Trophy Guide

  Title How to Obtain
Where We Made Our Vows Obtain all trophies in the game
December 1988, Kamurocho You get this automatically when you have control of Kiryu for the first time in Chapter 1
Story Clear 1 You get this automatically after completing Chapter 2
If You Want To Give Something, Be Generous During Chapter 2, there is a part where you have to buy drinks for 5 homeless guys hanging around in Third Park. One of these guys asks for Champagne. Instead of buying regular champagne, buy the Gold Champagne (for 20,000 Yen) and give it to him to obtain this trophy
Story Clear 2 You get this automatically after completing Chapter 4
Blitz Trade Formation During Chapter 3, there is a part where the map indicator will tell you to go to club Odyssey. To get this trophy, you must get information from 3 different locations before going to Odyssey, then in Chapter 4 when you enter club Grand you will get the trophy. You will find details on my text walkthrough.
Story Clear 3 You get this automatically after completing Chapter 6
Elite Businessman During Chapter 5, there is a section where you go into a Cafe with Oda and he tests your business manners. You must get everything right to get this trophy. First, pick the middle table (not the one closest to the door, or closest to the window). Then pick the bottom option. Then choose the bottom option again. Finally, you get a quick time event. After the meeting with Yamanoi, you get the trophy.
Story Clear 4 You get this automatically after completing Chapter 8
Delicious Even When Cold During Chapter 7, there is a part where you have to buy Takoyaki for Makoto. After buying the Takoyaki, wait 15+ minutes. Then I think you need go leave the area to trigger the trophy. What I did was I played games at the arcade for 15+ minutes, then when I left the building I got the trophy. You'll need to buy new Takoyaki after this though for the main story, because it has to be hot when you give it to her
Story Clear 5 You get this automatically after completing Chapter 10
Unified Employees During Chapter 10, there is a section where you fight alongside Tachibana and Oda. To get this trophy, you must perform 3 double teams with them - Wait for one of them to grab an opponent and then go up to him and you'll get a heat action icon to perform the double team (having plenty of heat restoring items will help you!)
Story Clear 6 You get this automatically after completing Chapter 12
Lots of Treasure! During Chapter 12, there is a long fight sequence section. There are 2 small white safes in a room on the second floor of the building. You must detroy them both to get the trophy. The room is the one right next to the stairs leading up to the 3rd floor. A good way of breaking them is switching to Street Fighting style and using the Triangle kick
Story Clear 7 You get this automatically after completing Chapter 14
Heat Snipe During Chapter 13, there is a car chase/shooting section. During this, a guy in gold outfit and afro hair drives by. You must defeat him to get the trophy. He drives by pretty quickly an does not hang around, so if you want my advice save your "Heat Eye" (hold L1 to slow down time) for when this guy shows up
Story Clear 8 You get this automatically after completing Chapter 16
Coping With Trouble Is My Speciality In Chapter 15, when fighting Nishiki, there will be a quick-time-event where Reina tries to hit Majima with a bottle. You MUST fail the quick-time-event and let her hit you to obtain this trophy - so just don't press anything
Thanks From The Staff You get this automatically after completing the game
Becoming a Legend You get this by completing the game on the LEGEND difficulty
President Kiryu Kazuma You get this when you are introduced to Money Island in Chapter 5
My Territory You get this when you occupy 100% of the Pleasure Tycoon's area in Money Island
Real Estate King Buy at least one property in every area. See Money Island page for help
Domination of Kamurocho Complete the Money Island story
Emperor of the Water You get this after you are introduced to Nightlife Island in Chapter 7
A Flood of Customers You get this when you gain 1000 fans in Nightlife Island
Diamond Cast You get this when you level up one of the Diamond Cast girls (Nightlife Island) to the max level (Level 40)
The Sun That Never Sets Complete the Nightlife Island story
Halfway To Achieving Your Dream Complete 50% of the Achievement List
Dream Granter Complete 100% of the Achievement List
Substory 10 Complete 10 Substories
Substory 40 Complete 40 Substories
Substory Conquest Complete all Substories
Go Wild Before Consumption Tax Is Introduced You get this when you spend a cumulative total of 1 Billion Yen
Head Held High You get this when you scatter money for the first time after the tutorial (you will not get the trophy during the tutorial). You gain the ability to scatter money in chapter 6.
I Know You Want This You get this when you scatter a cumulative total of 5,000,000 yen
The Value Goes Down When You Use This Find a telephone card for the first time. You will see glowing white dots on the floor (like locker keys in previous games) which are telephone cards you can pick up. You can also get an accessory which beeps when you are close to one.
Don't Let Your Family See You get this when you watch a sexy video for the first time. You can get some of these videos by completing substories and you get some others from buying from certain shops (for example, buying from the girl at the bar in Maharaja, Kamurocho, for the first time will automatically get you a sexy video)
I Wonder What I'll Get You get this when you obtain a top quality item from a Dream Machine. This is completely luck based, so you'll have to keep trying until you get one. Even if you pay 1,000,000 Yen you don't necessarily get a top quality item. I got this trophy when I obtained a 10-star item for Kiryu.
If You Touch Me, You'll Be Burned You can only get this in an area that you own 100% (in money/nightlife island). Find one of those guys who tries to entice you into somewhere (they follow you around when you go near them). If he stops and bows to you when you go near him, then you will be able to get this trophy - simply stand completely still near him for a little while, then after about 10 seconds or so he'll light a cigarette for you, which will get you the trophy
The Master You must complete all the challenges in Ultimate Battles mode
Crushing Amon You get this after defeating both Amon So (with Kiryu) and Amon Jo (with Majima)
There's a Fine Line Between Master and Crackpot You get this when you have learned at least one skill with every master in the game (6 in total - 3 for Kiryu, 3 for Majima)
Invest In Yourself, Young Man You get this after you have purchased 10 upgrades in the sphere grids
Unmatched Technique Purchase every single upgrade on the Thug, Rush, Destroyer, Street Fighter, Slugger and Dancer fighting styles
Overkill You get this when you obtain 5 different bonuses when defeating an enemy. When you defeat an enemy, you see on the top right of the screen money and a list of the bonuses you get for beating an enemy (such as defeating him using a heat action). It's not as hard as you might think; you should be able to get this without even trying on your first playthrough.
If You Wanna Start A Fight, Pick Your Opponent Carefully You get this when you first defeat one of the giant guys who are part of some extortionist group. You are introduced to the extortionists in Chapter 2, then after that you will find giant guys wandering around in both Kamurocho and Sotenbori. When they see you, they'll come over to fight you with the aim of taking all your money. These guys are very, very tough and get even tougher every time you fight them. The best way to beat them is to buy weapons and fill your inventory with heat restoring items, then just keep spamming weapon heat actions against him. When you defeat an extortionist, you get all his money
Big-Big-Big Success This is down to luck, unfortunately. When doing Weapon Search (in the Fei-Fu training area/building in Sotenbori), you need to get the best possible outcome. The amount of money you pay stops having any effect after you pay a certain amount (varies depending on agent), so don't spend tens/hundreds of billions on one search. The amount you pay influences the likelihood of getting stuff and also reduces the time it takes for the search to finish - so keep adding money until the timer goes down to 0:00 and then stop paying. The way I got it was I chose West Asia and then the fourth location. I then chose the 3rd agent and paid an extra 30,000,000 yen. But it will probably take many attempts, because it's down to luck
Remarkable Treasure Hunter You get this when you obtain every single material (for Majima) in the game. Best way to get materials is via Weapon Search (in the Fei-Fu training area/building in Sotenbori)
Fight Money is the Currency of Hell Defeat at least 30 guys in the Unlimited Fighting Frenzy mode in the arena. Annoyingly, you cannot play this mode right from the start - you must get to Rank B to unlock it. You rank up by fighting in the regular arena tournaments (you unlock more tournaments as you go up in rank)
He Who Knows The Games

