Ryu ga Gotoku Ishin

Text Walkthrough

A text walkthrough of the main story of the game, including a summary of the storyline itself.

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Chapter 1 - Escaping Tosa

The game kicks off on December 10th, 1867 (the day Ryoma was killed in real life). The camera turns the corner and we see a man standing against a wall (Okita Soji - captain of the First Shinsengumi unit). We then see an additional two men appear from behind the camera (Hijikata Toshizo - Vice Commander of the Shinsengumi - and Nagakura Shinpachi - captain of the Second Shinsengumi unit). They get in position by a door and draw their swords, then raid the building. After taking out a load of guys in the room, Hijikata says to the camera "We'll take care of things down here; you go on ahead" and then after Okita mentions that Sakamoto Ryoma is upstairs, the camera rushes up to the next floor. Next, the camera switches to two men standing around outside the building (Saigo Kichinosuke, also known as "Saigo Takamori" - Army commander of the Satsuma domain - and Niibori Matsusuke, who used that name when working against the Shogun, but his real name was "Kido Takayoshi" - a warrior from the Choshu domain). Niibori says "It has begun". The camera goes back to the second floor of the building, where after some searching around a man shoots towards the camera. The camera then rushes forward and the man is attacked with a sword, saying "Who are you?" just before he falls and dies. Afterwards, a man sat to the camera's left (Sasaki Tadasaburo - a warrior of the Kyoto Mimawarigumi, a group similar to the Shinsengumi; their job was to maintain order in Kyoto during the Bakumatsu period) says "It's a strange tale... The man who was supposed to change the times is killed by an old-fashioned man. What's more, he was killed by his other self, who shouldn't even exist... Isn't that right, Sakamoto Ryoma?". The camera pans to the warrior who killed the man, revealing him to be the protagonist, Sakamoto Ryoma, a warrior from Tosa who is living undercover in Kyoto with the name "Saito Hajime". He is the captain of the Third Shinsengumi unit.


The screen then fades to black and the narration (done by Sakamoto Ryoma/Saito Hajime himself) explains that just a few years prior to Ryoma's assassination, the country had been ruled by the Tokugawa Shogunate for 300 years. But it all starting coming to an end when the black ships (the name given to ships arriving in Japan from western countries) showed up and the Shogunate did not have the means to fight such a powerful civilisation. He says the samurai aren't supposed to sit around quietly when a leader is weak, so this led to the country once again being in a state of civil war. After he finishes, the credits begin and we see Sakamoto Ryoma returning to Tosa on a boat.


Ryoma gets off and says to himself "It's been about a year since I was last here...". He then says he should take a look around and see what's happening around town.

A message then appears on the screen telling you about the "Tips" system - the game with give an indicator at times and when you press triangle while the indicator is on screen, it will display useful information. You can also view the tips again from the main menu.


You will automatically get the "Welcome to Tosa!" trophy when you have control.


1- Head to this area to trigger a cutscene. After the cutscene, Ryoma notices a young girl in pain on the streets, in her mother's arms. She asks for a doctor and then one appears and takes a look at her. He says she probably has appendicitis - inflammation of the appendix - and that only a western doctor (or, more specifically, a doctor who uses western medical techniques) can cure it. He says they need to hurry her to a doctor who can cure her and calls out for someone to help carry her there. Unfortunately, at this exact moment a couple of samurai of high social class (Joshi) pass through. Tosa in these times had a strict social hierarchy, whereby people of lower class (such as "Goshi" - low ranking samurai. Ryoma is a Goshi) had to stop and bow down to the higher ranking people until they pass. However, the mother picks up her daughter and tries to run past the samurai, who stop her in her tracks. She tries to convince them to let her past saying her daughter needs treatment. The samurai, unmoved by her pleas, knock her to the ground. She then dares to talk back against them - "Are Joshi really so important?". The Joshi, of course, are not happy about this insolence and they draw their swords - "Nobody defies us and gets away with it!". Just as one of the Joshi is about to strike her down, Ryoma steps in and stops them - "Tosa really pisses me off". He tells the woman to hurry and take the child to get some treatment. He tosses the sword he's holding to the ground, saying the Joshi might get revenge on the town if he accidentally kills them. Ryoma then fights them, starting the Hand-to-Hand Fighting Style tutorial.


Hand-to-Hand Fighting Style Tutorial #1

It explains that the Hand-to-Hand style is the only style that can pick up objects lying around in the battle area. You can also use the "Counter-Attack War Cry" Special Ability. You cannot defend against bladed weapons (such as swords) with this style.

The first thing it asks you to do is perform a square combo attack 3 times.

Next it will ask you to perform a strong attack (triangle) two times. You perform this attack by pressing triangle during a square combo attack.

It then asks you to evade (X button) or parry an enemy attack (L1) 3 times. You can do either one, or a combination of both.

Then it will ask you to defeat the enemies.


After defeating the Joshi, some police arrive to arrest Ryoma and take him to Kochi castle. A prison guard asks Ryoma why a low ranking Samurai like himself would go up against Joshi right after getting back from Edo and reminds him that in Tosa, social class is more important than life. He then tells him that the death penalty awaits him. "Doesn't it bother you?" Ryoma asks, telling him that he too is a Goshi himself and so he has to conform to the rules of having to bow down to those "idiot Joshi" as well. He then tells Ryoma "I am a Shirafuda Goshi" - Shirafuda Goshi is a samurai social rank in between the low ranking Goshi and the high ranking Joshi, so they aren't on the same level at all. He tells Ryoma that no one would care if a Goshi like him were gone and is about to strike him down, but is stopped by Yoshida Toyo - a leading member of the government of the Tosa region, but he is also Ryoma's foster father. After he sends away the Shirafuda Goshi, he speaks to Ryoma alone, telling him to get out of there and get to the "hideout", where he'll explain what's going on in detail. Ryoma doesn't remember where the hideout is, so Toyo says he should ask some guys on the streets, saying "If you ask about 'Kengoshi Academy', they'll know what you mean". When Ryoma gets out of the prison, he says he should look for somewhere to eat before he goes to the hideout.


1- When you head near this area, Ryoma will see a man looking in a pot for "something useful". You can now examine pots to find items you can use. For pot locations, please visit the map section of the site. Even after you take an item from a pot once, more items can appear again in the future so it's worth checking pots every time you pass them (you can tell when a new item is in one, because the lid will be back on).

2- When you get close to this area, Ryoma will talk to a woman looking at a well. She says she found something in the water and gives it to Ryoma (she gives you Scrap Metal). You can now examine wells to find items. Just like the pots, you can keep coming back to examine a well for more items after doing it once already. You also get water from the well, which you can use to restore health.

3- Now go to Hama Tea House and eat. The game will tell you about how you can get advantages in battle by eating at restaurants. For more information about the battle enhancements you get when eating at restaurants, please visit the battle system page. What enhancement you get is indicated on the food. The red icon indicates the "Endurance" enhancement, blue icon indicates the "Concentration" enhancement and yellow indicates the "Strength" enhancement. As you leave the Tea House, a couple of guys speak out to Ryoma saying "aren't you that guy who went against the Joshi?" and go on to say if Ryoma wants to change things, he should join the Tosa Loyalist Party (who supported the Emperor, rather than the Shogunate). After that, Ryoma says he should head for the hideout.

4- When you go to this area, Ryoma gets stopped by some samurai, saying they aren't gonna let someone who put their hands on a Joshi just freely walk around the streets. This starts another battle tutorial.

Hand-to-Hand Fighting Style Tutorial #2

It first asks you to grab an enemy (circle) and then either throw them (circle) or attack (square) 2 times.

It next asks you to perform a heat action. Grab an enemy, take them near a wall and press triangle.

Finally, defeat the enemies.


Next you get an explanation on the level up system. There are two types of "souls" (the things you spend to upgrade your abilities in the sphere grid level up system) - you get white souls from leveling up Ryoma and they can be spent on any style and you also get coloured souls for each style (Red = Hand-to-Hand. Blue = Sword. Orange = Pistol. Green = Wild Dance) which you gain by leveling up the fighting style and they can only be spent in their own sphere grid (for example - coloured souls gained from leveling up the Sword fighting style can only be spent in the Sword sphere grid). Go to the start menu and select the third option to get to the level up system. The first option is for the Hand-to-Hand sphere grid, the second is for the Sword, the third is for the Pistol and the last one is for the Wild Dance style. For more information on abilities, including a full list of the ones in the game, please visit the abilities section.

5- Talk to the guy wandering around this area. He might not be exactly where the indicator is on the map above, but he's the only guy in the area with a speech thing above his head besides the storekeepers. If he's not there just wander around the street until you find him. Ryoma mentions the "Kengoshi Academy" to him and the man tells him it's behind the store "Chitoseya". Head down the gap to the left of Chitoseya on the map to get to the building.

6- Enter the building and you'll find Yoshida Toyo sat in there. We learn that Ryoma has been in Edo sword training for the past year. We also learn that Ryoma's family was killed by Joshi and that Toyo created a secret academy to help the children whose lives have been ruined by the social system in Tosa (Ryoma being one of those children) with the hope of raising people who can bring about change in Tosa (because Toyo himself also hates the social class system there). Toyo mentions it was 15 years ago when Joshi burned down Ryoma's house and killed his family. Ryoma, confused, asks why Toyo keeps working for the government if he hates the system here, after all as a leading government member here he is expected to enforce the social system. Toyo says acting like that is just his public face, but his real focus is on creating change. He asks Ryoma if he's seen Takechi since he's been back (as in "Takechi Hanpeita", also known as "Takechi Zuizan" - leader of the Tosa Loyalist Party), but Ryoma says he hasn't yet. He explains about the Tosa Loyalist Party, saying they support the Emperor, but also they are aiming to bring down the social system in Tosa. He says he wants both Takechi Hanpeita and Sakamoto Ryoma's help if they are to succeed in their plan. After, he tells Ryoma to go and meet Hanpeita, who will explain things in more detail, and to join the Loyalist Party. Toyo heads back to Kochi castle. When he leaves the building, Ryoma says he should ask around for Hanpeita's whereabouts.


7- Talk the man wandering in this area. Like before, the person you're looking for might not be exactly at this location on the map above. Ryoma asks about Hanpeita and the man tells him about the Takechi Dojo at the north-east of the map, but they're training at the moment and outsiders can't get in.

8- Speak to the gatekeeper and Ryoma asks if he can go in to see Hanpeita, saying that he's Sakamoto Ryoma. The guy says Hanpeita's busy training at the moment and that Ryoma has no proof that he actually is Ryoma. Ryoma then says to himself he has to go and look around town for a way to get into the dojo.

9- When you get here, Ryoma spots some guys pretending to be members of the Tosa Loyalist Party and trying to extort money out of a shopkeeper. Ryoma takes them on, beginning the Sword Fighting Style tutorial.

Sword Fighting Style Tutorial

With this style, you can charge up attacks by holding the triangle button during a square combo (works the same way as Saejima's charged attacks in Yakuza 4 and 5). You cannot pick up objects with this style, so the circle button becomes the "Early Summer Rain Break" Special Ability which breaks an enemies guard.

You will be asked to perform a square combo 3 times.

Next, you will be asked to perform a strong attack (triangle during a square combo) 2 times

Next, you will be asked to perform a charged strong attack (hold down triangle during a square combo) 1 time

Finally, defeat all the enemies


After Ryoma beats them, a man from the Tosa Loyalist Party (Shimada Yahei) recognises him as Sakamoto Ryoma and compliments him on his skill. Apparently there have been quite a lot of samurai lately going around saying they're with the Tosa Loyalist Party. Yahei then tells Ryoma Hanpeita has been looking for him.

8- Head back to the gatekeeper and he tells Ryoma Hanpeita is waiting for him inside. Inside, we see members of the Loyalist Party doing some shooting practice. "So you've finally returned, Ryoma..." Hanpeita says to him. Ryoma tells Hanpeita that he talked with Toyo at the Kengoshi Academy. Hanpeita then makes an announcement to his men that Ryoma is now second in command in the Tosa Loyalist Party. The members aren't too pleased with this news - "How can he just suddenly show up and be second in command!?"

ryoma hanpeita

While Hanpeita and Ryoma are chatting, Ryoma notices the burn mark on Hanpeita's back. "Does your back still hurt?" he asks him. Hanpeita says it doesn't; it's just a scar now. Ryoma apologises for it (which he seems to do all the time); it turns out Hanpeita was the one who saved Ryoma from the fire which killed his family 15 years ago. Hanpeita now talks about his and Toyo's plan to change Tosa and says he wants Ryoma's help, saying they plan to raid Kochi castle. Though he says it's a "raid" he's hoping it can end without violence; Toyo will attempt to force the older members in control into retirement. But if they refuse, then it will be necessary to force them out. Members of the Tosa Loyalist Party can then take the empty seats (which the old members used to have) and gain majority power. Hanpeita talks about wanting to create a world of equality and gives Ryoma a pistol and asks Ryoma again to join him in his mission to do so. Ryoma agrees to help. Hanpeita tells Ryoma to go out and kill some time before they meet up with Toyo at Kochi castle, as he has preparations to make. When Ryoma leaves, he now has the "Model 2" Pistol and Flaming Bullets. He says he should go and have a drink to kill some time.

10- Go here and have a drink. Afterwards, Ryoma says it's about time to return to the Takechi Dojo (that was quick...). However, some guys show up and confront Ryoma, which begins the Pistol and Wild Dance tutorials.

Pistol Fighting Style Tutorial

With the Pistol style you can use special bullet types (such as Flaming Bullets, which you've already received). You can also use the "Roaring Shot" Special Ability to attack multiple enemies.

First you will be asked to attack with the Pistol 3 times (square)

Next you will be asked to use the "Roaring Shot" Special Ability 2 times (press triangle during a square combo)

Next will be be asked to shoot using a special bullet type once (triangle)

Now press the up directional button to switch to the Wild Dance fighting style. See the battle system page for information on the fighting style and how to switch to different ones.

Wild Dance Fighting Style Tutorial

Wild Dance has fast attacks in waves of both pistol fire and sword attacks. Using the "Leaving a Shadow" Special Ability, you can chain up attacks quickly against multiple opponents.

You will first be asked to attack with your sword 3 times (square)

Next you will be asked to attack 3 times with your gun (triangle)

Next you will be asked to use the "Fenghuang Formation" Special Ability - press circle up to 3 times

Now use the "Leaving a Shadow" Special Ability - press X during a combo attack and then press square

Finally, defeat the enemies


11- Head here to trigger a cutscene. Ryoma is confronted by a group of men, led by Okada Izo. These men are members of the Tosa Loyalist Party. It turns out some members of the party went and got this Okada guy, telling him about how Takechi made him second in command. They believe Okada is better suited to be second in command, not Ryoma. This leads to a fight against Okada and his men.


After the fight, Ryoma tells Okada "Tell everyone in the loyalist party that if anyone has a problem with me, I'll take them on any time". Hanpeita saw the whole thing, saying Ryoma has become stronger since last year.

After talking with Hanpeita about the future of Tosa (again...), talk to Hanpeita (who is standing by the Dojo entrance) and select the TOP OPTION.

12- Follow Hanpeita to this location on the map (Kochi castle). There's a long series of fights here, so pick up some healing items if you need to before you go inside.

