryu gets a message. It's a number he doesn't recognise. He wonders if it's Nishiki trying to get hold of him, then says he should call that number on a public phone.



Go to the phone booth here and interact. Kiryu calls the number and Nishiki answers. Kiryu asks where he is right now and Nishiki tells him he's at the Kazama family office, then Kiryu asks why he's there and Nishiki says he's thinking they can get some advice from Kashiwagi. Nishiki asks if he went to the Dojima family office and Kiryu says he did, but things have become complicated... Kiryu says he'll explain everything properly face-to-face. Nishiki then says he's been talking with Kashiwagi and asks if Kiryu has heard of this "plot of land". Kiryu says he heard about it from Kuze earlier. Finally, Kiryu says he'll be heading over to the Kazama family office to talk and then hangs up.



Go here and interact with the building. Kiryu goes inside and meets with Nishiki and Kashiwagi. Kashiwagi says he's glad to see Kiryu is safe - he heard he was summoned to the Dojima family office from Nishiki. Then he asks if Kuze asked him to betray Kazama. Kashiwagi states that the body found at the scene was finished off with a bullet, but Kiryu would never use a gun, so someone set him up. Kashiwagi then asks Kiryu to tell him about everything that happened between him and Kuze.

Through exposition blackscreen, Kashiwagi hears about it all. He now realises the 3 top dogs of the Dojima family are trying to take over from Kazama as second in command. Kiryu asks Kashiwagi if he knows about this plot of land stuff in any more detail. They talk about the land speculation stuff again, then Kashiwagi says this land was found when it seemed all but certain they would make a big profit, then talks about how it's right in the middle of the site of the Kamurocho redevelopment plan. As long as they can't get hold of that land, they won't be able to do anything no matter how many surrounding plots of land they gather. So, Dojima wants to get hold of that land cheap, then force them to pay a fortune for it for their redevelopment plan. Nishiki asks if no one owns that land and Kashiwagi says the whereabouts of the land's owner is unknown. Kiryu talks about this information Kuze wants to get from Kazama, but Kashiwagi doesn't know what this information could be - this is the first time he's heard about it. Nishiki wonders if it has something to do with the owner of that land. So it all seems that Kuze set up Kiryu in order to get him in jail to spy on Kazama so he could get information on the owner, so that Kuze could end up getting hold of the land, presenting it to Dojima and then taking Kazama's place as second in command... Good grief...

Kashiwagi talks about how Kazama will end up punished because of the whole "Kiryu killing an innocent man" thing, since Kazama is responsible for his actions. Kazama will possibly be driven out of the family (excommunication), leaving Kuze to take his place (provided he gets hold of that land). Kiryu says he needs to get hold of the true culprit behind the murder. But Kashiwagi points out that Kiryu won't be able to do anything against Kuze - he's a high ranking member of the Dojima family and it's unforgivable in the yakuza world to go against a higher up. If they put their hands on Kuze, then Kazama's excommunication becomes a reality. They wonder what they should do, then Kiryu says he will do what he has to in order to protect Kazama. He says he will accept punishment for this in place of Kazama - he will leave the yakuza. If he is no longer a yakuza, he will be able to grab hold of Kuze and beat the truth out of him. Nishiki points out that they won't simply allow him to leave - it's been 3 years since he was sworn into the family and he's in great health. They'll just kill him! There's no way they'll allow him to simply walk away from the family alive. After a load of arguing, Kiryu tells Nishiki to bring the car round - they're going to the Dojima family office. Nishiki isn't happy, but Kiryu says there's no other way. Kashiwagi joins in, saying Kiryu should stop. But Kiryu isn't interested - he only joined the yakuza so he could follow Kazama, so if this issue will cause trouble for him, then he'll do what he must. Kashiwagi gets angry with Kiryu, but Kiryu says even if Kazama himself tried to stop him, he'd still go ahead with this. Before leaving, Kiryu thanks Kashiwagi for everything over the years.

Outside, Kiryu says Nishiki went to get the car for him, so he should go and meet him.



Go here and speak to Nishiki. He reminds Kiryu that Kuze isn't going to just let him walk out on them and he must be prepared for anything. Select the TOP OPTION to go to the office. There is a long fight sequence here (a proper one this time) so you may want some healing items.

On the way to the office, we get a flashback which proves how much of a badass Kazama used to be - he took out both Nishiki and Kiryu at the same time, with apparent ease! Kiryu is moaning at Kazama, saying they should be the ones to choose their own paths in life and he's a yakuza himself - he has no right to stop them! Basically, they want to become yakuza like Kazama but Kazama is reluctant to let them go down that path.

Nishiki asks what Kiryu is thinking about, but Kiryu says it's nothing. Nishiki says he was remembering the time they were beaten up by Kazama. It was the night before they took this path. So, Nishiki was thinking that Kiryu was remembering the same thing.