You get this after you have played every mini-game at least one time. These are the mini-games:

- Pocket Circuit
- Shogi
- Mahjong
- Karaoke
- Darts
- Billiards
- Bowling
- Batting Centre
- Fishing
- Odds and Evens
- Cee-lo
- Koi-Koi
- Oicho-Kabu
- Roulette
- Blackjack
- Poker
- Baccarat
- UFO Catcher
- Space Harrier
- Fantasy Zone
- Super Hang-On
- Out Run
- Chat Line


You get this when you successfully meet with either Haruki, Ayaka, or Riku after the Chat Line mini-game

Every Day Night Fever You get this after completing all disco tracks for the first time. It doesn't matter what difficulty you complete them on
Dawn Cat Oh dear... Good lord, what were they thinking? You have to win the cat fight tournament 10 fucking times! Yes, the whole tournament (all 3 fights) not individual fights. Considering the entire mini-game is 100% luck (random number generations), this has got to be the most annoying trophy of the entire series. It takes a lot of luck just to win ONE fight, let alone all 3 of them... Then you have to do that 10 times!!! There's not really any advice I can give, since it's completely luck based, but I will say choose Jennifer (the blonde, caucasian girl) since she has the best chance of winning out of all the girls. Then just pray you get lucky...
Circuit Dragon You get this when you win all the pocket circuit races