When they get inside, they meet with Toyo. He goes over the plan again, about how they'll force the old governors of Tosa out and reform Tosa - abolishing the social rank system currently in place. He says they'll do it tomorrow. Ryoma thinks it's a bit sudden to do it, but Toyo says they've just been waiting around for Ryoma to come back, so everything is ready now. He says 500 men of the Tosa Loyalist Party will keep things under their control around the castle and that he'll take care of things inside the castle. However, there is one thing that's bothering him - He asks if it's true Ryoma is second in command and if Hanpeita was the one who gave him that rank. "Is that a problem?" asks Hanpeita. He reminds them that they are going to force the old members out and gain a lot of political power in Tosa and he doesn't believe Ryoma is suited to being second in command. Hanpeita is confused, "But you said the three of us would be the ones to change Tosa!". Ryoma says if he's not suited to being second in command, he'll stand down, but Hanpeita isn't happy - "What is the meaning of this, Toyo!?". Just as Toyo is about to explain things, a masked man suddenly enters the room and cuts down Toyo. Ryoma tries to seize the man, but is forced to the ground. The masked man attacks Toyo once again before fleeing. Hanpeita tells Ryoma to take care of Toyo and then he chases after the man. Toyo tells Ryoma to run away, because people will think he's the one who killed Toyo. Before dieing, he tells Ryoma he entrusts the future of Tosa to him. After his death, some men storm the room and, of course, accuse Ryoma of killing him. This begins the long fight sequence in the castle.


Yellow dots indicate items you can pick up (such as healing items).

After defeating the enemies, leave the room and head down the stairs at the top left of the map (don't forget to pick up the Tamahagane at the bottom left of the map first!).


Beat the guys and then bash down the obstacle directly ahead.

1- Head to this area, defeat the guy here and then walk past to trigger an event and progress to the next part. Don't forget to grab the "All-Purpose Pill" on your way.


Head through the door in the room you start in and beat the enemies. There are quite a few items in this area (as indicated on the map above), so pick them up before heading through the door on the bottom right hand side of the room.

1- Make your way to this room and defeat the mini-boss here. He drops the "Senbon Spear" weapon (though you can't use it until you get the Sojutsu Knowledge ability). Then proceed through the door to the north and up the stairs.


Defeat the guys you bump into after you get upstairs. Then bash down the door (pick up the Crystal in this area first!). There are two All-Purpose Pills in this next area.

1- Go through the door to trigger a cutscene. Ryoma finds Hanpeita injured. He says that masked man killed everyone here. Hanpeita says the man uses a style of fighting he's never seen before. This starts the boss fight for chapter 1 against the masked man. There is another All-Purpose Pill in this battle area if you need it. After you deal a certain amount of damage, a quick-time event is triggered. After completing this, the battle ends.

The masked man knocks down Ryoma and strikes Hanpeita, who tried to help Ryoma. He then flees. Hanpeita asks what happened to Toyo and Ryoma tells him he died. "Did someone find out about our plan?" wonders Ryoma, thinking that masked man was sent to stop them. Ryoma says he's going to hunt down this man - after all, he can't stay around here because everyone thinks he killed Toyo.

The two of them leave the castle and try to get to refuge, but Hanpeita collapses, saying he can't go on anymore. He tells Ryoma to go on without him. He says "One of us has to survive to go on and lead the Tosa Loyalist Party". However, Ryoma picks up Hanpeita and helps him into a building. He tells Hanpeita that Tosa needs him; he can't die now. He leaves Hanpeita in the building, telling him no one knows he's there, so he can recover and tells him it's up to him to fulfil Toyo's dying wish of creating a new future for Tosa. It turns out they were followed by some guys, Ryoma handles it alone, insisting Hanpeita stay out of sight.

Ryoma tells the guys he didn't kill Toyo, but he doubts they'll believe him, so he'll leave Tosa. He says he intends to hunt down the real killer and then he leaps off the side of the cliff.


End of Chapter 1

Chapter 2 - The Man Known as "Saito Hajime"

We are now in Kyoto, one year after the events in Tosa. The narration explains about the political struggles between those who believed the Emperor should be in power and those who still supported the Shogunate. He talks about the "Ishin-Shishi" (a group devoted to supporting the Emperor) and how they all gathered in Kyoto from around the country and killed important members of the Shogunate and caused disruption to public order on the streets.

Next, we are introduced to Terada Inn - the place where Ryoma/Hajime is living. We see a girl, named Oryo - one of the servants there, cooking lunch, but is interrupted by an older woman, named Otose - mistress of Terada Inn, who tells her to go an wake the oversleeping guy on the second floor. "Again!?" says Oryo. So she goes up to the second floor, enters a room and says "How much longer do you plan on sleeping, Hajime!?". She manages to wake him up. "Were you drinking right up till morning again? If you have that kind of money, then pay your lodging fee already!". Then Otose enters the room and tells Hajime that she's keeping tabs of everything he owes, so he can't run away from it. Oryo is annoyed that the mistress is going easy on him, as always, then tells Hajime to come down for lunch. But Hajime says he's going out, saying he wants to do some gambling and that he won't be back until late again, so she doesn't have to prepare dinner for him.


After the cutscene, there is a message explaining about Ryoma's room - you can save here, use the item storage system and, in specific circumstances, you can also change the time of day.

You then get a tip message about the sprinting feature; in this game you can sprint in adventure mode by holding down the X button, allowing you to get around town quicker. However, if you sprint for too long, Ryoma will be tired and stop temporarily.

Exit the room and go downstairs. As you're about to leave Terada Inn, Otose will speak to Ryoma, telling him to be careful if he's going out, because he's a samurai with a myterious background and that won't go down too well with the Shinsengumi here. The Shinsengumi was a group created by the Shogunate to keep order in Kyoto in the midst of the Ishin-Shishi situation (fun fact: the Shinsengumi were originally called the "Roshigumi" because the group consisted of "roshi" (ronin) - samurai with no masters / samurai not attached to any domain / "wandering samurai". Later on 13 members of the Roshigumi founded the Shinsengumi). She talks about the bloodshed the streets have seen since the Shinsengumi were formed (they were notorious for their violence).

After leaving the Inn, a cutscene plays. Ryoma/Hajime walks down the street, still half asleep. "get a load of this guy!", say people passing by. Ryoma turns a corner and heads down a side street.

Ryoma is now in a dojo and defeats one of the students in combat. "You're pretty good" one student says. "No..." Ryoma replies, "you guys are just really weak". Of course, this upsets them. Ryoma tries to leave, but the students won't let him. They want to fight him, but Ryoma asks them something before they fight - "Do you know anyone who uses the 'Tennen Rishin' style of fighting?". Ryoma explains that this style is taught at the Shieikan Dojo in Edo (additional info: it's the style that was used by several members of the Shinsengumi). He says he's been asking around at dojos in the area in an attempt to find someone who does use that style. The students say they've never even heard of such a style. Thereafter, a fight against the students begins. You are forced to use a wooden sword for this fight (you can't switch weapon).


After taking out those guys, an informant comes in to speak with Hajime. Apparently Ryoma's getting his help in finding someone. We learn that the only clue Ryoma has to discovering the killer's identity is that the killer used the "Tennen Rishin" style of fighting and that he's gone to almost all the dojos in Kyoto now trying to get more information, but he's getting nowhere. He asks the informant if he's found anything out, but he tells Hajime that there's no information of anyone using that style here, then asks him if he's absolutely sure there's someone here who really uses it. Ryoma says the style used to be taught at a dojo in Edo, but he heard the students closed the dojo and went to Kyoto. The informant complains to Hajime that there are so many Ishin-Shishi coming here and there are so many styles in use here that it'll be extremely hard to get to the bottom of things. "You expect to get paid if you just spend your time complaining to a customer?" Ryoma asks.

After leaving the dojo, Ryoma says he should take a walk around the streets.


1- When you get here, Ryoma will see some samurai trying to extort money out of a Shinto Priest. This triggers a fight against the samurai. The Priest thanks you for saving him and says he was injured by those samurai, so he needs help getting back to the shrine. Ryoma takes him to the shrine and the priest tells Ryoma "The gods will surely bestow Dharma upon you for your actions". This leads to an explanation of the Dharma and Virya systems in this game.

Dharma is a concept in Buddhism which refers to actions that are considered morally right - or "the right way of living" - according to the teachings of the Buddha. For example, in this game you are rewarded with "Dharma" for buying from shopkeepers, talking with people and saving people on the streets who are being threatened by thugs. As you complete actions that gain you Dharma, your fame on the streets improves.

Virya is a Buddhist term basically referring to ones diligence in accomplishing actions of great virtue. In other words, it refers to ones constant effort to do the morally correct things. In this game, the "Virya" is a big list of actions to complete - such as becoming friends with certain people, or talking to people 100 times, or eating at restaurants 20 times. You are rewarded with lots of Dharma for completing items on this list.

You can exchange Dharma for rewards at shrines around Kyoto or the shrine at your secondary residence in Another Life (for things such as increased item carrying capacity, and such) as well as with the Priest himself (for items such as Gold Plates, and such) after you get the upgrade from the Dharma exchange shrine.

Please visit the Dharma & Virya page for a full Virya list and visit the Dharma Exchange page for a full list of upgrades/items you can get with Dharma.

You gain 50 Dharma and the Priest gives you the Virya List, which you can refer to at any time from the start menu screen.

You can now also do training with Komaki.

Substories for chapter 2 are now available to complete.

2- When you get close to this area, we see a couple of Ishin-Shishi trying to get away without paying for their drinks. They say they're risking their lives fighting the Shogunate for the sake of the country, so they shouldn't have to pay! Ryoma bumps into one of them and he demands that Ryoma apologises. A fight against the two Ishin-Shishi begins.

They flee after being defeated and the mistress thanks Ryoma and says there's been a lot of guys like that around here lately. She gives you 1 Ryo.

3- When you get to this area, we see members of the Shinsengumi by the big gate. As Ryoma turns to leave, he sees Shimada Yahei from Tosa, who recognises Ryoma immediately. "Ah, is that you, Sakamoto!?" he shouts. Ryoma says he's mistaken. Shimada continues to shout about how he ran away from Tosa and even addresses him as "Second in Command" (referring to when Hanpeita made him second in command in the Tosa Loyalist Party). Ryoma tells him to keep his voice down, but it's too late - the Shinsengumi heard them and head towards them! Shimada makes a run for it. Then a chase starts.

4- You have to get to this location while avoiding the Shinsengumi members. First, you have to lose them (you can't go straight to this location while they are still chasing you), then sneak your way to this location to trigger the next part of the story. You can use the following objects on the map to hide in/behind:



Planks of wood:

When you get close to one of these, press Circle to hide. Please note that you cannot hide while a Shinsengumi member can see you; you need to get out of their line of sight and then hide. After this, you need to make your way to your destination without being spotted by them.

Using sprint (X button) is very useful for these chases.

The way I did this particular chase is I rushed straight here and hid:

There is a palanquin right below the destination, which is very convenient! I ran normally until I got close to the path next to the destination then I sprinted forward, then round the corner and pressed Circle to hide in the palanquin. Then just wait for the Shinsengumi members to go away, then get out from hiding (Circle again) then go to your destination.

Ryoma hides from sight, then a voice from behind him tells him he's safe now. He tells Ryoma it's easy to lose the Shinsengumi because of all the convolution on the streets - with all the countryside folk coming in. He says he's like Ryoma - he has a lot to hide himself! This man is Niibori Matsusuke, whom we saw in the opening cutscene of the game. As Ryoma is leaving, Niibori asks him if he's found someone who uses the Tennen Rishin style (Niibori was listening in at the dojo when Kiryu was talking about it). He says Ryoma probably thinks ill of him for it, but he loves to eavesdrop. He finally introduces himself to Ryoma, saying that he is an Ishin-Shishi, so he's an enemy of the Shogunate and Shinsengumi. Ryoma supposes that Niibori must be using a fake name then, but Niibori says he won't hell him his real name unless he helps him out with something. He tells Ryoma he's been going around dojos looking for a skilled fighter. Ryoma says he's not interested in his name and he should look for someone else. So Niibori says he'll just have to make Ryoma indebted to him. He goes on to tell Ryoma about a great informant who came here from Choshu and that if he wants to find someone who uses the Tennen Rishin style, then he'll get him in touch with this informant. He says his headquarters is called "Sai no Kawara" and the man uses the alias "Sai no Furoya". He tells Ryoma to go to the bathhouse ("Harimaya" on the Fushimi map) when the sun goes down and introduce himself as "Niibori Matsusuke" to gain an audience with the informant.

5- Go back to Terada Inn and up to Ryoma's room on the second floor. Interact with the bed to sleep until night (TOP OPTION).

6- Go here and select the TOP OPTION to go inside. Ryoma introduces himself as Niibori and the guy lets Ryoma go through to the bath. Ryoma meets with Sai no Furoya and says he's looking for someone who uses the Tennen Rishin style of fighting. Sai reveals that Niibori had paid him in advance to give information to Ryoma. Ryoma asks who that Niibori guy really is, but he just says he's from the Choshu domain and that it's "for your own good" to not know any more than that. Sai goes on to tell Ryoma that the students who came to Kyoto from the Shieikan dojo in Edo formed a certain group and that the group is dedicated to maintaining public order in Kyoto in support of the Shogunate - to crack down on the Ishin-Shishi. Of course, he's talking about the Shinsengumi! He goes on to talk about the the members and leaders of the Shinsengumi who use that style of fighting, including Kondo Isami (commander of the Shinsengumi), Okita Soji and Nagakura Shinpachi. Basically, everyone who uses the Tennen Rishin style is in the Shinsengumi right now. Ryoma then asks if any member of the Shinsengumi went to Tosa a year ago, but Sai says he doesn't have that information and it would take way too much time to get hold of it. Ryoma says he'll have to find the man he's looking for within the Shinsengumi himself. Sai asks how he plans to do that, but before Ryoma can answer someone barges into the room. He says he's after some information, but as he steps into the bath, he backs off complaining about the heat. After he throws the bathhouse worker into the bath, Ryoma doesn't want to stay here while there's this pissed off guy hanging around, then is about to leave, but the man isn't happy with Ryoma ("Who are you calling pissed off!?") and stops him. This leads to a fight again him. Of course, you are forced to use the Hand-to-Hand Fighting Style for this fight.

After the fight, Sai breaks them up, telling them if they want to fight they should go somewhere else. The man says to Ryoma he'll treat him to a drink and Ryoma accepts.

After that, the two of them go and spend some time with courtesans and the man says he doesn't treat guys to a drink very often, but he likes Ryoma! He tells Ryoma about the information he wanted - he was after everything about Kondo Isami from the Shinsengumi. He says that guy is the reason he was so pissed off at the bathhouse. He apparently met Kondo just before he met with Ryoma at the bathhouse. Ryoma asks where he met him and the man says that being the boss of the Shinsengumi, it's not easy to just meet with him, but it's not impossible - you have to join the Shinsengumi. So Ryoma is wondering how this man managed to meet with him since he's not a Shinsengumi member and he tells Ryoma that he didn't go to see Kondo, Kondo came to see him! Kiryu asks who the hell this guy is (after all, the commander of the Shinsengumi wanted to see him). He gets up and is about to head off with one of the courtesans (for some *wink-wink-nudge-nudge*), but before he leaves he introduces himself as "Saigo Kichinosuke - Army commander of the Satsuma domain".

5- Start heading back to Terada Inn. After heading forward for a bit, Ryoma notices a disturbance on the streets. It's a bunch of guys standing over a dead body and they say the Shinsengumi probably did it. Ryoma recognises the dead guy as Shimada Yahei. Ryoma turns and sees a man wearing an amigasa, who says "Shimada Yahei was a man who couldn't keep his mouth shut" and that he had to sort him out before he caused any problems. Ryoma asks if he's the one who killed him and the man replies "I am not your enemy, Ryoma". The man says he's not interested in fighting Ryoma and then asks him if he'll head to Mukurogai tonight. He tells Ryoma to ask at Terada Inn to find out how to get there.

Go back inside Terada Inn and you see Oryo talking with a boatman. Ryoma asks Oryo if she knows of Mukurogai and she tells him it's where the homeless hang out and also where wanted men go. The boatman says he'll take Ryoma there - he says you can only get there via boat. Select the TOP OPTION to go to Mukurogai. Select the bottom option if you want to do other stuff first (come back and talk to the boatman again to go).

After you arrive in Mukurogai, you can go back and forth between there and Fushimi at any time by talking to the boatman. He charges you 500 mon per journey.

