Ryu ga Gotoku Ishin

Battle System

In Ryu ga Gotoku Ishin, there are 4 fighting styles: Hand-to-Hand, Sword, Pistol and Wild Dance and each of them have their own unique features and abilities. You can switch between styles by using the directional buttons on the controller

(down directional button)

- As the name suggests, Ryoma fights with his bare fists when using this style

- Out of all the styles, this is the most nimble

- You are able to pick up weapons in the battle area when using this style

- This is the best style for countering enemy attacks

When you press the down directional button once again when in this style, you switch to your equipped "special weapon"

(right directional button)

- Ryoma fights with a single sword

- Does the most damage of all the styles

- You can use a charged strong attack during a combo with this style (for those of you who played Ryu ga Gotoku 4 and/or 5 - it works the same way as Saejima's charged attacks)

- You can defend against enemy weapons with this style

(left directional button)

- Ryoma fights with a pistol

- Has the most long distance attacks out of all the styles

- You can use special bullet types with this style

- You can make enemies drop their weapons with rapid firing, after you have obtained the necessary ability in the sphere grid

Wild Dance
(up directional button)

- Ryoma fights with a pistol and a sword

- Has the fastest attack speed out of all the styles

- You can use rotating attacks which attack enemies in a wide area around you

- You cannot defend using this style





Ryu ga Gotoku Ishin Enhancements

Ryoma can receive battle enhancements when eating certain food at restaurants. Below are the three enhancements in the game

Increases the damage Ryoma deals to enemies

Makes it easier to increase Ryoma's heat gauge

Reduces the amount of damage Ryoma receives from enemies


Another type of enhancement you can have is being intoxicated; when you drink alcohol, Ryoma's heat gauge builds up quicker for a period of time.