On arrival, they speak to some guy and ask if Dojima is in his office and the guy says he is. Kiryu tells Nishiki he'll be going in alone. Kiryu tells the guy to give a message to Dojima - Kiryu Kazuma has come to officially quit the Dojima family. Kiryu leaves the car and tells Nishiki to get out of here.

Inside, Kiryu enters a room where he finds Kuze and a load of Dojima family members. Kuze asks Kiryu if he's sure he wants to leave. Kiryu says he is and asks him for an audience with Dojima. Kuze looks at his watch and says he can't now - It's 8pm on Saturday, which is when Dojima watches his favourite show on TV. So, instead, Kuze will handle this. He looks at Kiryu's hand and notices he hasn't even cut off his little finger, yet he's come here requesting to leave. Kiryu says he didn't come here to speak with him and asks where Dojima is. Kuze reminds him that he'll be handling this and tells him to watch his mouth.

Kuze punches Kiryu and moans again - he has not cut off his little finger, he has not brought any money with him... He's expecting to just show up here and ask to leave that easily? Kuze asks Kiryu to rethink things, saying it's not too late to put all this behind them. He tells him to get the information he wants from Kazama - only then will his life be spared. Kiryu tells Kuze he came here to ask them to excommunicate him. Kuze says if his answer is no, then he has no more use for him. He says that was his chance to work by his side - he would have lived. He speaks to Yoneda, who says they could bury him alive in the mountains. Or they could destroy his body with chemicals. But Kuze says he wants Kiryu's body to be found - to remind everyone about how severe the punishments are in the Dojima family.

Kiryu asks him if he's really going to kill a family member without permission from Dojima. Kuze says Dojima has nothing to do with it, since Kiryu is no longer a member of the Dojima family (meaning Kuze has released him from the family). Kiryu stands up and says he was waiting for him to say that! Now that Kiryu is not with the family, he can beat the crap out of all these guys without worrying about yakuza "honour" or whatever. After Kiryu destroys Yoneda, Kuze asks what he's playing at, attacking a senior member like that. Kiryu reminds him that he just said he is no longer a member of the family, so Yoneda's not a senior member to him anymore. Then he tells them to bring it. Yoneda stands up and asks Kuze to let him be the one to kill him. Kuze allows him to do so, then walks away, but Kiryu stops him, saying he still needs to talk. Kuze says if Kiryu can somehow manage to survive all the way over to Kuze's room, then they'll talk.

Finally, the fight sequence starts.


Yellow dots are items you can pick up (like healing items)


After beating everyone in the first room, some more guys come barging in through a door. After beating those guys, go through the door and head towards the next door. When you interact with this next door, you get a quick time event where Yoneda tries to attack you from behind.

Defeat Yoneda here and then Kiryu will kick him through the door. Go through the door and beat the 3 guys round the corner.



When you get near the stairs, you get another quick time event where Yoneda tries to attack you again.

After that, go up the stairs.



After getting up the stairs, beat the guys here then Kiryu will throw one through a door. Go through that door and interact with the next door for yet another quick time event with Yoneda.

After beating Yoneda, Kiryu will throw him through the door.

Go through the door and make your way towards the stairs at the bottom left of the map. Interact with the door in front of the stairs to go to the next location.

Keep going up the stairs until you can no longer go up and interact with the door there. Kiryu will moan that the door is blocked from the other side, then looks around and sees a window. He says he has no other way through so he'll have to make a jump for it.

Move towards the railing and when the icon appears at the top right of the screen, interact to make the jump.

Kiryu somehow manages to leap directly through the window despite jumping at an angle (#justkiryuthings).

The guys in the toilets are upset that they were interrupted and fight Kiryu.



After beating up the guys in this room, our old friend Yoneda barges into the room armed with a knife and fights Kiryu again. You get a quick time event where he tries to attack you with a knife, then after that the fight begins.

After beating him, Kiryu wrecks his shit and launches him out the window.

Interact with the door and you'll go to the next room. When you're ready to go face-to-face with Kuze himself, go near the traditional Japanese style sliding doors.


Kiryu walks in and finds Kuze sat around. He praises Kiryu's skill and says Kazama did a good job finding someone like him. Kiryu asks about the true murderer and where he can find him. Kuze again moans at Kiryu for messing around with the Dojima family, then says he's going to have to beat him up with his own hands in order to feel satisfied.

Then we get the first boss fight of the game with a rocking boss theme song.

After the fight, Awano and Shibusawa enter the room and Kuze tells them to take care of Kiryu. Suddenly, Dojima himself enters the room! He moans about Kuze's actions and how much of a disgrace he is, then tells him he's a long way off Kazama's level. Kuze points out that this is one of Kazama's guys, then Dojima says it seems like he killed a guy when he was collecting money, then moans at Kiryu for his stupidity. Kiryu swears he didn't kill him, but he doesn't want to cause any trouble for the family, so he asks Dojima to excommunicate him. Kuze moans about Kiryu again and asks Dojima to allow him to punish him. Dojima then says that Kuze attacked an innocent man - Kiryu was released from the family at his discrection, but Kuze says he didn't release him. Awano warns Kuze he shouldn't lie to the boss. Shibusawa says he heard it himself - Kuze said Kiryu is no longer a member of the family, so he doesn't need Dojima's permission to kill him.