1- Go to this area and Ryoma is confronted by guys from Mukurogai. They ask what his business is here and say they'll let him off the hook if he gives them money. Ryoma introduces himself as Sakamoto Ryoma, saying the man wearing an amigasa called him here. Then the man arrives and reveals his identity - It's Okada Izo from the Tosa Loyality Party. This leads to a fight against Izo and his men.

After being defeated, Izo says he wanted to see for himself if the guy he met a year ago really could follow in the footsteps of Takechi, which is why he fought Ryoma. It turns out both himself and Hanpeita have come to Kyoto, but Hanpeita is being hunted down by the Shinsengumi so he's avoiding going out in public. He tells Ryoma that Hanpeita is waiting at the centre of Mukurogai for the "second in command", but he's not going to show Ryoma the way, because he still doesn't like him!

You can now do the Doctor Shinbei training.

2- Go into the building here and Ryoma meets with Hanpeita. Ryoma tells Hanpeita he barely recognises him and asks when he got to Kyoto - Hanpeita tells him he's been in Kyoto even longer than Ryoma has! Ryoma asks if he escaped from Tosa as well, but Hanpeita tells him that, actually, his status was raised! He says he's now the Tosa Domain's Kyoto Liaison (Kyoto rusui-yaku) and that his status went from Shirafuda Goshi to Joshi. He tells Ryoma that because of everything that happened a year ago, the Tosa Loyalist Party survived and joined forces with the "Old Men of Tosa". Ryoma isn't too pleased to hear this "You mean you bowed down to the guys who may have been behind the killing of Toyo!?". He asks Ryoma to hear him out, saying he thinks he has to change the whole of Japan, not just Tosa. He says they need to take down the Shogunate itself - the ones who control the social class system. Ryoma asks if he seriously thinks he can do that and Hanpeita says not only himself, but Toyo also thought it's possible. Now is the time to do it; the Shogunate are beginning to weaken and the threat of the "black ships" (foreigners) has inspired the Ishin-Shishi to get into action! Hanpeita then goes on to ask what happened to Ryoma after the events of last year and Ryoma explains he's been searching for the man who killed Yoshida Toyo and that his only clue was the style of fighting the man used - the "Tennen Rishin" style. He tells Hanpeita that he wants to go after Kondo Isami - commander of the Shinsengumi - but that he'll have to get himself into the Shinsengumi in order to find him.

Hanpeita is taken aback - "Do you understand what you're saying?". But Ryoma says there is no other way of getting hold of the man. Hanpeita tries to talk him out of it, saying there's no need for him to go after the killer anymore and he should forget about getting revenge. He says even if Ryoma does manage to get in, how is he going to find the right guy? After all, Ryoma has no idea what he looks or sounds like! But Ryoma tells him he'll know he's found the right man when he fights him (because he fought with him once before). Hanpeita begs him to come back to Tosa with him and help him in his quest to overthrow the Shogunate and restore the Emperor to power - saying that's what Toyo wished of him! Neither of them are happy with each other, and Ryoma says "Is that all you wanted to say... Takechi-san" (Ryoma usually refers to him as "Kyodai" (or "brother") - which showed they were very close - but using his family name with the -san suffix is a distant way of addressing people and doesn't indicate closeness at all). He tells Hanpeita he'd never join forces with guys who may have been responsible for Toyo's death. Hanpeita again tries to convince Ryoma to come to his senses, "What good will finding the killer do now?", "You think Toyo would be happy if you do something like that?". He tells Ryoma that Toyo guided them so they could go on to create a new Japan - he didn't raise them to get revenge after he died! "So you don't care about the guy who killed Toyo!?", asks Ryoma. Hanpeita tells Ryoma there's no way he could forget about the killer and Toyo's death, but there are more important things at hand right now. As Ryoma leaves, he tells Hanpeita by the time the next meet, they may have grown too far apart for Ryoma to call him a brother (Kyodai). He goes on to say he really has to find out why Toyo was killed, saying he can't go on any further without knowing that.

When you complete this chapter, you get the "Story Clear #1" trophy.


End of Chapter 2

Chapter 3 - The Wolves of Mibu

First, an explanation of the chapter title: The Shinsengumi, when first formed, were originally known as the "Miburo" because they were the "roshi" or "ronin" (samurai with no masters / samurai not attached to any domain / "wandering samurai") of "Mibu" (Mibu was the suburb in Kyoto where they were based). Due to their violence, they eventually came to be known as the "Wolves of Mibu", which is also read the exact same way - "Miburo" - so it was just a play on words. This nickname stuck with them and "Wolves of Mibu" was basically just another name for "Shinsengumi".

The chapter starts off with Ryoma back in Fushimi, talking with Oryo outside of Terada Inn. She is shouting at Ryoma, "Are you stupid or something!?". Otose comes out and asks what's going on. Oryo tells her that Ryoma is planning to join the Shinsengumi. Otose asks Ryoma why the sudden decision, after all he's been idly sitting around every day! He tells her that he's heard the Shinsengumi have a lot of power and he'll be well paid. Otose refers to the Shinsengumi as "The Wolves of Mibu", leading to an explanation of the name (see above for details). She explains about how the Shinsengumi was originally 2 factions (well, in real life there was 3 factions but one was very short lived so I guess it doesn't have to be mentioned) - The faction led by Kondo Isami and the faction lead by Serizawa Kamo. Serizawa Kamo and his faction was killed by Kondo Isami's faction - Kondo wanted the other faction out of the way so he'd have control. Ryoma then sets off, but Oryo stops him telling him he should just find a normal job instead, but Ryoma has made up his mind and tells Oryo and Otose that he won't cause any trouble for them or the Inn. After that, Ryoma says to himself he should make his way over to Rakunai, where he'll find the Shinsengumi HQ.

You can now do Chapter 3 substories, as well as the Wanted Men missions.

You can also do training with Ginryu, William Bradley and the Scarecrow Mansion.

You can also visit the blacksmith.

1- Go here and Ryoma overhears a couple of guys talking about Okita, captain of the 1st Shinsengumi unit - one says he's heard that Okita is a very handsome man and that lots of woman flock to the headquarters so they can see him! Go on through to Mibu.

2- Head to the Shinsengumi HQ. At the entrance, one of the guys asks what is his business here and Ryoma tells him he wants to join the Shinsengumi. He tells Ryoma there are try-outs going on ahead and he can go ahead and join in. Just as Ryoma is about to go in, the man asks where Ryoma lives, but Ryoma doesn't answer, saying he heard that so long as one has the skill then no questions are asked about ones life/background. But the man says that's not what he was getting at - he just wanted to know where to send his body if he dies. Turns out these try-outs are serious business! Ryoma says he isn't going to die, so he doesn't need to tell him.

Ryoma goes on ahead and sees Nagakura Shinpachi testing out people who have arrived with the hopes of joining the Shinsengumi. After Nagakura defeats the other swordsman, he asks who wants to go next. Ryoma steps up. Ryoma said he's worried and Nagakura says if that's the case, he should just leave now. But Ryoma says what he's worried about it accidently killing him and getting disqualified! Nagakura mentions he's the captain of the 2nd Shinsengumi unit and introduces himself to Ryoma. Before they begin their fight, Ryoma asks if he's been in the Shinsengumi long. He says he was - in fact he was with them before the Shinsengumi was even formed. As Nagakura readies himself, Ryoma recognises his posture as the Tennen Rishin style. Then the boss fight against Nagakura Shinpachi begins.

After the fight, Nagakura says he never knew there was anyone who could stand up to his Tennen Rishin style. He tells Ryoma he's passed the try-outs and that he has the necessary ability to survive in the Shinsengumi. This is why they have such rough try-outs here - so they can see if they have what it takes to survive as a member of the Shinsengumi. Ryoma then comments on Nagakura's Tennen Rishin, saying he's good but he's not the man he's looking for. He then says to Nagakura he'd like to spar with other founding members (because they use the Tennen Rishin style also). After Ryoma introduces himself (as "Saito Hajime") Nagakura is about to shake his hand, but then Okita interrupts. He introduces himself to Ryoma as Okita Soji - captain of the first Shinsengumi unit. Ryoma says he's a lot different to what he's heard - he said he heard Okita is a handsome guy! Okita tells Nagakura that he was too soft in the try-outs, but Nagakura says there's no need to go all out - they just need to see if they have what it takes and that he has no interest in killing any of them (unlike Okita). Okita goes on to attack Ryoma, who blocks the attack. Nagakura asks what he thinks he's doing - after all, the try-out is over - But Okita wants to test him out for a little bit himself, telling Ryoma that his Tennen Rishin style is unique. Okita pins Ryoma down and says he wins, but Nagakura says it's a stalemate. Turns out Ryoma was positioned for a killing blow also, so neither of them won. Then Hijikata Toshizo - Vice Commander of the Shinsengumi - appears and tells them to stop. He introduces himself to Ryoma, then helps him up. He says he saw him go up against Nagakura and Okita and that he's going to offer him something, but he can't do it there, so he asks Ryoma to meet him at a restaurant in Gion called "Tsubakiro" tonight. Ryoma says he'll be there, then Hijikata leaves.

After Okita leaves, Nagakura apologies for his behaviour. Ryoma says he'd love to have a proper fight against him one day. Nagakura asks what Ryoma thought of Okita's Tennen Rishin style and Ryoma says he didn't get to see it properly, but that "it's possible" (meaning possibly the killer he's looking for)... "What are you talking about?" asks Nagakura. Ryoma says he was just thinking "it's possible" for him to beat Okita. Nagakura says if Okita went all out, he'd just put a hole through him, "just like Kamo". Of course, he's talking about Serizawa Kamo. Ryoma asks if Okita was the one who killed him, but Nagakura says it's better for him not to know about this sort of thing.

After that, a Shinsengumi member leads Ryoma to his room in the Shinsengumi HQ. You can use this room in the same way you can use your room in Terada Inn.

Leave the room and Ryoma comments that the sun has gone down, so he should head over to Gion.

On your way to the Gion gates, a Shinto Priest talks to Ryoma, who says he's heading to his shrine (top left of the Rakunai map) and he'd be happy if Ryoma paid him a visit when he has the time.

1- Go into Tsubakiro in Gion (TOP OPTION) and Ryoma meets with Hijikata. Ryoma notices there is no seat there for him, but Hijikata says "don't worry; I have prepared a seat elsewhere for you". Hijikata says he's heard Ryoma is interested in the Tennen Rishin style, commenting that there aren't many people who know of the style (after all, it was exclusively taught in a specific dojo in Edo to only a select group of people). Hijikata then introduces a man dressed in white into the room, who according to Hijikata is also a master of the Tennen Rishin style, like Okita and Nagakura, and tells Ryoma he wants the two of them to have a fight to the death! He tells Ryoma to be in the Shinsengumi, you have to be able to kill - if you hesitate to kill your opponent, then you'll be the one who ends up killed. Hijikata is worried about the weakness of Ryoma's heart, which is why he wants to try him out in a real fight to the death. A fight against the man in white begins.

After the fight, Ryoma is about to strike the killing blow but stops, saying the fight is over. As Ryoma is walking away, Hijikata kills the man in white, saying he told Ryoma it wasn't over until either him or the man in white was dead. Hijikata says the man in white was prepared for death - apparently he had been plotting to abandon the Shinsengumi a few days ago, but instead of killing him Hijikata instead thought he could use him to test out Ryoma. Ryoma asks who the man was and Hijikata tells him he's Yamanami Keisuke - general secretary of the Shinsengumi and also captain of the third Shinsengumi unit. Hijikata told Yamanami that if he could kill Ryoma, his life would be spared. Hijikata then talks about the offer for him that he mentioned back at the Shinsengumi HQ - he wants Ryoma to take the seat of the third captain of the Shinsengumi unit (this was the seat he had prepared, that he mentioned earlier).

End of Chapter 3

Chapter 4 - The Coalition

The chapter starts off in the Shinsengumi HQ. The commanders and captains are gathered for a meeting (with the exception of the commander himself - Kondo Isami - and the 1st and 3rd captains (Okita and Ryoma/Saito). Members are complaining about the fact the commander is never present and that it shows he's weak (he spends all his time hiding!) - the Shinsengumi is supposed to be all about strength, so one of them (9th captain - Suzuki Mikisaburo) talks about electing a new, more suitable commander. Hijikata asks him if this "more suitable commander" is himself he's speaking of. Suzuki says that's not what he was getting at, but Hijikata says he's heard that he is going to try and get his way to the top through Ito Kashitaro's influence (military advisor of the Shinsengumi - he's the one sat on the right hand side of the 3 commander seats in the pic above). Hijikata says Kondo has been central to the Shinsengumi right from the start and will always remain central. Ito mentions he's heard rumours that the commander has actually been dead for some time, which is why they never see him. Hijikata says the rumours are completely untrue and Itou says he thinks so too, but also says it's easy to see why the rumour is going round - how many of the members have actually met the commander? He himself has never even met him since he joined and he's the military advisor! Then Okita arrives, late as usual (according to Nagakura). Okita says he'd rather sleep than sit around listening to the boring conversations these guys have. Then Okita comments that the new captain hasn't shown up yet and that it's disgraceful he's so late (lol...).

Ryoma arrives and Hijikata directs him to the 3rd captain's seat. Ryoma introduces himself to his fellow captains (as "Saito Hajime - Captain of the Third Shinsengumi Unit"). The 7th captain (Tani Sanjuro) isn't happy - he only just joined yesterday and already he's a captain! Nagakura says himself and Okita tested him out and that he's fit for the role. After more arguing amongst the captains, Hijikata says Ryoma will begin his duties tomorrow and wants the 4th captain (Matsubara Chuji) to show him the ropes. But Matsubara says he too doesn't agree with Ryoma suddenly showing up and becoming a captain right away. Hijikata tells him that wasn't a request - it was an order. But then the 8th captain (Todo Heisuke) says he'll do it, saying he's a good teacher. Hijikata agrees to it and leaves Todo to show Ryoma the ropes. Hijikata then announces to the captains that Yamanami Keisuke commited seppuku (suicide by stabbing oneself in the stomach with one's sword - was used by samurai). The 10th Captain (Harada Sanosuke) isn't pleased - saying that Yamanami was one of the original members, from the Shieikan dojo in Edo. But Hijikata says it's unforgivable for anyone to abandon the Shinsengumi. He says it was the same with the like of Serizawa Kamo a year ago - all traitors to the Shinsengumi must be killed. He then calls an end to the meeting.

After the meeting, Nagakura tells Ryoma "it's always like this" - referring to Kondo Isami not being here. Ryoma then thinks to himself that Yamanami was not the guy he was looking for and that there are now 6 remaining members in the Shinsengumi who use the Tennen Rishin style - 8th Captain Todo Heisuke, 6th Captain Inoue Genzaburo, 2nd Captain Nagakura Shinpachi, 1st Captain Okita Soji, Vice Commander Hijikata Toshizo, and Commander Kondo Asami.

As you go to leave, Todo speaks to Ryoma and gives him his Shinsengumi captain outfit, telling him to wear it when he comes tomorrow.

When you leave the HQ, Ryoma comments that he should head back to Terada Inn.

1- When you get here Ryoma sees a Shinto Priest (the one you bump into in chapter 3), with a young girl beside him, talking to a man. The man mentions that the girl's parents left behind them a debt of 100 Ryo, which is now on the girl's shoulders, and so she has to sell the house. The girl says the house brings back memories of her parents, so she can't possibly sell it. The man says how else can she repay the debt - after all, she's just a young girl, so it's not possible for her to get hold of that kind of money. The man leaves after telling her to get her luggage ready, since the house will be sold to help pay off her debt. Then Ryoma steps in and asks what the problem is. The Shinto Priest recognises Ryoma and explains the situation to him back at the girl's house (that her parents died in an accident, leaving behind a debt of 100 Ryo which the girl now has to pay). The girl explains how important the house is to her - it's the last thing she has to remind her of her family. She then mentions that it's her fault her parents were in so much debt in the first place; she had a rare disease when she was little and the medicine was expensive, so to pay for it they had to keep loaning money, so the debt wasn't really her parents after all - it's always been HER debt. Ryoma says he will help pay back the debt she owes if he is able, so that she doesn't lose the house. They then introduce themselves - he introdues himself to the girl as "Saito Hajime" and she introduces herself to Ryoma as "Haruka".

The priest gives Ryoma a White Hairband, Leather Breastplate and Leather Gauntlet.

First thing you need to do is examine the red shrine in the garden (you can exchange Dharma here) and examine the gardening tools by the crop harvesting patch. Then you go inside the house. Examine the stove (to the right, when you enter the house), examine the door further ahead (this is the door to the bath), and examine the cupboard in the corner of the room.

You can now do the Another Life part of the game.

You can also do Chapter 4 substories.

2- When you get near the entrance of Terada Inn, Otose is there and welcomes Ryoma back, addressing him as "3rd captain". She sees his bag and Ryoma tells her it's his captain's uniform, so she tells him she'll look after it for him until he needs it tomorrow. She then calls for Oryo and tells her to look after Ryoma's uniform, but she refuses - saying she won't have anything to do with the outfit of muderers. Otose points out it's for Hajime, but Oryo accuses him of just being another murderer like the rest of the Shinsengumi. She runs off saying she hates murderers. Otose explains to Ryoma that Oryo's father was murdered by members of the Shogunate, because he was a supporter of the Emperor. She then says "I guess she couldn't handle the fact that the one she loves may be a murderer". Ryoma seems surprised, "She's into me?". Otose can't believe Ryoma hasn't noticed! She then asks Ryoma to go and look for her, telling him she usually goes by Kamo River when she wants to be alone.

1- Go here and speak to Oryo. Ryoma tells her Otose told him about the incident involving her father. She asks Ryoma why he joined the Shinsengumi - for money, to feel important, or to kill people. Ryoma tells her it's none of those - he joined because he's looking for someone. Ryoma says that in his position as captain of the 3rd unit, he has a lot of power, so he may be able to prevent the needless killing in the Shinsengumi (for the 3rd unit, at least - since he's their boss!). After this, Oryo heads back to Terada Inn. Go back to Terada Inn and Otose greets Ryoma. She tells him that while he was out, someone came here looking for him. She doesn't know who it was, but she says he was speaking with a Tosa dialect, then tells Ryoma the man said he'll be waiting for him at Kiyomizudera.

Head to Kiyomizudera. You can get to the road leading to Kiyomizudera via the bridge on the right hand side of Rakugai.

You can now do substory 66.

When you get to Kiyomizudera, Ryoma is greeted by a man. "Are you the guy who called me out here?", asks Ryoma. He says he is and introduces himself to Ryoma as "Nakaoka Shintaro", a samurai from Tosa. "Pleasure to meet you, Sakamoto Ryoma". He says he wants to talk with Ryoma. He tells Ryoma he, too, was there when Yoshida Toyo was killed - he was one of the guys who burst into the room after Toyo died, saying that both Ryoma and Takechi were there. Ryoma asks how he knows Takechi was there as well, when it was only him in the room at that time. He tells Ryoma he was Toyo's assistant and he knew about the secret that Ryoma and Takechi were coming that night. He says he can't forgive the man that killed Yoshida Toyo - Sakamoto Ryoma. Ryoma asks what he's going to do - kill him here? But Nakaoka says it was just a joke and that Sakamoto Ryoma being the killer is just the public story - but he knows the real killer is someone else. Ryoma asks who he thinks is behind it and he says Takechi Hanpeita! He points out that Takechi has gained a lot from the death of Toyo - becoming a Joshi and having an important position. That's why he's here in Kyoto - to track down Takechi. Ryoma tells him he missed one thing - before he came bursting into the room, there was another man - the masked man.

Ryoma then explains everything to Nakaoka, then Nakaoka offers to join forces to hunt down the man. After that, some members of the Tosa Loyalist Party show up looking for Nakaoka. Ryoma and Nakaoka then fight the guys from the Tosa Loyalist Party, which begins a long fight sequence in Kiyomizudera.

The yellow dots indicate items you can pick up (including a few Silver Fragments and a Straw Figure!).

1- When you get here, a firing squad shows up. Use the pillars as cover and either get closer to attack them close up, or poke out of cover to fire at them with your pistol.

2- When you get here, another firing squad shows up. There's less cover to use here this time though!

After beating all of these guys, a mini-boss appears. He's pretty easy to take down if you use the Pistol Fighting Style with the Enhanced Bullets you picked up earlier (area where the first firing squad showed up).

After all the fighting, Nakaoka says he's going to search the Shinsengumi for the killer with Ryoma and forget about Takechi for now - apparently he's returned to Tosa anyway, summoned back by Daimyo "Yamauchi Yodo". They then leave, saying they have a job to do - hunt down the masked man who killed Toyo.

When you complete this chapter, you get the "Story Clear #2" trophy.


End of Chapter 4

Chapter 5 - Iron Law

The chapter starts with Ryoma leaving Terada Inn. Otose tells him he's forgotten something important and Oryo brings out his captain's uniform. After that, Ryoma says he should head over to the Shinsengumi HQ.

You can now do some of the Chapter 5 substories.

Also, enemies in random encounters are now more likely to drop rarer items than they did in previous chapters (although this seems to stop after you've been introduced to the battle dungeon later on and enemies go back to their usual item drops)

1- Go to the Shinsengumi HQ and talk to Todo. He says he'll show Ryoma around the HQ; just follow him. Every now and then he'll stop and tell Ryoma about a different building, but the only important thing is right at the end - After he finishes showing you around, you can now do the Battle Dungeon missions.

2- Speak to the receptionist and you begin the Battle Dungeon tutorial.

First it will tell you about cards and how to "equip" then in your units for use in the battle dungeon. Select the top option when it asks you to, then select the empty corporal slot in the first unit (first slot) and put the green card in (the game highlights the card it wants you to put in). Each unit has a corporal and soldiers. Cards have both a regular effect (when used as a regular soldier card) and a corporal effect (when used in the corporal slot).

Then it will show you the battle dungeon missions themselves - select the top option when it asks you to and it shows you the available battle dungeons (only 1 available at the moment) - select it and then you get a list of missions - you only have one but unlock more as you complete them. Select the top mission. You can then select which unit you'd like to use - the game wants you to select the top unit for this tutorial.

When in the dungeon, the game explains how to use cards - Hold L2 and use a directional button to select a card. The game wants you to use L2+up directional button. After using a card, the gauge on the left-hand-side of the cards (on the right hand side of the screen) starts dropping, when it gets to 0 the ability wears off and then starts refilling again. You can't use the ability again until it refills.

After that, it gives you a choice of whether you want the card abilities to be automated or if you want to control them yourself - press X to set it to automatic and Circle to set it to manual. You can always change the setting at the battle dungeon reception.

Destroy items you find lying around the level (like pots, boxes, etc) because they often drop equipment materials.

For full details of the Battle Dungeon and soldier cards, please visit the Battle Dungeon and Soldier Card pages.

After completing the Battle Dungeon mission, the receptionist tells Ryoma that he can now enlist fighters to join his unit (as soldier cards).

After this, Ryoma says he should head back to Terada Inn.

As you go to leave the Shinsengumi HQ, a soldier from the 8th unit (Todo's unit) approaches Ryoma and tells him about a soldier from the 3rd unit who abandoned the group after the Yamanami incidents. Being the captain of the 3rd unit, Ryoma has to deal with this.

Until you proceed to the next part of the story, you cannot use any forms of transport (Palanquins, Boats), or trigger any substories.

1- When you get here, someone calls out "Saito Hajime". The man introduces himself as "Yamazaki", a Shinsengumi inspector. He talks to Ryoma about the soldier from the 3rd unit that abandoned the Shinsengumi, telling him he'll find the man at a place in Gion called "Hinataya". Ryoma says he'll head over there to deal with it.

You can now do the rest of the Chapter 5 substories. Also, you can now use transport again.

1- Go here and speak to Todo. He says he'll stay outside to stop the guy from making a run for it while Ryoma goes inside to deal with him. Select the TOP OPTION to go in. Ryoma speaks with a courtesan, asking if the guy is around (the woman is Mizuki and the guy from the Shinsengumi is Akimoto - recurring side-characters from previous games in the series!). She tries to get "friendly" with Ryoma, but then Akimoto returns, telling Ryoma to leave her alone. Ryoma asks him to come back to the HQ with him, but he refuses. A fight against Akimoto begins.

After the fight, Akimoto explains he joined the Shinsengumi because he thought it sounded cool at the time, but all they did was kill people and he couldn't do it anymore. Ryoma tells him to just get out of the capital then, rather than come back to HQ. He tells him to go out the back, because Todo is waiting around out the front. But as Akimoto is trying to convince Mizuki to run off with him, Todo appears and kills him. Ryoma asks why he killed him, saying there was no need to do it. Todo says the Shinsengumi, and the capital itself, is not such a decent place - it's all about "kill or be killed" - because that's the kind of era this is, an era of chaos. After that, Todo leaves, and points out that even if Akimoto had escaped out the back he'd have died, because he had some of his men positioned out there. He then reminds Ryoma that deserting the Shinsengumi is unforgivable.

After leaving the building, Ryoma says he should head over to the Shinsengumi HQ.

1- Enter the Shinsengumi HQ area to trigger an event. Tani is talking with some of his men and Ryoma asks what's going on. Tani tells him it's none of his business and heads off with his men. Then the 6th captain (Inoue) talks to Ryoma about "The killer, Izo", referring to Okada Izo of the Tosa Loyalist Party. Apparently their inspector, Yamazaki, has discovered his location and now Tani and Suzuki have head out to kill him. Inoue tells Ryoma that Izo is at the gambling den in Rakugai and tells Ryoma to go over there as well.

1- Go to the gambling den and meet up with the other captains. Tani says he wants to go after Izo and leaves Suzuki, Inoue and Ryoma to fight the guys standing guard outside the gambling den.

After the fight, the other captains follow in after Tani. Izo takes out Tani with great ease, which startles Suzuki, who draws his pistol and tells him no matter how stilled he is, a pistol can take him down. After missing him with every shot, he charges at Izo and is taken out just as easily as Tani. After Inoue and Ryoma enter the room, Izo taunts them, "this is how good the captains of the Shinsengumi are? I heard the Shinsengumi was the greatest fighting force in the world". Ryoma tells Inoue to leave Izo to him.

After the fight, Inoue is about to kill him but Ryoma stops him. Ryoma manages to convince Inoue to not kill him, then some police show up and take Okada away.

When they leave, Inoue explains to Ryoma that they were under orders to capture Izo alive, so he wasn't going to kill him anyway - he was just testing Ryoma, so he could see what kind of man he is. He tells Ryoma Izo is being taken back to Tosa, under orders of Daimyo Yamauchi Yodo. He says he doesn't know the details of it all, but Yamauchi Yodo is planning to shut down the Tosa Loyalist Party. Apparently they plan on torturing Izo to get information on Takechi Hanpeita, leader of the Tosa Loyalist Party.

Return to your room in Terada Inn and sleep in the bed to trigger the next event.

Nakaoka enters the room, saying he heard Ryoma got hold of Okada Izo. They talk about Takechi and their own job to track down Toyo's killer. Ryoma says there are things he must do, which is why he and Takechi have chosen different paths now, then says, "don't die, Kyodai...".


End of Chapter 5

Chapter 6 - The Ikedaya Incident

The chapter starts off with Yamazaki, the Shinsengumi Inspector, torturing an Ishin-Shishi for information. Hijikata says, "The name of the Shinsengumi will resound across the whole world now... Right, commander?" - and we get a glimpse of Kondo Isami, commander of the Shinsengumi.

Next, we see another captains and commanders meeting at the headquarters and yet again Kondo Isami is not present. There are more arguments, stemming from 10th captain, Harada, who talks about the different "factions" within the Shinsengumi and how, with 2 of the captains dead, Ito's "faction" has gotten smaller. But they then say there are no factions or sub-groups within the Shinsengumi; it's one united group symbolising loyalty to the Shogunate. Matsubara says he's tired of all the talks they have of factions, like the ones who came in with Ito's group, and the guys who came in from the Shieikan dojo.

Hijikata then makes an announcement to the captains about how the Shinsengumi name will soon be engraved into history forever. He tells them how Inspector Yamazaki got hold of an Ishin-Shishi spy - Furutaka Shuntaro - last night and they found a huge amount of gunpowder at his hideout. Apparently they had a large scale plan involving 40 Ishin-Shishi to use the gunpowder to set fire to the imperial palace. This confuses the captains - after all, the Ishin-Shishi are supposed to be supporters of the Emperor, so why would they burn down the imperial palace? Hijikata says if they set fire to the place, officials from the Shogunate who protect the capital will gather there (including the Shinsengumi), so then the Ishin-Shishi could take them all out in one go. They will also use the fire as a distraction as they take the Emperor away from there. Ito says they're having Yamazaki look for their headquarters and hoping to get the info later today, then the Shinsengumi are to launch a raid against the place tonight. Hijikata says they don't know exactly who the enemy is, but mentions a few key names of people involved - "Nakaoka" being one of the ones named!

After the meeting concludes, Ryoma says to himself he should head back to Terada Inn, to let Nakaoka know about this.

You can now do Chapter 6 substories.

Return to Terada Inn and Oryo speaks to Ryoma. Ryoma asks if Nakaoka is around and she tells him he's on the 2nd floor.

Go into your room and speak to Nakaoka. Ryoma asks if it's true if the Ishin-Shishi are planning to burn down the imperial palace and asks if he is involved in it. Nakaoka seems to have no idea what Ryoma is talking about. Ryoma tells him all about it and the Shinsengumi's plan to raid their headquarters. Ryoma mentions one of the other names of people who are supposedly involved in this, mentioned at the meeting - "Yoshida Toshimaro" of the Choshu domain. Apparently he has ties with Takechi - so Takechi was likely in on this plan as well - and Nakaoka supposes that the guy from Tosa who is involved with all this is part of the Tosa Loyalist Party. Nakaoka says their priority should be finding Yoshida Toshimaro and he tells Ryoma to leave it to him to do it alone.

After Nakaoka leaves, Ryoma says he should go back to the Shinsengumi HQ.

Until you proceed to the next part of the story, you cannot use any forms of transport (Palanquins, Boats), or trigger any substories.

1- Go here and Ryoma sees 4th Captain Matsubara and the informant Ryoma had helping him out earlier, back in chapter 2. Matsubara notices that the 2 of them seem to recognise each other and asks about it. The informant tries to excuse himself, but Matsubara kills him. He says he knew too much information about him. He tells Ryoma he's going to rest up for tonight's raid against the Ishin-Shishi and that Ryoma should get back before it's late as well.

Return to the Shinsengumi HQ and Hijikata tells Ryoma he has something to discuss with him. He says their inspector has pinpointed the location of the HQ to 2 possible places - Ikedaya and Shikokuya. He says they won't make any attacks until they know exactly which of the 2 it is and he tells Ryoma that he and his 3rd unit will be moving alongside him. He asks Ryoma which he wants to check out and he says Shikokuya, so Hijikata and Ryoma will be heading over there and Okita will be heading over to Ikedaya. Hijikata tells Ryoma to stay in the HQ until it is time to go.

1- Speak to Nagakura. He tells Ryoma he and his 2nd unit are going with Okita to Ikedaya. After he leaves, Matsubara appears and tells Ryoma the Vice Commander has summoned him - apparently he's waiting for Ryoma at the storehouse.