Awano places a board and a knife in front of Kuze. Shibusawa says Kuze knows how the Kuze Kenoukai (name of Kuze's family within the Dojima family) does things - it's time for him to cut off his own finger! Kuze does so, then Shibusawa collects it.

Kuze leaves, then Dojima speaks to Kiryu about the excommunication thing. Dojima excommunicates Kiryu from the family, then asks him why he went through all this trouble to get excommunicated and Kiryu tells him it's because he wanted to prove Kazama's innocence. Kiryu says he did not kill anyone and Kazama was not involved in any way. However, it is true that the death of the man from whom Kiryu collected money has brought trouble to the family, so he also wants to do something about that. Dojima then asks Kiryu what he plans to do - Kiryu says he is going to get hold of the man who did the killing. But Dojima says there's no need for that. Shibusawa adds that he should leave that to the police - Kiryu is an honest man now - no longer a yakuza. Kiryu moans that the culprit won't be properly punished, but Dojima says he will be. Dojima says Kazama, being the one who brought in Kiryu, will take responsibility for this. Kiryu of course isn't happy about it, then Dojima tells Kiryu to go out there and find happiness now that he's left the world of the yakuza.

After they leave, Kiryu moans to himself, wondering what he should do now. Turns out after all that, Kazama still will not be spared.

After all that, we see Kiryu depressed in the streets. Then a mysterious guy shows up and speaks to Kiryu. He introduces himself as "Tachibana". He tells Kiryu he's completely aware of Kiryu's current situation and that he's been waiting a long time for the moment he could meet him. He then asks Kiryu to come with him and talk.

After that, the chapter is complete and you get 1 million yen as a "clear bonus".

Also, you get a "Chapter Results" screen after each chapter which just shows you how much money you made in that chapter.


The Dark Real Estate Tycoon

Shout out to Kiryu's bathrobe.

Anyway, after Kiryu's shower, Tachibana offers him a meal but Kiryu says he doesn't feel like eating - at least not until he knows who this guy is. Tachibana simply tells him "I am no threat to you, Kiryu". Tachibana eventually reveals a bit of information about himself - he he works here in Kamurocho in the real estate business. Kiryu asks what business he has with him, but he just goes back to talking about eating again. Kiryu notices Tachibana's right hand and we hear about how it's an artificial hand - apparently he lost it a few years ago. He mentions how his fingertips ache when it gets cold, despite the fact they are artificial, and painkillers don't make any difference. All he can do is endure it and he's learned to not show his pain in his face. Then Tachibana randomly changes the subject and asks if Kiryu has heard of "Pseudanthium" - when a large collection of flowers come together to create one single large flower - and that a certain flower Kiryu knows well is a "pseudanthium". Kiryu asks the question we are all asking ourselves at this point - What in the name of god are you talking about? Tachibana says Himawari (or "sunflower", in English) is the big flower which has a large gathering of smaller flowers. He says it's a good name for an orphanage and asks if Kazama chose it. Kiryu again asks who the hell this guy really is, but he still evades the question and just shows off how much he knows - he says Kiryu was brought up there along with his "brother" Nishiki and a girl named "Sawamura Yumi". Kiryu and Nishiki both regard Kazama as a father and so followed him into the world of the yakuza. Now that Kiryu has been framed for murder, Kazama is in danger of being excommunicated.

Kiryu tells him to shut up, because he gets the point - he's done a lot of investigation into him - then asks what his objective is. We hear about the "plot of land" again and Tachibana says everyone wants their hands on it. Then he asks Kiryu to join forces with him, pointing out that if one of the top dogs of the Dojima family get it, then there's no avoiding Kazama's excommunication. However, if Tachibana can get hold of that land, he will be able to protect Kazama and clear up the accusations against Kiryu. He goes on about the intelligence network within his company and that Kiryu will be able to find the true culprit by joining up with him. Kiryu again asks for his true objective but Tachibana doesn't say anything, then Kiryu tells Tachibana he's not convinced about all this and wants to leave. Tachibana says he believes Kiryu will change his mind, then gives him his card.

After all that, Kiryu is on the streets of Kamurocho and says he should speak with Nishiki, who is probably at the Kazama family office.