2- Go into the storehouse and Ryoma finds Hijikata, Okita and Nagakura there along with the Ishin-Shishi prisoner they interrogated (Furutaka). Hijikata makes him repeat the information to Ryoma and Furutaka mentions 2 key names of people involved in the plan - Yoshida Toshimaro, Katsura Kogoro of the Choshu Domain. Nagakura tells Ryoma that Katsura Kogoro is a great master of the Shindo Munen style of sword fighting, but that he is also a master of running away from situations, which has led to him getting the nickname "Kogoro the Evader". Hijikata says this guy could be considered the leader of this whole operation and that should he try to escape they must kill him immediately. They then say it's about time to get started.

1- Go near here to trigger an event. Ryoma meets up with Hijikata, who tells him that they need to be stealthy, because if they are spotted by the Ishin-Shishi they will alert their comrades. Once they determine which of the 2 places if the one they're looking for, they'll launch their raid. He then asks Ryoma if anything happened between him and Matsubara, because Matsubara was asking a lot of questions about Ryoma. He then asks Ryoma why he joined the Shinsengumi. Ryoma tells him he didn't have anywhere else to go, but Hijikata says with Ryoma's skill, he would be accepted as an Ishin-Shishi of any domain. Ryoma tells him he didn't particularly care whether he was on the side of the Emperor or the Shogunate, he just went to those who offered the best price. Hijikata goes on to tell Ryoma that both himself and commander Kondo Isami were from commoner families - their ancestors were peasants and they did not agree with using swords - in fact, he himself thought he would spend his whole life that way. But after the "black ships" (foreigners) arrived and it became an era where true stength is necessary. This is what lead to himself and Kondo Isami becoming strong and working towards building the Shinsengumi - not for the sake of the Shogunate, but to protect the country. He tells Ryoma there will come a time when he can tell him about it in more detail.

Then a Shinsengumi member shows up and tells Hijikata there is no sign of the Ishin-Shishi at Shikokuya, then another comes round the corner and tells them they are at Ikedaya.

1- Head over to Ikedaya. There is a long fight sequence here, so make any necessary preparations (such as getting health items). Hijikata tells Ryoma that, once inside, he must look for Yoshida Toshimaro and Katsura Kogoro and to leave the small-fry to the lower ranking Shinsengumi members. As Ryoma is about to go inside, he sees Nakaoka and supposes he failed to pursuade Yoshida Toshimaro to leave. But then the thinks that the Shinsengumi just moved too fast, so he didn't get a change to speak to him.

Yellow dots incidate items on the ground you can pick up.

When you get to the stairs at the bottom right of the map, there is a quick time event.

1- When you get here, Ryoma sees Nagakura injured on the ground. He says Yoshida Toshimaro took him out and has been destroying all these other Shinsengumi soldiers lying around on the ground. This leads to a fight against Yoshida Toshimaro. After the fight, Nagakura tells Ryoma they still have to find Katsura.

2- Make your way over to here. When you get near here, a Shinsengumi soldier tells Ryoma that Katsura is just down the corridor. When you reach the destination, Ryoma encounters Katsura, who turns out to be Niibori Matsusuke (Katsura Kogoro is another one of his names - his original name, before he took "Kido Takayoshi"), whom Ryoma met in chapter 2.

He tells Ryoma there's been a misunderstanding - that he himself is not actually behind the plans. In fact, he was trying to stop Yoshida from doing it. He asks Ryoma to let him go - he says there's no need for them to fight to the death here, because he doesn't want to die and says Ryoma still has things he has to take care of back in Tosa - that's what Takechi wishes for! He tells Ryoma he knows all about why he has joined the Shinsengumi and that he has no reason to kill him, because they're really on the same side - it turns out he's heard from Takechi all about Ryoma.

Ryoma asks him to explain things, but then he launches a surprise attack. He tells Ryoma someone is behind him (Nagakura), so they need to play up the act so Ryoma isn't exposed. Ryoma tells Nagakura to leave this to him and not to get involved at all. A fight against Katsura begins.

After the fight, Katsura thanks Ryoma for playing along and says he'll make it up to him another time. Then Hijikata appears and Katsura makes a run for it. Ryoma apologises, saying he wasn't able to take him down.

Hijikata gathers up the captains and tells them Katsura got away. He then says he's learned something else - that there is a spy from the supporters of the Emperor among them in the room. Todo says it's Matsubara. Matsubara isn't happy with the accusation, but Hijikata says he knows his origins - he's from the Choshu domain. Also, he says they were using an informant to investigate the information about the Shinsengumi that was being leaked back to Choshu and that Matsubara killed that informant. Matsubara thinks Ryoma sold him out, but Hijikata says Yamazaki found it out. He also knows that Matsubara has been in touch with many informants for the past 3 months. Matsubara points out that it's the same with Ryoma - he, too, was in touch with that informant he killed, after all. Hijikata says they must purge the Shinsengumi of traitors and tells him he must accept his fate. He then hands his sword to Ryoma, telling him to do it. He says Ryoma was in touch with the informant before joining the Shinsengumi. He tells Ryoma he's heard of someone looking around dojos for people using the Tennen Rishin style of fighting. He says he doesn't want to suspect Ryoma, so he must kill this Choshu spy to prove his loyalty. Matsubara says to Ryoma he heard about his true objective from an informant, but before he can say it Inoue kills him. He apologises for interfering, saying he was just angry and let it get to his head.

When you complete this chapter, you get the "Story Clear #3" trophy.


End of Chapter 6


Chapter 7 - Two Sakamoto Ryomas

The chapter starts off at the Satsuma base of operations within Kyoto. We see Saigo Kichinosuke and a man called Katsu Rintaro - a retainer in the Tokugawa Shogunate - talking. Katsu tells Saigo that they have come down to Kyoto in order to get Satsuma into action, since after all this time they still haven't made any moves. He says the Choshu domain won't defeat the Shogunate and need the military power of Satsuma. Saigo says "That doesn't sound like something a man from the Shogunate would say". Katsu mentions that, as Saigo already knows, he's not truly on the side of the Shogunate and that he plans to help bring down the Shogunate from the inside, using his position as a Shogunate retainer. He tells Saigo that, should they win the war against the Shogunate, he will stand at the top of the new country. He then introduces the man to his right, saying he will give Saigo weapons brought in from England to help take down the Shogunate - he is introduced as "Sakamoto Ryoma".

Next, we see Ryoma and Nakaoka in Ryoma's room at Terada Inn. Nakaoka says he's worried about the fact Katsura knows about Ryoma's true identity, since Takechi told him - he thinks he might tell the Shinsengumi. The Shinsengumi and Choshu domain are great enemies and it wouldn't go down well if the 3rd captain of the Shinsengumi is found out to be on good terms with a top leader among the supporters of the Emperor. If they found out, it would be a repeat of what happened with Matsubara - Ryoma would be killed and then the military power of the Shinsengumi will be reduced further, as the Choshu domain wishes. Ryoma doesn't think Katsura is the kind of guy who would use such methods. He also says that regardless of whether of not Katsura comes out and tells them, his time moving within the Shinsengumi is limited, because all the captains now know that Ryoma is hunting down those who use the Tennen Rishin style. Ryoma says he needs to continue hunting for the masked man from a year ago with what time he has left in the Shinsengumi and says he has to meet with Kondo Isami - because even if he isn't the killer, he'll probably know the identity of the man he's looking for.

After leaving the room, Ryoma says he should head over to the Shinsengumi HQ.

You can now do Substories 34 and 43.

1- When you get near the entrance of the HQ, Ryoma sees a group of Mimawarigumi, led by "Sasaki Tadasaburo", demanding to see Kondo Isami. Ito tells them that Kondo is busy and isn't at the headquarters.

Inside the HQ, Ryoma bumps into Nagakura, who explains the Mimawarigumi to him. He says that while the Shinsengumi is formed of ronin, the Mimawarigumi is formed of people from noble families. He also tells Ryoma about Sasaki Tadasaburo, and how he's a skilled fighter. Ryoma goes on to ask about Serizawa Kamo. Nagakura explains that before they were known as the Shinsengumi, they were called the "Miburoshigumi". At that time, there were 7 of them from the Shieikan dojo and another 3 from Kamo's group (including Kamo himself). Kondo made Kamo a commander and tried to unify the groups, but Hijikata opposed it. Ryoma asks if Hijikata is the one who killed him, but Nagakura says he doesn't know who did the actual killing - maybe it could have been Kondo or maybe it could have been Hijikata, but they don't need to know. He warns Ryoma it is an unspoken law within the Shinsengumi that they must not speak about Kamo. Ryoma asks why someone like Nagakura stays in the Shinsengumi and he says he indebted to Kondo, saying he would not be here now if it weren't for him. Ryoma mentions he'd love to meet Kondo, Nagakura tells him where Kondo's room is, but says there's no one there.

1- Go to Kondo's room. As Ryoma is about to open the door, Ito shows up and asks what he's up to, reminding him that Kondo isn't here because he's busy. Ryoma asks what he has to do to meet him and Ito tells him to just wait for him to return, whenever that will be... Ryoma thinks to himself that Hijikata, being Vice Commander, might be able to get him an audience with Kondo, so he should go and ask him.

2- Go to Hijikata's room. Ryoma tells Hijikata he'd like to meet Kondo just once, saying he hasn't been able to introduce himself to the commander since becoming a captain. Hijikata tells Ryoma that Kondo is a busy man, but the day will come when Ryoma can meet him, so he should just wait for his chance.

After leaving the room, Ryoma says that didn't get him anywhere and he'll have to find another way of meeting Kondo.

3- Go here and speak to Okita, who is playing Mahjong. Ryoma tells him he's searching for Kondo and asks where he needs to go to meet him, but Okita says he has no idea. Ryoma thinks to himself that he's not getting anywhere inside the HQ, so he should look for info outside.

As you are about to leave the HQ, Inoue tells him the commander has issued a job for Ryoma to complete. He asks him, "Have you heard the name 'Sakamoto Ryoma'?". Ryoma tells him he hasn't heard the name before. Inoue tells him he's an Ishin-Shishi from the Tosa domain and that he's second in command in Takechi Hanpeita's Tosa Loyalist Party. He also mentions that a year ago he assassinated Yoshida Toyo and abandoned Tosa. Ryoma's job is to investive more about this "Sakamoto Ryoma".

(this will probably get confusing if I use the same name for both men, so I'll refer to the real Sakamoto Ryoma as Saito Hajime whenever both are mentioned at the same time)

He tells Hajime that Sakamoto Ryoma appeared at the Satsuma base of operations in Kyoto and tells Hajime to head over there. He also tells him that when he completes this task, he will have the opportunity to meet Kondo.

After Inoue leaves, Ryoma supposes that Nakaoka might have some information, so he should head back to Terada Inn and ask him.

You can now do Substory 21.

Go back to your room in Terada Inn and Ryoma tells Nakaoka about the fake Sakamoto Ryoma and asks if he knows anything. He says of course he doesn't - if he did, he'd have told Ryoma right away. They talk about Satsuma and Saigo and Nakaoka mentions that Satsuma are actually working alongside the Shogunate to get Choshu people out of Kyoto - such is their great resentment towards them - yet there's a rumour that behind the scenes Satsuma is planning to take down the Shogunate and bring power to the Emperor.

After they talk, leave Terada Inn and Ryoma says he should speak with Saigo over at the Satsuma residence about it.

1- Go here and Ryoma tells the guy at the door that he's here to see Saigo, because he wants to ask about Sakamoto Ryoma. The man says he'll lead him to Saigo and takes him all the way to the shrine in Rakunai, where more guys appear. Turns out they hate the Shinsengumi - apparently they've killed a lot of guys from Satsuma and so there are a lot of people from there with grudges against them.

After the fight Hajime asks again to meet Saigo. This time, the man leads Hajime inside to meet with Saigo. Hajime says he has something to ask him - he says a man named Sakamoto Ryoma came to visit him and he wants to ask about this man. Saigo says he doesn't recognise the name. Ryoma tells him he's the guy who arrived alongside retainer Katsu Rintaro and says he should remember - it wasn't that long ago, after all. But Saigo says he's never met any "Sakamoto Ryoma" and asks Hajime to leave. Hajime asks why he's hiding the information, "is he really such an important man to you guys?".

After Ryoma leaves the building, he says he should head back over to the HQ, but as he walks off, Yamazaki calls out to him, telling him the commander has summoned him because he wants a report on his progress in his investigation into this "Sakamoto Ryoma" guy. He's waiting for him at Asahiya in Gion.

1- Go here and select the TOP OPTION to go inside.

Hajime meets with Kondo Isami and introduces himself. Kondo tells him he knows who he is - he summoned him here after all! He then introduces himself to Hajime. Hajime gives him his report on his Sakamoto Ryoma investigation, then Kondo tells him he's heard that Ryoma is heading towards Nagasaki. He then says it's not Hajime's fault he couldn't get any info - it's not easy making Saigo talk! He thanks Hajime for his work and says he's now found out something big - the "Sakamoto Ryoma" who visited Saigo in an imposter, "Isn't that right... 'Real Sakamoto Ryoma'?".

He says the Sakamoto Ryoma who abandoned Tosa a year ago and came to Kyoto to search for people who use the Tennen Rishin style is him, but the Sakamoto Ryoma who is getting hold of weapons from England is the fake Ryoma. Ryoma says he doesn't know what he's talking about, but Kondo says he doesn't have to worry - he's not going to reveal his true identity. He points out he doesn't care whether he's "Sakamoto Ryoma" or "Saito Hajime" - he just cares about his skill and how he can help with his plan. His plan is to change the capital of Japan from Kyoto to Edo - he believes this is the only way to finally save Japan. Things being as they are now, there will be a huge civil war. If that happens, Japan will have no military strength left to fight America and England. He says before they relocate the capital, they need to burn down Kyoto. He goes on to say that it doesn't really matter whether it's the Imperial Court or the Shogunate, but one has to go! Ryoma asks if he even understands what he's saying. Kondo tells him they can move the capital to Edo, where the Shogunate is based, when the Imperial Court is gone and Kyoto is burned down and there's no way for the Emperor to do anything. It turns out he created the Shinsengumi with this very plan in mind - he needed an elite group of people for this. Ryoma asks why he's telling him all about his plan. He says he wants to utilise Ryoma's skill in this and is prepared to make a deal with him - If Ryoma helps him out, he will hand over the masked man who killed Yoshida Toyo. Ryoma refuses to help out with his "ridiculous" plan, because it means sacrificing many lives of people in Kyoto. As Ryoma is about to leave, he asks Kondo if there really is no other way - a way that doesn't involve sacrifices. Kondo says he's naive and that Yoshida Toyo was right - Ryoma is not suited to being second in command! Ryoma, realising this guy must be the masked man after all, says this makes things easier for him - he can kill him here, then he'll have no reason to stay in the Shinsengumi. Ryoma then fights Kondo Isami.

After Ryoma wins, he tells Kondo that he isn't the masked man after all - the real man he's looking for was tougher than him. Ryoma asks who the real masked man is and Kondo says if he helps out with his plan, he'll tell him. Ryoma tells him that he wants to find the answer to why someone killed Yoshida Toyo by himself. He asks Kondo if he can stay in the Shinsengumi until he has all the answers he's looking for.

After Ryoma leaves, Inoue enters the room. Inoue asks if it's really okay to let him continue - after all, he knows so much now. Kondo says it's fine and that this guy might be able to get to the bottom of the "true mystery".


End of Chapter 7

Chapter 8 - The Mad Dog Barks

The chapter starts off with Ryoma in his room in Terada Inn with a list of names of Tennen Rishin users - he's been marking off the names of those who he knows is not the masked man he's looking for. Oryo comes up to the room and tells him she's prepared some food for him.

After she leaves, Ryoma says he should head over to the HQ.

When you enter the Shinsengumi HQ, Okita calls out to Ryoma. He says he has something pretty cool to tell him - and only him. He tells Ryoma to meet him at the storehouse, so the two can talk alone.

1- Go to the storehouse. Okita asks Ryoma if he's heard the name "Sengoku Toranojo". He tells Ryoma he's one of the leading drapers and he has a mansion in Fushimi. Apparently there are loads of Ishin-Shishi hiding out at his mansion and they have to go and clamp down on them. Ryoma asks why he could tell only him - Ryoma has not done his fair share of good deeds, that's what the Vice Commander says, so Okita is asking Ryoma to go along with him. Ryoma thinks he's up to something, after all he could ask Nagakura or Todo to do this with him - Okita says Ryoma entered the Shinsengumi to track down the Tennen Rishin style, so he's not going to fight over their shares (of the payment for their work). He tells Ryoma to head over to Sengoku's residence at night when he is ready.

After talking with Okita, head back to Ryoma's room in Terada Inn and sleep in the bed (choose the MIDDLE OPTION to sleep until night).

1- Go near here and Okita speaks to Ryoma. Apparently the Ishin-Shishi have been drinking, completely unaware that they're going to be raided. Choose the BOTTOM OPTION to tell Okita you are ready for the raid. This is another long fight sequence, so bring health items if you think you'll need them.

As usual, yellow dots indicate items on the ground you can pick up.

Make your way to the door at the top right of the screen.

1- When you get to this area, there is a long passageway and at the end Sengoku is using a machine gun. Use the cover here and fire from a distance (Pistol fighting style).

After he runs off and you run further down the passageway, some guys show up behind Ryoma and Ryoma says he should use the machine gun to take them out. You don't have to use the machine gun if you don't want to, but the option is there.

2- When you get into this room, you fight 2 armoured warriors. If you picked up the Acid Bullets sat around just outside the room (the yellow dots on the map above), use them because they destroy(/"melt") armour.

After beating the warriors, Ryoma tells Sengoku he's not going to kill him, but he is going to bring him back to the HQ. Then Okita appears and Sengoku says "You're late, Okita". Ryoma asks what's going on and Okita tells him Sengoku was helping out with their plan - he's the guy who got the Ishin-Shishi drunk, so they'd be easier to kill. Turns out he made a deal with Okita and set up the Ishin-Shishi in the hope that he could get in with the Shogunate. Sengoku says the Ishin-Shishi weren't the only ones they set up - they also set up Ryoma. He then asks Okita if he can tell him about it and "why he had to lure Hajime out here", but Okita walks over to him, saying "You really never stop talking...", and kills him. Okita says he knows about Ryoma's true identity - apparently he knew it the moment he saw him at the try-outs. He says he knows Ryoma is here looking for the masked man and tells Ryoma that he is that masked man! He says he still remembers the feeling of killing Yoshida Toyo to this day. He says no one will disturb them there and the two of them can go all out until one of them is dead, "Show me how much stronger you've become since a year ago, Ryoma!".

After Ryoma wins, he pins Okita to the ground and Okita tells him he's become strong. He tells Ryoma to finish him off, then his revenge will be complete. However, Ryoma tells Okita he's not the masked man who killed Yoshida.

Ryoma explains that the masked man's Tennen Rishin was of a pure style, whereas Okita mixes in his own short sword techniques. Ryoma asks why he lied about being the masked man and Okita tells him he just wanted a geniune full-on fight against him, with neither holding back. Then Ryoma asks how Okita knows his true identity, since he's not the masked man, and Okita reveals that he was there when Ryoma met with Kondo. Okita tells Ryoma not to worry, because he won't tell anyone about his identity. Ryoma then wonders aloud who the hell the masked man was then - it's not Okita, Nagakura or Kondo, after all. The only 3 Tennen Rishin users left are Hijikata, Todo and Inoue, so he says it must be one of them.

The two of them head back towards the Shinsengumi HQ, but then Oryo runs up to Ryoma with a letter from Nakaoka. Ryoma can't believe what he's reading - "Kyodai (Takechi)... is dead!?".

When you complete this chapter, you get the "Story Clear #4" trophy.


End of Chapter 8

Chapter 9 - The Spectacular Fight

The chapter starts with Ryoma rushing back to Terada Inn to see Nakaoka. He tells Ryoma that apparently Takechi was ordered to commit seppuku by Yamauchi and that he was the mastermind behind using Okata Izo to assassinate guys from the Shogunate. After Okata was taken to Tosa, he confessed everything - including the fact that his orders to assassinate in Kyoto were from Takechi. Ryoma gets up and Nakaoka asks if he's going back to Tosa - he says he suspects the mastermind behind the assassination of Yoshida Toyo a year ago may be making another move - after all, the actions of Yamauchi happened "too quickly", so it seems there is someone near Yamauchi, encouraging him to take action. Apparently their next target will be Ryoma and they're likely awaiting his return to Tosa, so Nakaoka says Ryoma needs to stay in Kyoto and he'll go to Tosa in his place to find out what happened behind the scenes regarding Takechi's death.

As Ryoma sits in his room, drinking, Oryo enters and tries to console him and tells him that drinking this much isn't going to help him, but Ryoma tells her to leave him alone.

After the cutscene, Ryoma says he just wants to drink today, so he should head over to Fukufukuya.

1- Talk to the man at Fukufukuya to trigger the event. Ryoma sits there drinking, then a woman starts talking to him, asking him if he wants to drink at a quieter place. She tells him about a place in Fushimi called "Matsunoi" and says she'll be waiting there for him. Ryoma asks who she is, but she says she'll tell him when he comes to Matsunoi.

2- Go here and Ryoma starts drinking, then Katsura shows up. He thanks Ryoma for what he did back at Ikedaya, saying he hadn't properly thanked him yet. Ryoma says he owed him one - for introducing him to the informant, Sai no Furoya. He tells Ryoma that he owns Matsunoi, then the woman introduces herself as "Ikumatsu". He then tells Ryoma he's heard about what happened to Takechi, then mentions that some time ago, right after Ryoma entered the Shinsengumi, Takechi told him to watch out for Ryoma in the event that anything like this happened - Takechi was always concerned for Ryoma's well-being. Katsura asks Ryoma to join up with him, saying he's the best man to succeed Takechi's wish of changing the country. Ryoma thanks them for the drink, then goes to leave, saying he doesn't feel like doing it.

Katsura follows him outside and they see some guys torturing a dog. Then Saigo appears and stops them, saying "I've had a bad day... It's just your bad luck". (this scene look and sound familiar? it's almost exactly the same as the scene from Yakuza 1! Saigo even says the same thing Kiryu did). After he takes out the guys, then takes the dog in, saying he's part of the Satsuma domain now!

Then he notices Katsura, recognising him as someone from Choshu, and wants to fight him (because Satsuma and Choshu hate each other). They begin to fight, but then Ryoma steps in to stop them. He tries to tell them not to fight, but neither of them want to back down, so he tosses away their swords and says they'll settle it with a fist-fight, but with Ryoma joining in as well, because right now he feels like having a fight. You now fight both Saigo and Katsura at the same time. You are forced to use the Hand-to-Hand Fighting Style for this fight.

After the fight, Ryoma says they should all go for a drink.

1- Take Saigo and Katsura to this restaurant. When inside, Ryoma orders every drink they have. Saigo asks how much he's planning on drinking and Ryoma says they're going to compete to see who is the strongest drinker. Ryoma wins (again), then they leave the building. They say they're heading off now, but Ryoma says they aren't finished yet - there's one more place he wants to take them!

1- Take Saigo and Katsura to this restaurant. When inside, Saigo and Katsura argue and talk about the rivalry between Satsuma and Choshu. Ryoma sulks and talks about Takechi and about Yoshida's dying wish, saying he wasn't able to protect what's more important than anything. Katsura then tells Saigo about Ryoma's true identity, which confuses Saigo since this isn't the Sakamoto Ryoma he was introduced to, but when he tries to ask Ryoma about it, he notices he's asleep!

Ryoma awakens with Oryo beside him, who tells him he drank too much. She asks about Takechi and Ryoma tells her they were "kyodai", ever since they were kids. He then laments the fact they last parted with a fight and asks himself why he did what he did. Ryoma asks Oryo how he got here, saying he can't remember anything after going to the restaurant in Gion. She tells him the guys he was drinking with carried him here.

Oryo wakes up in the morning to find Ryoma is gone. She rushes outside Terada Inn to find him in his Shinsengumi uniform. He tells her he's done waiting around doing nothing - there are still things he needs to do. As Ryoma leaves, Shinsengumi Inspector Yamazaki passes by and hands something over to Oryo.


End of Chapter 9

Chapter 10 - True Identities

The chapter starts with a group of people by the docks, looking into the water at the corpse of 6th Shinsengumi captain Inoue Genzaburo.

After that, we are back at Terada Inn and Ryoma says he should head over to the HQ.

You can now do the final substory.

1- When you get here, Nagakura speaks to Ryoma and asks if he's heard about Inoue. He doesn't tell him what happened, but instead tells him to go to the HQ.

When you enter the Shinsengumi HQ, Ryoma meets up with Hijikata and other captains and sees the body of Inoue. Ryoma asks what happened, then Todo tells him he was shot twice, then finished off with a sword, then tossed into a river and that it was the doing of an Ishin-Shishi. Harada suggests that it was thanks to his age - he doesn't have the skill anymore, but Hijikata says Inoue's still had not declined - he was just taken by surprise and didn't even have a chance to offer any resistance. Harada is annoyed that the reputation of the Shinsengumi being the strongest force is being tarnished, with the deaths of several of their captains. Apparently they are being referred to as "Sacrificial Pawns" of the Shogunate by their enemies. Harada asks Hijikata to let him be the one to get revenge on the Ishin-Shishi, by going around slaughtering all he can find, to rebuild the reputation of the Shinsengumi being the strongest.

Okita says it sounds good, but that the first unit (him) should be the one to do it. He tells Hijikata that even if he has a problem with that, he won't be able to stop him. Harada says he has no problem with Okita's first unit doing it, but says he wants to be involved as well. Okita tells him that he's just a pawn of the Shinsengumi.

Harada asks Hijikata if he's just going to let Okita do as he pleases, but Todo says when he gets like this no one can stop him! Harada says he's not going to stand for it, then goes off to gather his men and head out as well. Hijikata tells Ryoma and Todo that they have to stop them, then tells Ryoma to go after Okita. Hijikata tells Ryoma to head over to where Inoue's body was found - by the docks in Fushimi.

You cannot use the palanquin in Mibu for the time being, but curiously you can still use the palanquin in Rakunai, so you can skip events 2 and 3 if you want and go straight to 4.

1- When you get here, Ryoma sees some guys from Okita's 1st unit threatening a samurai. Ryoma tells them this isn't the right way to go about things, but they say they are under orders from Okita and won't let anyone interfere - not even another Shinsengumi captain.

2- When you get here, Ryoma fights with more members of the 1st unit.

3- When you get here, Ryoma fights with more members of the 1st unit.

4- When you get here, Ryoma looks at the water, then Yamazaki appears behind him, saying he has a message from Ito - he says Okita is mustering his 1st unit in Mukurogai. He says they're looking for a "Komuso" (monks who wear a type of hat called "Tengai" and are also known for playing tunes on the shakuhachi).

(note that you cannot use the Fushimi boat to Mukurogai - you have to go the long way. But you can skip events 5 and 6 if you want by using the palanquin in Fushimi to fast travel to Rakugai)

5- When you get here, Ryoma fights with more members of the 1st unit.

6- When you get here, Ryoma fights with more members of the 1st unit.

7- When you get here, Ryoma sees more guys from the 1st unit and asks "Aren't you guys gonna fight me?". But they tell Ryoma that Okita is waiting for him. Apparently he knows the true identity of the Komuso and has something to ask Ryoma.

8- When you get to this area (second level (upstairs) of Mukurogai), Okita appears and attacks Ryoma. He says he has proof that Ryoma is the one who killed Inoue - that the Komuso was Sakamoto Ryoma. He got hold of some samurai from Tosa and Choshu and beat a confession out of them. Ryoma points out that there is someone else using the name "Sakamoto Ryoma". Okita already knows this and says that this Ryoma right here is the one who has reason to kill Inoue - because he was the masked man he'd been hunting down! Okita says it is the duty of a student to avenge his teacher and that he's going to make Ryoma experience "True Tennen Rishin", telling him that the "final mystery" of the Tennen Rishin style he has been chasing down all this time is right before him.

After Ryoma wins, he tells him that he didn't kill Inoue - it was the other Sakamoto Ryoma. Ryoma then asks if it's true if Inoue was the masked man from a year ago. Before he answers, Okita asks what Ryoma thought of his Tennen Rishin. Ryoma tells him it's exactly the style he's been chasing. Ryoma asks if he and Inoue were teacher and student. Okita tells him that, to him, "Inoue was... No, Kamo was...". Kondo then appears, saying to Okita, "The time has come to tell this guy the truth... Right, Goro?".

Kondo explains that a year ago they were called the "Miburoshigumi" and that there was another commander besides him - Serizawa Kamo. He says 7 of the members, led by Kondo, came from the Shieikan dojo - Kondo, Hijikata, Yamanami, Okita, Nagakura, Inoue and Todo. 3 members, led by Serizawa, came from the Mito domain - Serizawa Kamo, Hirayama Goro and Hirama Jusuke. He says the members Inoue Genzaburo, Okita Soji and Nagakura Shinpachi have all been dead for some time - Serizawa Kamo, Hirayama Goro and Hirama Jusuke have just been playing the parts. He tells Ryoma all of this is related to the assassination of Yoshida Toyo.

We then get a flashback to a year ago, at the Shinsengumi HQ. Inoue enters and removes his mask, then 3 guys appear - Okita Soji, Inoue Genzaburo and Nagakura Shinpachi. Okita tells Kamo (the guy who we thought was Inoue) they know about his background/origins, accusing him of being a spy. They say Kondo has been giving him preferential treatment, warmly welcoming this criminal into the Miburoshigumi. He says the Shieikan faction's position is in jeopardy. Kamo asks if they'd really kill a fellow Miburoshigumi member, but Okita says the 3 of them don't consider him a fellow member. Hirama (who we thought was Nagakura) wakes up and sees Kamo and Okita fighting, then wakes up Hirayama (who we thought was Okita). Kamo tells the two of them to stay back, but Kamo gets hit and the two of them rush out to save him, by killing Okita. Kondo and Hijikata then appear. Kamo says he will commit seppuku for killing fellow Miburoshigumi members, but asks that Hirayama and Hirama be spared. Hirayama points out that he shouldn't be apologising - Okita and the others were the ones who came here to kill him first! Kondo says they're right and that he's the one who apologise - apparently those 3 guys were scared of the Mito faction's skill, so they went and did something like this. Kondo says the only thing in his mind right now is how he can keep the Miburoshigumi alive - he says he's sure he can change the country and doesn't care what sacrifices must be made. The group was created to achieve that goal, going so far as to deceive the Shogunate, and that he needs the Mito faction's ability and then asks if they're willing to begin a "second life".

From that day forth, Serizawa Kamo played the part of Inoue Genzaburo, Hirama Jusuke played the part of Nagakura Shinpachi and Hirayama Goro played the part of Okita Soji. At the same time, they changed the name to Shinsengumi and have been known as that ever since. Kamo started spreading rumours to sweep away the past and hide the truth. To ensure that it all remain a secret, they created a law - all who abandon the Shinsengumi must be killed. Kondo says he really wanted to adopt the "Mito Tengu" fighting style (that Kamo used) into the Shinsengumi, so from the day after he became Inoue, he gave lessons to the Shieikan faction. Then they renamed it to the "Tennen Rishin" style and proclaimed it is the style from the Shieikan dojo. Ryoma says he still doesn't know why Inoue had to kill Yoshida. Okita says it was a request from the Mito domain - if he was successful in this mission, then the 3 of them would no longer be banned from the domain. Ryoma asks if that means the man behind it all is in Mito, but Okita says he doesn't know - Kamo never told them. Kondo asks if Ryoma intends to kill the man behind the killing of Yoshida Toyo when he finds him. Ryoma says he doesn't know, but one thing is clear to him now he knows who the masked man was - he never wanted revenge, he just wanted to know the truth. He tells Ryoma that the reason he knew that he was the real Sakamoto Ryoma is because Kamo told him, but Kamo also told him that the name of the man who asked him to kill Yoshida Toyo is "Sakamoto Ryoma". Apparently, this other Sakamoto Ryoma is at Terada Inn, so there are 2 Sakamoto Ryomas staying there right now. Ito and Takeda's 5th unit are heading to Terada Inn right now for a raid. He then asks Ryoma to go along to the raid as well, saying if Ito and Takeda fail to capture him, the mystery surrounding Yoshida's assassination will forever be shrouded in darkness.