Since there's nothing else to do right now, just head straight to the Kazama family office entrance to trigger an event (the event triggers when you get near the doors). Nishiki exits and Kiryu tells him he's been excommunicated, but points out that Kazama is still not safe - as long as there are these false accusations against Kiryu, the Dojima family will continue to blame him. Kiryu says this is at least one step further to saving him though, mentioning that now he's not in the family, he can beat the shit out of Kuze until he spits out the truth. Nishiki suggests going in the office and explaining all this to Kashiwagi, but Kiryu reminds him that because he's been excommunicated from the Tojo Clan, he cannot enter the Kazama family office, so tells Nishiki to relay the info to Kashiwagi instead. Nishiki says he'll meet Kiryu later on in his apartment to hear about all this in more detail.



Make your way up the street to location 2 on the map above (sorry about the "9" right next to it... I realise the map is a bit messy, but it's not my fault so much shit happens in this chapter).

You'll be stopped by a monster of a man, who moans at Kiryu for passing by him without saying anything, then demands he come over to him. Kiryu asks why he has to greet him as he passes, saying this isn't his territory. The monstrous man demands that Kiryu hand over ALL his money, or he'll beat the shit out of him. Kiryu now realises this guy is an extortionist and says he has no intention of handing over any money. Now you fight this monster...

Oh boy, if this is your first time playing the game, prepare yourself for a shock. These extortionist guys who show up on the streets in this game are FUCKING TOUGH. He absolutely kicked my ass the first time I played it. The best strategy to beat these guys is to spam weapon heat actions (which you won't be able to do at this point in the game on your first playthrough, because you won't have any decent weapons and/or heat restoring items). Otherwise, you'll have to stand well away from him, wait for him to charge at you, dodge out of the way, land a few hits, back off again, rinse and repeat. It's tedious, but oh well...

Thankfully you don't actually have to beat him in this fight.

After a while, the fight ends. He says Kiryu is pretty tough and he'll leave it at that for today - he says that because he's having such a hard time against Kiryu, it means he needs to do more training.

After the giant leaves, some dude shows up and tells us that guy is called "Egashira" and is an extortionist (thanks captain...). We hear about how extortionists roam the streets taking money from everyone (please do not ask me how they keep getting away with it though... I guess the police are too scared of these guys to arrest them?). Kiryu mentions that beating a guy like that would be difficult (no kidding).

Then we get a pop up message about fighting the extortionists - if you lose against them, you lose ALL OF YOUR MONEY - yes, every last yen. UNLESS... you have a certain item equipped, that you find during the game (Hidden Wallet or Security Wallet) - which prevents the extortionists from taking all your money when you lose. If you win in a fight against them though, you get all of their money, which is nice...

You can actually break the game and get OUTRAGEOUS amounts of money by exploiting the extortionists - see the home page of the Zero guide for information on that (scroll down).



Now, it's time to head to Kiryu's apartment.

Finally, we can now do the Chapter 2 Substories (but not 89 and 91 yet).

Walk up to the end of the street here at location 3 on the map and the game will tell you that you can get back to Kiryu's apartment from here, then select the TOP OPTION to return to his apartment.

In this new area, simply walk up the stairs on the right hand side and interact with the first door there to enter his apartment.

Kiryu sits around in his shithole apartment, which he has left in quite a state, then Nishiki shows up. Kiryu asks what Kashiwagi said, but apparently he didn't actually say anything. Kiryu then explains things to Nishiki via blackscreen - such as Kuze cutting his finger off and how whichever of the 3 top dogs of the Dojima family gets that plot of land will be the one to take over from Kazama. Kiryu's focus now is on clearing his name, to save Kazama. Nishiki then lays down the news and tells Kiryu that the boss of Tokyo Credit was killed earlier! Nishiki supposes that because he was told by Kuze to call Kiryu out to that plot of land, Kuze then killed the guy to make sure he didn't say anything. Nishiki adds that it will be very difficult to get information on the true killer directly from Kuze himself and it would be best to find another way. This gets Kiryu thinking about that real estate guy from earlier, then Kiryu asks Nishiki if he's heard of that "Tachibana" guy. Kiryu adds that he showed up before him right after he left the family and wants Kiryu's help getting the plot of land and he claims that he can clear Kiryu's name. Nishiki says he does know of this guy - he tells Kiryu that Tachibana Real Estate isn't exactly "honest" in the way they do things. He specialises in taking over other properties in Kamurocho. Nishiki talks about how the Yakuza have control over certain sections of Kamurocho, but Tachibana has managed to open up a hole in that "iron wall". Apparently, when Tachibana has his sights set on somewhere, he can get rid of everyone and take it for himself. Nishiki still doesn't shut up... We get the point, man; he uses shady tactics, gets whatever area he wants, has ties with "mysterious people"... There's no need for the colloquium.

Anyway, after Nishiki concludes his rendition of Wagner's Der Ring des Nibelungen, Kiryu wonders why this guy would want to join with him - what is his motive? Nishiki suggests they do a bit of investigation - maybe they could find some information about him? Kiryu agrees with the idea, but says he'll do it alone - he doesn't want Nishiki getting into any trouble with the Dojima family.

Now we're outside and Kiryu talks about talking to people on the streets to get some information.

Go down the stairs and head along the street until the game asks you if you want to go to Kamurocho. Select the TOP OPTION to go.

(I don't understand why this little area even exists... They may as well have you go straight to and from Kiryu's apartment / Kamurocho directly instead of to this tiny area first... Oh well)



Back in Kamurocho, you'll be at the top of the street by the batting centre again. Now, the game says you need to find information about Tachibana Real Estate, but if you don't read Japanese it's a complete waste of time, because you don't actually need to get the information to proceed in the story and if you do speak to everyone for all the information, the game still won't give you a map marker (though you do hear about where you should go - but of course if you don't read Japanese you won't know this). The information you get basically amounts to: some dude has closed down his cafe (called "Blend") and is relocating it to a new area of Kamurocho (near Mach Bowling), because he's being forced out of his current location by Tachibana.

So, forget about the information and just go straight to location 4 on the map above.

You'll see a woman and some guy standing around. Go near them and you'll trigger an event.

The woman is demanding that the man pay up, but the guy says he has no money. She knows he's lying though - she's seen him out spending money on all kinds of things (so, basically, she's stalking him). So, what's going on here is she is a debt collector and is trying to get this guy to pay his debts. Suddenly, Bacchus shows up. Turns out he knows this woman - she's a legendary debt collector called "Tatsuane". Apparently she can collect debt from anyone and she uses a style of brute force. Anyway, the guy is saying he's not paying her the money, then the two are about to fight, then Bacchus says Kiryu should watch Tatsuane's movements closely. Tatsuane then proceeds to rip the guy a new asshole (It's no joke to say this woman would annihilate Ronda Rousey in a fight) and Kiryu learns the Destroyer fighting style. Suddenly, after that, a group of guys show up - they are friends of the guy who just got ruined by Tatsuane and want revenge, but Kiryu, ever the chivalrous man, steps in to protect her.


Fight Tutorial #4

This is the tutorial for the Destroyer style. First it tells you about pressing the Right Directional Button to switch to the style. Do so to proceed in the tutorial.

Next, it talks about the Destroyer style special feature - when you are near environment weapons (with a blue triangle indicator above them), you automatically pick them up and attack with them when you press Square near them. Do this 3 times to proceed.

Now it talks about "Resistance Guard". With the destroyer style, you don't defend against enemy attacks like the thug style, but rather by holding down L1 you "resist" enemy attacks. What this does is it reduces the damage enemy attacks deal to you and also prevents you from being knocked down. Hold down L1 now and "resist" 5 attacks to proceed.

After that, you will be asked to defeat the enemies to complete the tutorial.


After beating their asses, they run off, then Tatsuane speaks with Bacchus. Then Kiryu introduces himself to her and she talks about how strong Kiryu is. Bacchus then asks if Tatsuane will offer some training to Kiryu to make him stronger, so he can end up becoming a champion one day and with her training he'll get to that level a lot more quickly. Kiryu has a good moan at Bacchus for this "champion" and "student" crap again. Tatsuane says she will offer training to Kiryu, to thank him for helping her, then says when he's up for it, he should take a taxi to the harbour and meet her there.

After she leaves, Kiryu again moans at Bacchus, saying he's not interested in being a martial artist or champion or whatever. Bacchus ends up leaving for a drink and says he's not gonna give up on Kiryu so easily.

Kiryu then says he needs to get back to gathering information on Tachibana Real Estate.

You can now do Substory 91.



Go near the two guys standing around here to trigger an event (I know it's not clear in the picture above, because there are so many assholes walking around... But they're the 2 guys standing around doing nothing). Some yakuza is talking with the owner of the cafe "Blend". Turns out this yakuza is part of the family who are cafe Blend's "Ketsu Mochi" (basically like security - the place pays money to the yakuza in exchange for protection) and they are demanding that he pays up the next installment of his protection money. But the owner of Blend says that his Ketsu Mochi weren't there to protect him when he was being forced out and now they come to him expecting him to pay for protection? The owner explains Tachibana Real Estate forced him out of his current location and because no one was there to protect him, he is not paying them protection money anymore. Kiryu butts in, saying he has some business with the owner of Blend. The yakuza accuses Kiryu of trying to become this guy's new Ketsu Mochi and so, typical of the Ryu ga Gotoku games, this ends up with a fight.

After beating him, Kiryu orders him to beat it and never return. Now Kiryu talks with the owner of Blend and explains he's investigating Tachibana Real Estate and is hoping this guy can give him more information. Apparently Tachibana Real Estate knew absolutely everything about him, then comments that their methods are worse than what you see from the yakuza. The guy comments that if Kiryu wants to meet with these guys, he might find them over at the "Hakua Building" down Shichifuku Street - the building where his Blend cafe used to be before he was forced out. There is apparently one property left there that has not yet been cleared out by Tachibana Real Estate, so if Kiryu is quick he might catch them over there.