1- When you get near this area, Ryoma meets with Ito and Takeda's 5th unit. Ito says they don't need Ryoma for this and asks him to leave it to Takeda and himself. Okita then tells Ito to leave this to his first unit. He tells Ito that he met with the commander, who was talking about his retirement and says Ito should hurry back before Hijikata gets appointed to take over the commander role. Ito says he'd better not be lying to him! After they leave, Ryoma tells Okita that before they raid the place, he wants to get the mistress and the servant out of there, so they sneak in the rear entrance. They hear someone having a bath in one of the rooms and Okita says they should take a quick look, because it might be Sakamoto Ryoma. It's Oryo and Ryoma warns her that the Shinsengumi are going to raid the place in a moment, looking for Sakamoto Ryoma, and tells her to get the mistress and get out of there. Oryo rushes out of the room and screams upstairs to Sakamoto Ryoma, telling him that the Shinsengumi are here to get him.

1- When you get to this area, there is a quick time event and you are separated from Okita. Head back towards where you started and break down the obstacle to open up a new way forward.

2- Meet back up with Okita here, then go upstairs.

Head to the big room at the top right of the map.

When you enter the room, Ryoma and Okita find the man wearing a tengai (Sakamoto Ryoma) along with 3 other samurai.

After the fight, Real Ryoma asks Fake Ryoma why he's using his name and asks about his objectives, but gets no answer. Okita goes to attack Fake Ryoma, but he only rips his clothes - Ryoma then notices the large burn mark on his back as he makes his escape. Then some Mimawarigumi members enter the room, led by Sasaki. He tells Okita to leave the rest to the Mimawarigumi - they'll be the ones to take care of Sakamoto Ryoma, not the Shinsengumi. Apparently this is a direct order from the higher-ups - the Shinsengumi are not allowed to have anything to do with Sakamoto Ryoma. Ryoma asks who made the order and Sasaki tells him it was Katsu Rintaro.

Back at the Shinsengumi HQ, Ryoma and Okita are talking, then Ito and captains Todo and Takeda appear. Ito confronts Okita about his lie regarding the commander's retirement - they say thanks to him, Sakamoto Ryoma got away. Ito warns Okita that when he becomes commander one day, he'll purge the Shinsengumi of all who oppose him.

After that, Ryoma says to himself he should head back to Terada Inn - he has something to ask Oryo.

Go back to your room in Terada Inn to trigger the event.

Ryoma asks her why she helped Sakamoto Ryoma and she says she just wanted to save a customer who is being pursued - she'll save any customer who is being targeted by the Shinsengumi - saying it's her duty as a worker at Terada Inn. Ryoma says if that's all it is, then that's fine. Otose then enters the room and tells her it's about time to tell the truth. She asks what she's hiding. Otose manages to convince Oryo to talk. Oryo says that she was working with the supporters of the Emperor before she came to Terada Inn, because she needed the money for medicine for her bed-ridden mother. Then, one day, a man named "Saito Hajime" showed up and she was asked (by "Sakamoto Ryoma") to keep an eye on his actions. She says she got plenty of information as a servant of Terada Inn. Ryoma asks where she met this fake Sakamoto Ryoma. She tells him her father was killed by members of the Shogunate, then some other supporters of the Emperor came round to pay their respects and one of those men was "Sakamoto Ryoma", who helped her out since she had money troubles. Ryoma asks why Sakamoto Ryoma came here today. She says she doesn't know, but he said he had things he needed to do here in the capital. Oryo says Ryoma must think ill of her now for her deception, but Ryoma says that he too has been deceiving them all along. He tells them he's been using a fake name.

He says his real name is "Sakamoto Ryoma". Oryo asks who the "Sakamoto Ryoma" she met really is then and he tells them it is someone using his name and says he has the same burn mark on his back as Takechi Hanpeita. Ryoma says he has no idea what's going on - He thought Takechi was dead and he says he had no reason to kill Yoshida anyway. Oryo asks if he wants to meet with the "Sakamoto Ryoma" she met. She tells him there's someone within the Shinsengumi who, like herself, has ties with "Sakamoto Ryoma" - Shinsengumi Inspector Yamazaki - and if he gets hold of him he might be able to meet him.

When you complete this chapter, you get the "Story Clear #5" trophy.


End of Chapter 10

Chapter 11 - The Big Gamble

The chapter starts with Ryoma talking with Kondo. Kondo tells him time is running out - it's not long until the country's "self-destruction" - and says this other "Sakamoto Ryoma" came to Kyoto to pull the trigger to kick off the war to overthrow the Shogunate. His movements up until now have always been to kick of the war and there is now an alliance between Satsuma (Saigo) and Choshu (Katsura) with the objective of taking down the Shogunate. However, in this case, it wasn't the fake Ryoma which caused this alliance - it was the real Ryoma! Turns out Saigo and Katsura put their differences aside after that night with Ryoma. The fake Ryoma showed up in Kyoto to try to encourage them, by passing over loads of weapons brought in from England. Apparently military preparations are already being made and Kondo says when the fighting begins, it will be the bloodiest battle since Sekigahara (if you played Kenzan, you'll know all about this battle)! Kondo says he's going to have to make a move now, putting his plan into action - They have to burn down the capital and prevent the war from happening. Ryoma points out so many people will die - not just samurai, but women and children too. Kondo tells Ryoma a lot more people will die if the war breaks out. Ryoma suggest making the Shogunate surrunder to the Satsuma/Choshu alliance, saying there won't have to be a war then. At first Kondo thinks Ryoma's mad to suggest that the Shogunate, who have controlled the country for nearly 300 years, would just surrender, but then thinks it may be a possibility - that the Shogun might surrender power to the Emperor. If he were to do that, then Satsuma and Choshu would have no reason to start the war. He tells Ryoma he should speak with the Shogun face-to-face about the issue, saying he believes Ryoma is the only man who would be able to convince him. He asks Ryoma if he's willing to put his life on the line for the sake of the country and sneak into to Edo castle to confront the Shogun himself. Ryoma says he's willing to do it, even though the chances of him returning alive are next to impossible! Before he goes Ryoma says he wants to speak with Yamazaki, because of his ties with this fake Ryoma, but Kondo says Yamazaki was killed last night in the storehouse at the HQ! Apparently he was killed by someone to ensure he wouldn't go talking about this fake Sakamoto Ryoma and his true identity.

Go to the Shinsengumi HQ. When you enter, 10th captain Harada speaks to Ryoma, asking if he's heard about what happened to Yamazaki. He's angry that such a thing happened within the HQ itself and says that once again the Shinsengumi are being made to look like fools. He tells Ryoma that Todo is investigating the area right now and that he should go over also.

1- Go into the storeroom and Ryoma sees Yamazaki's body being carried away. Todo tells Ryoma he was attacked from behind, then adds that Yamazaki was the kind of guy who was weary of his surroundings, so it must have been someone who was able to drop his guard - such as one of the leading members of the Shinsengumi.

After leaving the building, Ryoma supposes the fake Ryoma must have a spy who is a leading member of the Shinsengumi. Ryoma says he should head over to Terada Inn and get rest.

On your way back, Hijikata talks to Ryoma and asks about what he discussed with Kondo and tells him to inform him when Kondo tells him anything from now on. But Ryoma says he's not going to leak info out to other people and if he wants to know about Kondo and his plans, he should go and ask him personally.

When you leave the HQ, Okita speaks with Ryoma and tells him he's going to come along with him to Edo castle - he can't let Ryoma have all the fun on his own! He tells Ryoma he'll meet with him at Terada Inn when it's time to leave.

Go back to Terada Inn and Ryoma speaks with Otose. Choose the BOTTOM OPTION to proceed in the story, or the TOP OPTION if you're not ready to go to Edo castle just yet. Note that there is a massive fight sequence at Edo castle and you'll really want to have plenty of health items and such, so don't go unprepared!

While Ryoma is in his room, Oryo enters. Ryoma tells her he's going off to Edo tomorrow and cannot return until his work is complete. He also mentions that he may not get back alive.

The next day, Ryoma leaves Terada Inn and meets Okita, who has a letter to the Shogun from Kondo. They then head off to Edo castle via boat. On the boat, Okita and Ryoma are trying to read the letter Kondo wrote, but they can't read all the kanji. Okita asks someone who is also travelling on the boat if he is able to read it and he tells them it concerns the Tokugawa Shogunate surrendering their power to the Imperial court. He continues to read the letter, saying there are 7 demands intended for the Imperial court after they receive power, designed for the rebuilding of the country. Okita suggests to Ryoma they should add another demand - after all, they are the ones delivering the letter. Ryoma suggests the addition of a demand of equality (no more Joshi - Goshi social classes).

At Edo castle, Ryoma approaches the gates and tells them he's here to see the 15th Shogun, Tokugawa Yoshinobu. After Okita blasts open the gates with a cannon, the two of them enter the castle and a long fight sequence begins.

1- When you get here, a firing squad appears, so use the stone walls as cover.

2- When you get here, they bring out a couple of cannon and fire at you. Use the cover in the area for protection, but watch out because the cannon will destroy the pillars after a couple of hits!

3- After defeating the enemies in this area, use the cannon to take out the group of guys that appear. After defeating that wave of enemies, another group appears and you use the cannon again to take them out. After defeating 3 waves of enemies, you can proceed.

4- There are a series of spiked floors in this area, so be careful (stand right at the edge, then as soon as the final spikes go away, roll forward and you should be able to avoid taking any hits, if you time it right).

5- When you get to this area, a load of ninja appear. After defeating all of them, attack the RED square on the wall to open up a passageway.

6- This passageway is deadly, because there are spikes on the ground AND arrows firing at you from the other side! If you stand right up against the wall as close as you can (either side) the arrows should miss you (it worked for me, at least), then just avoid the spikes in the same way you did in the previous passageway.

7- When you get here, you'll fight an armoured ninja as well as another group of regular ninja. Using acid bullets to destroy his armour will be helpful! After this fight, the ceiling will start coming down on Ryoma and Okita. Attack the RED square on the wall before time runs out to open up a passageway. After this, you split up with Okita and proceed alone.

8- When you enter this area, you fight yet another group of ninja. After defeating all the ninja, you can proceed.

9- Enter the room here to trigger the next part of the story.

Ryoma meets the Shogun, Tokugawa Yoshinobu and the two of them fight.

After the fight, Ryoma tells him about his intention to prevent a war breaking out and hands over the letter from Kondo.

Several days later, in Kyoto, we see Katsu Rintaro talking with someone and he mentions about the Tokugawa Shogunate relinquishing power, saying now Katsura and Saigo have no excuse to start a war against the Shogunate. He tells the other man that the man responsible is Saito Hajime from the Shinsengumi and says "We don't need 2 Sakamoto Ryomas, right, 'Sakamoto'?" and "The time has come to use the Shinsengumi".


End of Chapter 11

Chapter 12 - Kyoto Ablaze

The chapter starts off with Ito beginning the burning down of Kyoto, as per Kondo's plan. Okita and Ryoma arrive back in Kyoto to see it burning and Ryoma wonders if they were too late. A nearby man moans about the actions of the Shinsengumi, who are going so far as to burn down the place.

When you have control, head to Terada Inn. When inside, examine the desk near the entrance. Ryoma sees a letter from Otose, telling him that herself and Oryo got out of there safely, so he doesn't have to worry about them. Next, leave Terada Inn.

Outside, Ryoma and Okita talk and agree that they have to find Kondo. Ryoma thinks he might find him at Gion again or at the Shinsengumi HQ.

1- You can talk to the pharmacist here to buy healing items if you need to.

2- Here, the Mimawarigumi, lead by Sasaki, confront Ryoma and Okita. He says he knows the Shinsengumi started all the fires here and then fights Okita and Ryoma.

After the fight, more Mimawarigumi members show up. Okita says he'll take care of these guys, while Ryoma goes off to find Kondo.

1- When you get here, Ryoma sees 10th captain Harada ordering his men to burn all the houses here to the ground. Ryoma asks what he's doing and Harada tells him he's following orders from Kondo to burn Kyoto. Harada tells him if he has a problem, then bring it on!

After the fight, head towards Gion.

1- Go here and Ryoma automatically enters the building. Ryoma sees Kondo injured on the ground. He asks who did this to him, but Kondo doesn't know - he says the man told him to give Ryoma a message though: "I will be waiting for you at the Imperial palace". Kondo says his objective is the Emperor, because while the Shinsengumi are out on the streets burning Kyoto to the ground, they will use it as a distraction and kill the Emperor. Kondo thinks this man might possibly be the fake Sakamoto Ryoma and he's trying to make it look like the Shogunate (or, more specifically, Kondo himself) are the culprits behind the assassination of the Emperor, with the objective of starting up a war between the supporters of the Emperor and the Shogunate. Kondo wasn't behind the order the burn the capital down, after all, so the Shinsengumi were being used by someone else to burn the place down and create the distraction so these other guys can get to the Emperor. Kondo says it's ironic - He originally wanted to burn the capital down but then chose to protect the capital after meeting Sakamoto Ryoma, but now his name is to go down in history as the man who burned Kyoto to the ground. He asks Ryoma if he'll do him one last favour - deliver a letter to Hijikata detailing his "final plan". He tells Ryoma he's glad he got to meet him, saying that after he met him he truly felt like he could change the country. Kondo asks Ryoma to save Japan and stop the fake Sakamoto Ryoma, then Ryoma swears he will fulfill his wish.

1- Head over here and go past the gates to get to the Imperial palace. You can buy recovery items from the pharmacist standing near here if you need to.

Ryoma encounters Okada Izo, asking if he is the fake Sakamoto Ryoma. Ryoma asks what he's up to, why he's been using his name and why he betrayed Takechi, accusing him of selling out Takechi to Yamauchi. Izo says he's lying - because deep down Ryoma believes Takechi is the fake Sakamoto Ryoma and he just doesn't want to accept the fact that he was betrayed by him; he's scared of the truth! Izo says he's glad he gets to fight the real Sakamoto Ryoma, not "Saito Hajime", properly. Ryoma says he'll put an end to Izo's murdering spree, then the two of them fight.

After the fight, Izo bemoans that he was never able to truly replace Ryoma in "his" eyes (referring to Takechi). Ryoma then asks if Takechi is the fake Sakamoto Ryoma and Izo says Takechi has gone past the point of no return and that Ryoma is the only one who can stop him now. Izo says he was never able to become Takechi's "kyodai" (/brother), because Ryoma is his only "kyodai". He tells Ryoma that Takechi is here in Kyoto, then Ryoma tells him he will stop him.

The next day, Ryoma drops off his captain's uniform along with the letter from Kondo at the entrance to the Shinsengumi HQ. As he turns to leave, he sees Hijikata along with Okita and Nagakura. Hijikata says Okita has told him everything - including the reason he's here, as well as his real name. As Ryoma goes to leave, Okita and Nagakura try to convince him to stay, saying he shouldn't go out alone and should fight alongside friends. Ryoma says he doesn't want to cause any more trouble for the Shinsengumi and that he only has one more fight against Sakamoto Ryoma, one-on-one, but Okita and Nagakura say the Shinsengumi will fight for him so he can have his fight against the fake Sakamoto Ryoma. Hijikata gives Ryoma back his captains uniform, telling him he still has work to do as "Saito Hajime".