Go here to find a bunch of homeless guys sat around. Go near to trigger an event and Kiryu will see that this building is the "Hakua Building" he heard about. He also notices a sign for a bar called "Namase", which Kiryu supposes it the last remaining property in this building that Tachibana has not taken over. Kiryu goes in and sees that the bar isn't open, then asks the dude staring at him when it opens, but instead of answering, he just walks away. Kiryu goes to the door and some middle aged guy pokes his head out. Kiryu says he's here to ask about Tachibana Real Estate. The guy asks Kiryu if he's with the "Jinsei Family". Kiryu has no idea what he's talking about, then the guy is about to close the door, but Kiryu says he really needs to ask about Tachibana Real Estate. Inside, Kiryu asks about this "Jinsei Family" - apparently they are his Ketsu Mochi and although he keeps paying them every month, Tachibana Real Estate is trying to force him out. Then we hear about how Tachibana already has taken control of every other place in this area and this Namase bar is all that's left. We then learn that he lives here with his family, but his wife is afraid of the homeless who always hang around here, so they stay inside - Tachibana Real Estate are the ones who sent them here, to harrass them (part of their tactics to force him out). They piss all over the place, make a racket and even commit arson. Kiryu asks if the Tachibana Real Estate guys show up every day and the guy says he's just been getting repeated silent calls from them - they pester him non-stop all through the night.

Suddenly, they hear someone at the door. Members of the Tachibana Real Estate are here! Kiryu tells him to let them in, because he wants to have a word with them. He assures the guy (who we now know is called "Namase"... so he named his bar after himself, I guess) that he'll protect him if things get out of hand. A bunch of guys led by a man named "Oda" enter and Oda asks Namase if he's ready to move out yet, but Namase still refuses to leave, then moans at Tachibana Real Estate for their harrassment, pointing out that he has a baby here. Oda then sees Kiryu and thinks Namase is getting help from the Yakuza, but Kiryu points out he's not a yakuza, but Oda can think of him as this bar's bodyguard. Oda then turns back to Namase, brings out a load of money and says it is from the head of the Jinsei Family. It's the protection money Namase has been paying to the family! 2 million yen, to be exact. They went and got it back for him on his behalf. Then Oda adds another 2 million yen on top of it, saying this is from their boss (Tachibana), as a kind of good will gesture. Then he adds yet another 2 million yen, saying that covers the cost of milk for the baby (uh... Is milk really that expensive? Okay...). Then Oda asks if he'll take this money and leave the building. Looks like Tachibana is tired of trying to force him out with the homeless and phone harrassment and is just trying to buy him out now. Namase isn't having any of it though and moans at the way Tachibana Real Estate bullies everyone around so they can get what they want, saying their attitude makes him sick.

We then see the greatest "Shut up and take my money" moment of all time

Kiryu takes his time stepping in, but eventually gets between Namase and Oda. Kiryu has a good moan at the fact that Tachibana Real Estate would throw rolls of banknotes into a man's face in front of his child (even though the child isn't in the room? If you say so, Kiryu). They decide to leave it at that for today, then Oda tells Namase he's looking forward to his reply (in other words - looking forward to hearing he'll leave). As he is leaving, he gives Kiryu a warning - in times like these, he puts his life at risk going around with that sense of justice he has, so he should take it easy. After they finally leave, Namase gets to the ground and starts picking up the money, then Kiryu asks if he'll be closing down his bar and moving out. Namase says all these other guys who left right away after being told to leave are idiots - he has been rewarded for patiently holding out with this massive bonus!

Outside, Kiryu asks the homeless guy he sees what happened to the rest of the homeless guys who were out here earlier. He says their work here is done, so they've been moved to the next location. Kiryu asks where that place is, but the guy doesn't know - Tachibana keeps expanding so who knows where he's after now? Kiryu asks him about Tachibana Real Estate, then the homeless guy tells Kiryu he doesn't know what their objective is, but Kiryu should stay out of their business - these guys are the "Darkness" of Kamurocho. They are way scarier than the yakuza - they have eyes and ears across the whole of Kamurocho and regardless of who their enemy is, they will find out their weaknessess and then, uh... "grab them by the balls", so to speak. Kiryu asks if that happened with the Jinsei Family, then the homeless guy says he heard the head of the Jinsei Family was recently ordered by the Tojo Clan HQ to cut off his finger. Apparently he was pocketing money that was supposed to be paid to the government and someone anonymously informed the HQ about it. However, he didn't reveal ALL the information about it - if he did so, the guy would be killed. So, Tachibana was threatening him with small, anonymous reveals, to make him do what he wanted him to do. Anyway, the homeless guy tells Kiryu he should keep himself out of Tachibana's affairs, then walks off. Then Kiryu says to himself these guys even go up against the Tojo Clan themselves, then adds that the owner of Cafe Blend was right - they are worse than the yakuza. Kiryu decides he needs more information, then says he should look for the homeless guys who were here earlier. He notes that a lot of homeless hang out near the park (at the top right of the Kamurocho map), so he should check that out.



Go here and interact wiith the guys. They are talking about what "work" they've got and one mentions that a certain "work" for Tachibana Real Estate was taken care of by some guy called Saku. The other guy is interested in speaking with this "Saku" in the hopes of ending up with some of this good work himself, then the other guy says he might be able to find him at Third Park.

Kiryu supposes he could get some information from this homeless guy who did work for Tachibana Real Estate, so he should head over to Third Park.



When you get to Third Park, you'll see a bunch of homeless guys standing around a fire. Go near them and one of them talks about the great bonus they got thanks to Tachibana Real Estate, so they should celebrate by getting smashed(/drunk). Go up and talk to them. Kiryu asks if he can have a word, but the homeless say they are too cold to talk with him right now. They say if they drink some alcohol, they'll be warmed up, so if Kiryu wants to talk with them, he needs to get them all some drinks. Kiryu says before he does that for them, he just wants to know one thing - is there anyone here who has done work for Tachibana Real Estate? They all raise their hands. Kiryu supposes he has no choice but to get these guys some drinks. Talk to each guy individually and they'll tell Kiryu what they want.



This is the first of many missable trophies in this game. This is for the trophy "If You Want To Give Something, Be Generous", which you can only get at this exact point in the game.

If you want to get this trophy, make sure you buy the right drink - see below for information.



Now it's time to buy some drinks. Let's start with the M-Store at the top left area of the map.

Here, you want to buy the Japanese Sake:

Next, go to the Poppo store near Third Park (left of Third Park, down Tenkaichi Street).

Here, you want to buy the Shochu:

Next, go to Don Quijote.

Here, you want to buy the Champagne:

If you want the missable trophy, buy the one highlighted in the picture above.

If you already have the trophy you can buy the cheap champagne (the one directly above the highlighted one), if you want.

Finally, go to the Poppo store to the right of Don Quijote.

Here, you want to buy a Malts Beer:

As well as a Scotch:

It's worth pointing out that you can get the Malts Beer at any of the other stores as well.

Anyway, now we have all the drinks, it's time to head back to the homeless guys.



Go back here, to location 8, and speak with each guy individually, then a screen will pop up with the drink selection on it. You don't have to worry about finding the right one for each guy, because the drink they want will be the only one that shows up on the screen.

After giving them all drinks, a scene will automatically play. Kiryu asks about this work they do for Tachibana Real Estate. They say it's very simple work - they just have to hang around all day over at a place that Tachibana Real Estate chooses, as part of their tactics to harrass the owners out of there, all part of this "land speculation" stuff Tachibana gets involved in. Kiryu asks how Tachibana Real Estate gets in touch with them regarding this work. Apparently they just show up, as Kiryu is doing now, and ask them directly. They say they also get asked to do this kind of work by the Yakuza, because they are also involved in this land speculation business. They say they don't care whether Tachibana or the Yakuza are asking them for work - they don't play favourites - they just care about the money they get. Kiryu has one final question for them - is there anywhere that Tachibana Real Estate hangs out a lot? They tell him they are often seen over at the Champion District. Apparently right now that area is Land Speculation Capital - the place is full of small bars, so if Tachibana can get rid of all those guys, he could potentially end up making a lot of profit from them when he sells them later. They mention that it's not just Tachibana Real Estate that is after all that land - The Tojo Clan also has their eyes on that area.

Kiryu supposes he could meet with Tachibana Real Estate guys if he goes to the Champion District.

You can now do the final substory of Chapter 2 (89).



When you enter this area, Kiryu sees some guys with weapons, who ask why Kiryu is here. Kiryu asks about Tachibana Real Estate. They accuse Kiryu of being with the Tojo Clan and say if he's not with the Tojo Clan, what does he want with them? Kiryu says he just wants to know about Tachibana Real Estate. The guys aren't happy though, saying this place is all they have left and they aren't gonna let some Yakuza force them out - if he wants them gone, he'll have to kill them! This leads to a fight against the 3 guys.

After the fight, Kiryu says he didn't want to hurt them - he just wants to know what Tachibana Real Estate are up to. He asks if they are trying to force them out (part of this land speculation thing again), but they say that's not the case - Tachibana Real Estate are actually protecting them against the Yakuza's attempts at forcing them out! Suddenly, Oda shows up. He says he thought Kiryu said he's not a Yakuza. Kiryu says that's right - now he isn't, but he says he used to be in the Dojima family. He mentions that he was excommunicated so he no longer has anything to do with them. Oda asks what a former Yakuza wants with them and Kiryu tells him that his boss (Tachibana) invited Kiryu to work with him. Oda asks for his name, then says he hasn't heard anything about this, then tells Kiryu to wait a minute which he gets in touch with Tachibana.