The remaining captains and commanders meet up. Hijikata reveals the details of Kondo's original plan of burning down the capitol, saying that only a select few trustworthy members were to carry it out. Last night, Kondo gave no instructions to carry out the plan. Hijikata says that it will be difficult to keep the Shinsengumi going after the loss of many captains - Yamanami, Matsubara, Tani, Suzuki, Genzaburo and Harada - and then there's the fact the commander is absent as well. He then nominates Ryoma to take over as the role of commander. Takeda isn't happy, saying that Ryoma is still a newbie. Okita says it doesn't matter if he's new; he's far tougher than anyone else here! Ito points out that while Ryoma is very tough, it takes more than that to be a competent commander. He then tries to make a case for himself to be the next commander, mentioning Kondo's death at the hands of a samurai and that this is what he would have wanted. Hijikata points out that he never mentioned that Kondo was dead, he simply mentioned that he's absent, as usual, yet from that Ito says he's dead and even says he was killed by a samurai! Hijikata, Ryoma, Okita and Nagakura surround Ito, then Hijikata says Kondo is actually alive and asks if he knows something that they don't, accusing him of being the fake Sakamoto Ryoma's spy within the Shinsengumi. As they are about to strike him down, Todo interrupts, saying that he can't let them kill him. Ito reveals that he was originally hoping to hijack the Shinsengumi, but now he's forming a new organisation called the "Goryoeji" and that the Shinsengumi is finished.

When you complete this chapter, you get the "Story Clear #6" trophy.


End of Chapter 12

Chapter 13 - The Assassination of Sakamoto Ryoma

The chapter starts with Ryoma, Hijikata, Nagakura and Okita sat around discussing what they do next, now that it's basically just them left since most of the Shinsengumi soldiers went with Ito to his new group and it'll be impossible to keep the Shinsengumi going now. After talking for a bit, Hijikata invites Todo into the room, to the surprise of Okita who thought Todo had betrayed them! Hijikata tells them that Kondo's "Final Plan" is to use Ito to bring out the fake Sakamoto Ryoma from hiding. Hijikata explains that they knew all along - from the moment Ito joined the Shinsengumi - that he would try to usurp the group and Kondo has been keeping an eye on what guys he joins forces with, to find out who the Shinsengumi's true enemy is. It turns out Kondo was using Todo to keep an eye on what Ito gets up to. So Todo is pretending to be on Ito's side to find out who Ito works with. Todo tells them the man he's been working with is "Sakamoto Ryoma" from Tosa and coordinated meetings with Katsura and Saigo from Choshu and Satsuma with the aim of starting a huge war across the country. However, the fake Ryoma's true objective is to use the power of the Imperial party to force Satsuma/Choshu and the Shogunate into a war which will leave them in ruins, so he can profit from it. Todo says he doesn't know where the fake Ryoma is right now, because Ito hasn't told anyone, but he says if a meeting is arranged between Satsuma and Choshu then the fake Sakamoto Ryoma will be there. Real Ryoma says they have to try to force a meeting between them, to bring Ryoma out. Todo says it will be difficult, since Ito has his guys out roaming the streets and they'll attack Ryoma if they see him and there's always a chance Todo will be exposed to Ito. As they sit there wondering what to do, Nakaoka shows up, saying he's returned from Tosa, and he's with Oryo and Otose.

Oryo, Otose and Nakaoka take them to her new inn in town called "Omiya". Because of what happened, Terada Inn can't be used at the moment, so Otose set up this place. She tells them that, since it's new, it's not known yet, making it an ideal hideout for members of Tosa, Satsuma and Choshu. She tells them they can do what they want with the place - burn it to the ground if it'll help them! Ryoma asks what she's up to and she explains she wants Ryoma to save Kyoto - she says everything will come to an end if this fake Ryoma is gone, so she's doing what she can to help. Ryoma tells her he will bring everything to an end right here at Omiya.

Now that the stage is set, they need to figure out how to get Saigo and Katsura to meet here. Nakaoka says he'll take care of Saigo - he apparently met with him before and got a picture of the fake Ryoma, which he shows to the others. He asks Ryoma if he recognises the man and he says he does - it's Takechi Hanpeita! Oryo adds that the man in the picture is the same "Sakamoto Ryoma" she knows. So Nakaoka is going to try and talk with Saigo, then Ryoma mentions that Katsura hangs out at his bar Matsunoi in Fushimi, so Todo says he'll head there to try and get hold of him.

After all that, you finally have control. You start in your room at Terada Inn, where you can freely change the time of day by examining the bed, if you like.

First, go back to your house in Another Life. Then leave and go return to Fushimi. Ryoma will say it's time to go back to Terada Inn, so head back to your room in Terada Inn and speak to Nakaoka. Ryoma asks what the update on Saigo is and Nakaoka says he'll be coming along, so they just need Katsura to agree to it. They are about to head out to Matsunoi together to see what's taking Todo so long, but then they hear a noise from downstairs. They rush down to find Todo badly injured - it turns out Takeda found out about Todo's betrayal and attacked him. Todo tells Ryoma to hurry over to stop Takeda, before he reports everything to Ito. Ryoma asks Nakaoka to go to the Shinsengumi HQ and tell them about what happened, while he goes off to face Takeda.

1- Go here and Ryoma finds Takeda. After a brief talk about how Takeda is a scumbag, the two of them fight.

After Ryoma defeats Takeda, Okita, Hijikata and Nagakura arrive with Todo's body. Apparently, when Todo joined the Shinsengumi, this is the place where he said he wanted his body to be taken, in the event that he died. They then declare that everything involving this other Sakamoto Ryoma has to come to an end tomorrow night - at Omiya.

Next, we are back in Ryoma's room at Terada Inn. Ryoma says this fake Sakamoto Ryoma will be lured out of hiding at Omiya tomorrow night, so he should get himself prepared for the raid.

When you are ready to go to Omiya, examine the bed and select the FOURTH OPTION. Be prepared for a long fight sequence.

As Ryoma is heading downstairs, Ikumatsu barges into Terada Inn looking for Ryoma. She delivers a message from Katsura - he says he will definitely be at the meeting at Omiya!

Next, we see Katsura enter a room with Saigo sat inside. It seems they are both here out of curiosity over the whole "2 Sakamoto Ryomas" tale. Then, Nakaoka enters the room and joins them, where they sit waiting for "Sakamoto Ryoma"'s arrival. Another man then enters the room, but his identity is not revealed.

After that, we see Nagakura and Hijikata outside, waiting for their signal to move. After the signal, they move into position and raid the building. Then we see the game's opening cutscene again, but from different perspectives this time.

After Ryoma rushes upstairs, you have control again.

As usual, yellow dots are items you can pick up.

1- Make your way clockwise around the map to get to the stairs.

When Ryoma gets upstairs, it continues on from the opening cutscene, where he kills this other "Sakamoto Ryoma". Nakaoka tells Ryoma that it turns out the enemy saw through their plan and used their own trap against them! The Mimawarigumi have the place surrounded; Katsura and Saigo managed to escape, but Nakaoka didn't get so lucky. Then Ryoma turns and sees Takechi Hanpeita standing alongside Sasaki and Ito. Hanpeita says Ryoma must have a lot he wants to talk about - such as why he had Yoshida Toyo killed and why he'd been using the name "Sakamoto Ryoma". Ryoma, upset and angry with Takechi, has a speech about why things had to end up this way and how he hates him for this - hates him so much he wants to kill him - and then lunges at him with his sword, but Sasaki and Ito stop him. Takechi tells him he has one "final job" he needs Ryoma to do. He leaves, telling Ryoma he will be waiting for him at Tosa and that everything will be clear to him when he comes. After the 3 of them are gone, Hijikata, Nagakura and Okita enter the room. They see the body of (fake) "Sakamoto Ryoma" on the floor, but they see that it's not the same man as the one in the photograph they saw. Okita asks Ryoma what the hell happened in here. Ryoma, being as cryptic as he can, tells them the man called "Sakamoto Ryoma" is dead - he just died right here in this room.


End of Chapter 13

Final Chapter - A New Dawn Breaks

The chapter starts off with Ryoma at the Shinsengumi HQ. Ryoma has been preparing to leave for Tosa and is ready now. Okita says Ryoma should go and see Oryo and Otose before he leaves here, after all they've done so much for him.

Return to Terada Inn. Otose says she's heard Ryoma is heading back to Tosa. She tells him to see Oryo once more before he leaves. Choose the TOP OPTION to agree to spend some time with Oryo. Otose leaves to call Oryo over and give her some time off for the day so she can spend time with Ryoma. Oryo asks if they can go out for a walk together, saying she wants to create some nice memories with Ryoma here in Kyoto. Ryoma agrees and the two of them go out together.

1- First, go somewhere to eat. You can go to any of these restaurants indicated with "1" on the map above.

2- Next, go somewhere to drink. You can go to any of the places indicated with "2" on the map above.

3- Next, go to the singing bar and perform a song.

4- Next, go to the Nichibu Dance Castle and perform a dance.

After all that, go to Kiyomizudera (it's indicated on the map, so don't worry if you can't remember where it is). After praying, Oryo says she's had a lot of fun today and wishes she can do this again with him one day. Ryoma thanks her for everything she's done and regrets he has never thanked her before now. Ryoma tells her if the Shogunate is gone, there are going to be some major changes in this country, but that it will get better and then wishes her the best, along with Otose. But Oryo says she wants to be with Ryoma and asks why he's talking like they'll never see each other again, then begs him to return to Kyoto after he's settled things in Tosa, saying she'll always be waiting here until he returns.

After that, Ryoma is back in his room at Terada Inn. Leave and go to the Shinsengumi HQ. You will see Nagakura, Okita and Hijikata standing around. Talk to each of them and battle them individually (TOP OPTION).

After beating all 3 of them, speak to Okita again and select the TOP OPTION to go back to Tosa - be warned that this is the point of no return. After this is the final part of the game. So if there's anything you need to finish (substories, etc) then do it now.

Ryoma, Nagakura, Okita and Hijikata head off to Tosa together. Okita says Tosa is a pretty big place and asks if Ryoma has any idea where to find Takechi, to which Ryoma responds with "He's surely waiting there". They finally close in on Tosa and Nagakura comments on how heavily fortified it is. Ryoma says this isn't the Tosa that he knows.

The four of them stand before the fortified city and Ryoma comments that this is where everything started and now this is where everything will end. Then there's a little speech about "destiny" and such and that Ryoma is "the only one" who can end this. Finally, they draw their swords and prepare to raid the place.

Make your way towards the door at the top right of the map.

1- After defeating all the enemies here, Sasaki shows up to stop you. Turns out he's on Takechi's side!

After beating him and his guys, he summons more of his men. Then Nagakura says he'll stay behind to take care of them while Ryoma, Okita and Hijikata go on ahead.

1- When you enter this area, Ito appears to try to stop you.

After beating Ito and his men, Hijikata says he'll stay back to finish up here while Ryoma and Okita go on ahead.

2- When you get here, there is a quicktime event to avoid being hit by a cannonball.

3- Go up the stairs to trigger the next event. A British trader named "Thomas Glover" appears - this is the man who has been providing weapons for the uprising.

After defeating him and his men, he summons more guys, then Okita tells Ryoma to go on ahead while he takes care of things here.

This is the final area and there are two all-purpose pills on the ground if you need them. When you are ready for the final fight in the game, go through the door.

Ryoma confronts Takechi, who asks Ryoma if he remembers the room - it's the room where Yoshida Toyo was killed. Now, in typical Ryu ga Gotoku tradition, it's time for everything to be wrapped up with speeches. It turns out Yoshida was going to leave Tosa in Ryoma's hands. Takechi says both Ryoma is too naive for it and that Yoshida was naive to try to leave Tosa to Ryoma. So, basically, he had Yoshida killed so that he himself could become the leader. Takechi points out that the country would never change with the naive likes of Yoshida and Ryoma in charge. He doesn't expect Ryoma to understand his point of view, after all he's too much like Yoshida. He goes on to explain that by using his name he's been challenging Ryoma this past year, to decide who is the "correct" Sakamoto Ryoma and who should go on to succeed Yoshida's wish. Eventually, the two of the prepare to fight to settle things at last.

After the fight, Ryoma is about to strike the final blow, but stops. Takechi tells Ryoma to finish him and take back the name of "Sakamoto Ryoma". Ryoma tells him that "Sakamoto Ryoma" died at Omiya and that he doesn't care which "Sakamoto Ryoma" is the correct one, because he cares more about Yoshida and his "Kyodai" (Takechi). Takechi then laments that perhaps he doesn't have what it takes to change this country and that he now, at last, understands Yoshida's point of view - that, in order to change the country, something more important than power or status is required: Love. Only those who never abandon love can go on to change the country. Ryoma tells Takechi that he still has love within him - he's always protected Ryoma after all, ever since he was a kid. In the end, Ryoma says he forgives Takechi for everything.

After all that, Takechi says he has to destroy Tosa, which has become a huge weapon, before Yamauchi can do anything. Takechi tells Ryoma that since around the time he joined the Shinsengumi, both he and Katsu Rintaro were being used by Yamauchi and that he's responsible for bringing in weapons from England, because it's all part of his plan. Ryoma asks if that plan was to start a big war in the country, but Takechi tells him it's not, but before he can tell Ryoma what Yamauchi is planning, they are attacked. It's Yamauchi himself! Takechi finally tells Ryoma what Yamauchi's ultimate plan is - he wants to sell the entire country to England. Yamauchi says he's not selling the country, but rather the country will become part of England, to which Takechi responds by telling him it's basically the same thing. After a big speech about power, control, evil, and the likes (typical villain stuff, basically the same as Tenkai from Kenzan), Ryoma stands up to face him. Despite being shot multiple times, Ryoma still makes his way towards Yamauchi, talking about doing it for the country and for love (because, you know, love conquers evil). Yamauchi backs off in fear but bumps into Nagakura, then Okita and Hijikata show up as well. Yamauchi begs Ryoma to spare him, saying he'll give Ryoma all of Shikoku (one of the islands of Japan, which contains Tosa). Yamauchi uses the name "Sakamoto Ryoma", but Ryoma responds by saying he doesn't know anyone by that name. Yamauchi then tries to reason with him, saying that things will be bad for Japan if he dies - he's the only one who can take the country further. He also points out that an English fleet is on the way and they won't stand a chance of beating them. Then Ryoma has a massive speech about how Japan can overcome everything and even if they lose here, the country can continue, and that the country must go on believing a new dawn will break for them despite all the blood that will continued being spilled in the country, etc. He finishes by telling Yoshida that the people in Japan will be united once again, when that new dawn breaks, and then kills him.

After the credits, there is another scene. It is two years after the events of the previous cutscene. It alludes to the death of Sakamoto Ryoma, and it's also revealed that Takechi Hanpeita has been using Yamauchi's name, but now that the Meiji Restortation has taken effect, there's no need for aliases anymore. We then see a scene where Nakaoka is writing about Ryoma and Otose is in the room with him. Otose looks out to the sky, says "though they weren't able to marry, they will go on to create lots of memories" and "those two must have a better view of this sky than anyone". Then we see Ryoma and Oryo together on a mountain, looking up to the sky. Then it flashes forward to modern day Japan, with a boy and his father looking up at a statue of Ryoma. The father asks what the boy wants to go on to do and the boy says he'll do what his father does. "Is that what youi really want to do?", asks the father. The boy doesn't really know what he wants to do, but the father tells him that the day will come when he will know what he wants to do in life, what path to follow. The father says that everyone is guided by him (Sakamoto Ryoma) to live with strength.

Finally, the game ends.

You get 200 Ryo for completing the game on any difficulty, which you can use in Premium Adventure (Bakumatsu Tour, as it's called in this game) or Premium New Game. You also unlock the Ultimate Battles mode. Also, you can now play on the hardest difficulty.