After his phone call, Oda says if Kiryu wants to know more about them, then he must go to the room where he met with Tachibana last night. There, he'll meet with Tachibana directly. Oda then warns Kiryu not to come around here any more - these guys hate Yakuza. Kiryu asks if it's true that they are protecting these guys from the Yakuza and Oda says they are... For the time being! Turns out Tachibana has a plan in mind. Apparently there are a load of guys here who were around before Kamurocho was ruined by war - according to Tachibana, this place contains the roots of Kamurocho. Newcomers like themselves have no right to do as they please around here (again, according to Tachibana). Kiryu points out that the attitude they are showing here is a lot different to their attitude back at the Hakua Building. Oda says the guys around there are just... well, random guys - Kiryu saw Namase himself, so he should know that. They moan about being victims, but they just sort of showed up from wherever they came from and drove the former residents out themselves. So, it's poetic justice, what's happening to them now! Anyway, Oda asks Kiryu what he's planning to do now - Kiryu says he will meet with Tachibana. He has no idea what Tachibana is up to, after all, and wants answers.



Enter the building here (interact with the door, then select the TOP OPTION).

Inside, Kiryu sees some guys who aren't pleased that he's here. Kiryu points out that he's here to see Tachibana, but apparently he isn't here, then Kiryu says he'll be here later - he was told to wait in the room for him to arrive. The guy says he's mistaken - Oda got in touch with them and said some young Yakuza-looking fellow would show up and that when he does arrive, they should rough him up. They warn Kiryu that this is his only chance to turn around and leave, saying if he does so, they'll let him off. Kiryu isn't happy they're making a fool of him by calling him out here and then turning him away at the door. Kiryu then tells them to get out of his way, because he's not interested in talking to them. Then, of course, a fight breaks out.

After that, Kiryu enters the room in which he talked with Tachibana last night. He sees Oda and asks what that was all about - having those guys attack him like that. Oda says he's testing Kiryu out. Kiryu asks what he expects to find out about him by having his underlings attack him. Oda says that's why he's going to test him out for himself! Apparently there's always lots of fighting when working in Real Estate here in Kamurocho and things get a lot more bloody than what you see from the yakuza. Then, the two end up fighting.

After you kick Oda's ass, he starts laughing, saying he can't believe he lost to this guy. Then Tachibana shows up and says surely Oda can accept Kiryu now. Oda admits defeat and says it's fine with him if Kiryu joins. Kiryu asks Tachibana what this is about - did he get Oda to test him out? Tachibana says Oda is his right hand man, so he needed Oda's consent before welcoming Kiryu into their group.

Kiryu tells Tachibana to show him what he's hiding. What's he really up to? Why did he approach Kiryu? Tachibana asks Kiryu what he sees in Kamurocho, but Kiryu doesn't understand the question. Tachibana says he sees Kamurocho as the Tojo Clan's "feeding ground". People and money flock here and the Tojo Clan always profit from it. Tachibana says he is opening up a hole in this city, which has been dominated by Tojo Clan power. Then he demonstrates, by moving his hand and all the power switches off as he moves across.

Tachibana says he wants to see if his own power can end up threatening the Tojo Clan. But he's still got some way to go yet - he says he's hoping to eventually get hold of that "plot of land" and dig in to rulers of Kamurocho - He says that is the value of that land. Tachibana says whether Kiryu is aware or not, the Tojo Clan is not the solid unit it seems. Proof of that is the fact that there is someone within the Tojo Clan cooperating with him! The reason he has been getting close to Kiryu is because of a strong recommendation he got from this person within the clan. It turns out it is Kazama Shintaro who is working with Tachibana and wanted him to join up with Kiryu!

Tachibana says Kiryu was asked by Kuze to spy on Kazama, beacuse he wants information regarding the plot of land that Kazama is hiding. That information is knowing someone who is able to track down the owner of that plot of land... That person is Tachibana! (not the owner, the one who can find the owner). He says the struggle surrounding the plot of land goes much deeper than everyone thinks and if the Dojima Family finds out about all this, they'd flip their shit and go all out on them. Tachibana says it was about half a year ago when Kazama told him about joining up with Kiryu - before he went to jail. Apparently Kazama is some kind of prophet, because he foresaw that Kuze would approach Kiryu about this and that Kiryu would end up leaving the family. Kazama has been planning everything out all this time, and Tachibana suspects him being in jail is all part of his plan. Kiryu asks Tachibana if he has any proof at all about all this, then he whips out a pocketwatch, which belonged to Kazama. He gave it to Tachibana so he could use it as proof when talking to Kiryu. Kiryu says he would do anything for Kazama, so if this is what he wishes of him, then so be it - he will work with Tachibana.

After that, the chapter is complete and you get 3 million yen as a "clear bonus".